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I have to get induced tomorrow....

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Please don't flame me, its for medical reasons, she hasn't gained any weight or grown at all in 3 weeks and they are really concerned about the placenta situation because of that. Luckily, I am already starting to dilate and am ~60% effaced on my own so we should be able to proceed otherwise naturally.
And I can't say I am that upset about it. NERVOUS but not upset. I am miserably moody, DH leaves in a week for the Navy - i want this baby out, especially if they are concerned about her health and development....

Does anyone have any POSIITIVE induction stories? I am so sick of everyone (nurses, and family) telling me I MUST have an epidural. I understand there is a time and place for an epidural butI would really like to have an otherwise natural birth if possible. Does anyone have any experience or stories of people who did an induced birth otherwise naturally?
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I don't know have any induction stories...but wanted to say (((HUGS))). I hope you have a wonderful, quick labor! Can't wait to hear the birth story.
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if they can start you on low-dose pit & let you move around, it's absolutely do-able! the key is MOVEMENT!!! it's completely possible to walk around with an IV pole & if they insist that you have continual EFM just refuse. tell them you are more than willing to wear a telemetry monitor (if it's available) or to be monitored regularly (15 minutes an hour)....just not continuously. if the contractions are coming too close together you can request the pitocin be turned down. you can wrap up your IV & get in the shower. you'll have to be persistant, though, because hospital protocols are crazy & nurses need to follow them for liability reasons. they'll have to get orders from your OB to do some of these things....especially the intermittent EFM. be strong, mama, and i can't wait to hear about your little one's birth!

blessings & prayers are with you!
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I was induced with my first and my third for two different reasons both positive epidural free births

baby one I was overdue (only 41 weeks) and starting to get high bp, I went in on a saturday and they placed a foley catheter with the balloon inflated in my uterus putting pressure on my cervix to help it efface and dialate. Then I went back to labor and delivery on monday morning had the catheter removed and started on pitocin by around noon, my son was born 2 and a half hours later I was 4 cm dialated from the foley to begin with and I went from 4-10 in 30 minutes although it did take a full two hours of pushing to get him out (if I had waited till I felt the need to push I could have saved myself a lot of energy) I took no pain meds and no epidural with him.

baby #3 my membranes had been ruptured for 24 hours and without a negative strep b test I was very concerned about developing an infection so I requested to be induced, my son was posterior and the labor although it only took 4 hours was a lot worse than any of my other labors and I used some laughing gas to get over a hump where I felt like I was losing control (likely transition) he was born sunny side up with both of us alert, aware and able to bond immediately

I found it very difficult to ask for the gas for pain relief, because I had a real mind set that med free labors were the gold standard and that I was failing somehow, but there is nothing wrong with asking for medication if you know that is what you want, how its going to be used, how its going to affect you and the baby. Sometimes its necessary. Most of the time its not especially if you have the freedom to move during labor that your body needs. I think this is why induced labors are so much harder, because moms are essentially tied to the bed, you can get up and stand beside it but you don't have full freedom of movement and its a big fiasco to unplug all the monitors for you to do something simple like go to the bathroom

I hope all goes well with your baby and your birth
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just like the pp said, insist on the intermittant monitoring it will make all the difference and move
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Sending you lots of love and support and wishes for a good labor! You'll meet your babe soon!!!
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I agree with above...move around and ask for the intermittent EFM and the low dose pit! You'll do fine!

Can't wait to hear about your new baby!

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Just wanted to wish you (((Goood Labor Vibes))) for tomorrow!
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My 2nd and 3rd were both induced for different reasons. My second was the easiest birth ever. Seriously. I went in in the a.m. I was about 3cm when they started the pit. by 10 a.m. I was 5, my waters broke when they checked me, they turned the pit off and He was born about 11:55a.m. after maybe 15min. pushing. My aunt was their w/ labor massage oil that had clary sage in it rubbing my back and my DH had a hot compress of clary sage pressed *hard* on my pubis symphosis bone. I went through transition very calmly and was totally able to stay in control of the process (mentally and physically). I was able to walk around, although I didn't find that I wanted to much...my aunt and her massage oil worked magically, so I was content to hang out and let her do the work.

My 3rd wasn't as great and I ended up w/ an epidural but my support system wasn't nearly as good and I wasn't as mentally ready for the induction, KWIM? My aunt wasn't their w/ her magic hands and my poor DH could only do so much. And I think they had turned the pit up as high as it would go...I wish I'd been more assertive and asked that they turn it down. PLus, I had a lot less accomodationg Dr. and nursing staff, so that didn't help. He was still born in about 5hrs. though and only about 15min. of pushing and I didn't have any negative effects from the epidural.

you can do it, mama! and you *must* know that you are doing what is best for your baby...and ultimately both of you leaving the hospital healthy and happy is what matters...regardless of how the actual birth goes!

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No induction story here...just sending lots of peaceful labor vibes your way, mama

How exciting, you get to meet your baby tomorrow!!!
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Wishing you luck! Sometimes inductions are truely needed. No flaming here.
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GOOD LUCK and i second what vegan baby said: no flames here! just lots of love from your DDC!!!!!

soon it will all be over and you will see your babe!!
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happy labor vibes to you! a friend of mine was induced very early for pre-e. she managed without the epidural.

you'll be holding your baby soon
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best of luck to you mama!
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I don't have any stories for you, but I wanted to wish you a healthy delivery! Good luck!
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Yes! Find what feels best for you - if that means moving around, insist on moving around. If it means lying down (it didn't for me!), then do that. I do believe pitocin contractions are harder, but it sounds like your body is ready and you are in a good state of mind to go with it.

Enjoy your last night of pregnancy! Video tape your belly moving around, take any last pictures, take a bath, have a ton of sex (if you want to LOL), everything you can think of!!
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See if you can start on cervadal (cervadil?) instead of pitocin. It's a little tablet kind of thing attached to a string that they insert inside your vagina, pressed up against the cervix. It starts to dilate the cervix. They used that when I was induced because I was at 42 weeks, and they pulled it out a few hours later and the rest of my labor was totally natural.
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Good luck, mama!! You can do it! Just think of holding your little baby so soon.
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You can do it! I did it one year ago April 10th. It was not easy, but what labor is. It was intense, but I did not have the epidural so go for it. You will definitely feel like you can take on anything if you can get through a pitocin induction without the epidural. Hang in there. Praying for your little one. YOU CAN DO IT!
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You're having a baby tomorrow!!!
Good luck with the induction - I think you've gotten great advice.
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