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I lost my mucus plug!

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About an hour ago I lost my mucus plug. It was very thick--gel like not bloody, though. I know this doesn't mean much--hopefully means I'm dilating a little more. I saw my dr. yesterday and she said I am 1 cm but still thick. I'm hoping labor isn't too far off...
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AWESOME! Hopefully you will be meeting your babe very soon
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Yay! Hoping you meet your babe very soon and have an easy labor and delivery!

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So exciting!! It's fun to see how our bodies are getting ready!
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that is so exciting!
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Very awesome!
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Good luck to you Momma! We'll be thinking of you!!
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Thanks ladies! I lost more of it this morning--this time in smaller chunks (sorry TMI!) I've been having a lot of lower pressure, back pain and contractions low. I'm hoping this means things are starting up for me!!!
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Sounds exciting. Good luck!

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wohoo! keep us posted!
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