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Sorry, no personal experience, but ask about non-pitocin induction to start...and keep active - no matter what the nurses say, you can get out of bed, and you don't need to be strapped up
Happy birthing!
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I'm sure you've gotten some good advice (I don't have time to read it all though) but I'll 2 stories for you.

I've never been induced but my SIL was both times b/c of big babies (and this time they were right). She went all natural both times too. She sd that the key was to move around. She even had moniters on the whole time but she was able to walk around the room and move as she needed to in the bed. I was with her for both deliveries and while they were tough she did it and if you have that drive then so can you! Don't listen to the nurses say you have to have an epi, they tried it w/ her, just have your DH stay strong that YOU will ask for it if YOU need it not when SHE needs you to have it. The nurses want you to have one b/c its easier for them (my cousin is a nurse and thats what she told me).

So my dear good luck tomorrow. I'll keep you in my thoughts and my prayers that you have a safe, fast, easy delivery!

Update us when you can.
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Good luck you can do it.
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I am sure you will have a great birth Can't wait to hear all about your new little one!
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I was induced with my second before my support system was going to be there, luckily I had hired a doula, she was great.It was a 2 hr labor partly because DS was ready I had been trying to hold out til my support system could get there, but I was able to do it without any pain meds.I was scared becuase I thought it would mean an instant C section since this was back in San Diego and they love doing them.
Things that helped: staying out of that dang bed! They broke my water,hooked me up to the fetal monitors and pitocin and IV fluids and BP cuff and then expected me to spend the whole labor in bed using a bedpan on a stool next to the bed!
Luckily my doula knew what to unhook me from so that I could use the bathroom like a normal person and do some good squats over the toilet.I had to pee so much from the fluids I would have voerrun that stupid bed pan anyway. The nurse wsn't happy but she didn't insist on me getting back in bed.
I spent most of the labor in the nice cool bathroom.I moved to leaning over the side of the bed and did and said whatever I felt like.
The contractions were really intense especially at the end, they never let up so if I hadn't already been ready to push I think I would have asked for pain meds if I could have gotten that sentence out but I was pretty locked into labor land.They tried to make me wear an oxygen mask but it was annoying me so I threw it aside.
You can do it!!
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!Have a safe quick birth and enjoy your sweetling!
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You just need to remember the following phrase... real easy, two words....


Do what you feel you need to do to make things easier for you and your baby and your body. And when they tell you that you HAVE to do such-and-such just repeat that phrase.
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No flames from me either. I was induced with my son 3.5 years ago due to pre-e. Epidural was recommended due to my high blood pressure. Midwife indicated that HBP and pain was not good mix.

Good news is that I had a relatively fast dilation. I had the epidural turned off at the end so I could squat etc.

It wasn't the ideal experience but I felt a sense of accomplishment when it was over.

Good luck and happy baby bonding!
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Just wanted to say good luck, you'll be fine!

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Good luck to you. Hope all goes well.

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Not in your DDC - not even pregnant at the moment but happy birthing to you! Both mine were induced and the difference in the births is astounding to me. My first was horrible and very long but I wasn't dilated any when I went to the hospital and I think they full-strengthed the pitocin right away. My second started off with a low dose of pitocin and I was already a couple centimeters dilated. I was able to walk around and manage the pain quite well. After a couple hours, I requested they stop the pitocin to see if labor would keep going and it continued to progress after that. The birth was much shorter than my first (40 hours shorter!). I wouldn't recommend induction for anyone who doesn't need it for their health reasons but my second birth was very nice even with the induction.
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I'm not in you DDC, but I wanted to tell you that my own mom had two babies with pitocin and no epidural or other drugs. Good luck!
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Just wanted to wish you a happy and blessed birth, Mama! How exciting that your baby will be here soon!
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Well, I guess I was induced and I didn't have an epidural. I didn't mean to go natural, it just happened too quickly! I was induced for medical reasons too (my kidneys were shutting down) and it was a curious change from what I had anticipated. It wasn't bad. Just a lot of sitting around doing nothing (my body wasn't ready to go at all so I was starting from nothing) that I would have prefered to do at home, to sudden quick labor and then a baby. I think the difference with an induction is the timing is so odd. I know that my mom had very quick (under 2 hour) labors, so I feel like I sat around from 6am-3 doing nothing, my "real" labor started at 4 and ds was born at 5. Good luck! I hope it all goes well.
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I'm just a lurker but wanted to give you my experience. I was induced last time at 39+2. I was already 3 cm, 100%. I was given cytotec by mouth and broken waters. My contractions started 5 hours later after about 2 1/2 hours of walking. I had to say no to pit twice, but labor did get going. After 5 1/2 hours active labor and 30 minutes pushing, DS was born naturally.
So, if at all possible, try to avoid the pit. But you can do it, and I can't wait to read your birth story. Congratulations!!
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I hope everything goes easily today.

One thing I would recommend if at all possible, don't let them break your water. That way you won't be on a timer for a c-section. Plus, that'll help avoid some positioning problems.

Request intermittent and wireless monitoring, refuse the saline drip IV (a possible compromise is to get a heplock just in case), keep your fluids up, eat as you are able.

You can do this!

Congratulations on getting to meet your baby soon!!
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I'm not even pregnat now, but anyway...

I wasn't induced, but had pitocin during labour. I had an IV, but I could move around as much as I wanted. They let me up & around with the monitors on too, but they kept falling off, so I had an internal or scalp monitor. (forget what they called it now). It was VERY scary to get, but then no more problems moving around. I LOVED the birthing ball.

I did have my membranes ruptured as well, but I hated that. It was just icky to be leaking & sitting int hat (when I was't up & around) all day.

I did not have an epi. I had something for pain, but it didn't really help. I just found moving around & sitting on the birthing ball & breathing thru contractions to be the best.
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i have never been induced (never been pg past 39 weeks) so i just wish you a fast and easy labor! the low dose pit sounds good.
fingers crossed for you, mama!
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Just wanted to send my love. I hope you and your baby are snuggling happily by now.
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Thinking of you!
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Thinking of you too :
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