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I am so very lucky! (brag warning)

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I never knew that life could be this good
I have a wonderful sweet baby
My husband is being more helpful than I could have ever imagined
Breastfeeding is going well
My mother came to help for a few days and it's been great, especially since I haven't seen her since we got married 3 years ago
I lost 20 pounds (only 6 more to reach prepregnancy weight!) and my stomach is starting to resemble it's old self
I didn't get any stretch marks
We're already talking about and sure we're having at least one more biobabe and hope to adopt/foster in the future as well
My baby hardly ever cries and is usually very content
My very first time nursing in public was pretty scary because we were in Ann Arbor and I was sitting at a table at a very busy street corner but my baby was HUNGRY so I did what I had to do and he was a perfect and tidy and well-latched gentleman, making me look like a pro instead of the nervous novice I am. Within seconds of putting him to breast a woman came up and asked if we use cloth diapers and I said yes. She said she had two big bags in her car that she got from a friend to be passed on to a new baby. Some of the diapers were 10 years old from her son and had been used by various friends this whole time. In fact, the very last baby to use these diapers was named Xavier! I continued to nurse my hungry little guy at the table while my mom went to put the dipes in our car. When we got home I found:
-27 prefolds
-6 flats
-6 washcloths
-15 doublers
-23 small covers
-5 small diapers
-4 small aios
-5 medium covers
-7 medium diapers
-7 large diapers
-2 large covers
-1 large aio
-2 extra large aio
-3 extra large covers
-1 extra large wool cover (which is up for grabs to anyone who wants it-we're vegan)
Almost everything is in very good shape and they include bummis, diaper wraps and all kinds of other nice covers. This is amazing because we had just been dealing with some poor customer service from the diaper company so we got to cancel a $250 order from mean people, and we really couldn't afford that amount anyway. Now I don't know if I'm supposed to pass them when we're done making babies or when this one's done using them. It's neat that we can add the extra small aios and liners we already have to the pot
Have I mentioned how wonderful and sweet my baby is?!
I must admit that I'm a little afraid that something bad's going to happen any minute.
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Yay!!! I'm so glad things are picking up and doing so well! Congratulations on your first adventure in public nursing! It sounds like it went fantastically. And congrats on the instant stash! Wow! What a sweet gesture.
I can understand how you'd feel like something bad might happen because everything is so good, but just try to enjoy everything that is happening now. Time will go by so fast! I'm sure everything will be fine. Much love and hugs!
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What a nice surprise! I bet you were thrilled to get all those dipes!
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Take it as your good karma and pass those diapers on whenver you are done having babies!! (Pay it forward kind of gesture, I love it!!)
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I know the feeling about having such a calm baby who hardly cries. I feel blessed too...cause my DS1 was the opposite!

I just hope DS2 stays this way forever...
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Congrats, and I'm glad everything is going well for you. I'm feeling very much the same way, that this is all going better and easier than I ever expected.
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Wow, someone up there likes you a whole lot!!

Very happy everything is working out so well for you.
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