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what does your 15-18 month old eat on an average day?

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It doesn't seem like my DD eats all that much, although her diet is really limited due to food intolerances so that might be part of it. I know she is getting plenty of calories/nutrition from BM but I plan to wean around 21 months so I feel like she needs to start getting more calories from food. (Due to her food intolerances and my IBS my diet is also extremely limited, like about 8 foods right at the moment, and I don't know how much longer I can keep going, let alone try to heal, on that.)

Right now she eats roughly 4-6 Tbsp of ghee, 1/3 to 1/2 c. of hamburger, a few bites of veggies, and 1/3 to 1/2 a pear per day. She'd probably eat a couple of pears a day but I don't think all that fructose is good for her, plus she tends to beg for pears and refuse to eat anything else if she eats them more than once a day.
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SO she must be sensitive to dairy and grains??

My 18 month old drinks about 24 oz of raw milk a day. Oatmeal with cream and butter and honey or egg yolk and toast or french toast for breakfast. She eats a bowl of yogurt everyday. She loves chicken broth -- I try to give her at least a cup (4 oz or so) a day. Her favorite fruits are kiwi, banana, apple sauce with whey and mandarin oranges. She loves cooked carrots.

But she really doesn't eat that much food. Trying to get her to sit and eat is a struggle. She'll sit on our laps at mealtimes and have a few bites of whatever.......it seems like for the past few months she just hasn't been eating too much. She had quite regular mealtimes before that, but now not so much. And there's not much variety right now.

She's definitely been way into playing with her food lately. She likes to smear it in her hair. THis is all she's interested in.
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Oh, chicken and rice. Whenever we make chicken and rice she will gorge herself nonstop for a few days. I wonder why?? We don't make it that often because she's the only "fan" of rice around here....she won't eat rice unless it's cooked in broth and served with chicken.

But she doesn't seem hungry otherwise, you know??
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OH! (sorry for not thinking this through before posting )

She loves dilly beans -- pickled green beans. She eats them often, I give her a few everytime we feed her. I've found them to be the most absolutely kid approved fermented veggie thus far.
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My DD is 17 months and on a typical day she'll nurse in the morning, have 1/4-1/2 cup of yogurt with frozen berries for breakfast, a 6-8 oz bottle of organic milk before her nap, lunch consisting of a couple oz of leftovers (usually meat and veg of some sort) and/or a whole soft-boiled egg, fruit and about 1-2 oz of cheese for snacks, the she'll nurse again when I come home from work, then eat dinner which is usually 1-2 oz meat, veg depending on whether she likes it and some kind of starch. She is really not into starches much - she will eat rice if it is thoroughly saturated with curry sauce and mashed potatoes if they have a good amount of cheese in them, but otherwise she is a meat, cheese, veg & fruit kind of girl. Her favourite food is probably egg though. "eh eh eh"

We're only nursing about 4 times a day now and my supply will start to drop some more as I wean off my domperidone so I'm glad she eats a lot.
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Well I think my 16 mo still gets most of his calories from nursing. He pretty much fills up on breast milk first thing in the morning, before he's even fully awake (it's his "baby coffee" - he can't open his eyes without it ). Then we go downstairs and I give him some food while I"m eating my breakfast. He usually has something like plain yogurt with homemade apple sauce added and CLO and BO. Or I might add beet kvass instead of apple sauce. For snacks he eats fruits and vegetables. For dinner he eats whatever we eat, like corn chips with homemade salsa and guacamole (last night). Or beef and vegetable stew. Whatever.

He also drinks water and kombucha, and raw milk if we have it (but it goes sour so darn fast).
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Breakfast: 1-2 scrambled free-range eggs, 1/2 cup fruit-strawberries, blueberries, banana or cantalope. Apple juice to drink

Lunch: 1-2 oz raw cheese, 1 kiwi, 1 soft boiled egg, and some of the smoothie I make for myself, water to drink


leftovers: bowl of vegetable beef soup made with organic veggies, grass-fed beef and homemade broth.

snack: raisins, bittersweet chocolate chips-60 percent cacao, or whatever snack I have made: gingerbread, banana bread, etc.

supper: 1-2 oz of whatever meat we have, I usually cook at least three veggies(he'll eat a little of each one.) ex: carrots, peas, potatotes, broccoli

snack:if he doesn't eat very much at supper, I save his plate and offer it again at snack. He'll usually eat it then. After that he gets 4 oz of yogurt and 6-8 oz of raw milk.
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i can't believe how much your kiddos eat!!! i am jealous. my DS is 17 months and probably 2 or 3 times a week will eat up to 4 oz yogurt, about 3 bites of toast, maybe a bite of fruit. he likes bites of whatever we are eating - rice and beans especially - and sometimes tofu. won't touch anything green though. i'm thinking veggies may be in trouble. . .
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My first didnt' really start eating untill about that age, and then started eating pretty much mostly solids since my milk dropped from pregnancy. DD is now almost a year old and eats a total of a few tablespoons of food a day. They both love eggs, milk and meat, and sourdough bread so I never worry how much they eat.

I think if they are getting some good sources of fat and protein, amounts don't matter a ton.
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a typical day for my 19mo (still bf, but i'm 5mo preg and milk supply is pretty low) is:

2 fried eggs, a banana or other fruit, a few bites of buttered sourdough toast
grassfed beef hotdog with fermented ketchup and 1/4 of a sprouted bun or whatever leftovers i'm having
fruit and cheese or a fried egg
whatever we're having. chicken and rice and peas. or he loves grassfed hamburger from tacos topped with raw cheese and raw creme fraiche. also rice pasta topped with tomato sauce with grassfed hamburger. he also loves broccoli and artichokes, with raw butter of course.
either more of dinner or some fruit and cheese

eggs, fruit, butter and cheese make up a large part of his diet. he drinks kombucha or water.
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