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should i have my cervix checked tomorrow?

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i have a midwife appointment tomorrow and up until now i have declined any cervix checks (and been enjoying it!). i wasn't planning on having any unless i go overdue (background is that i am having a VBAC, they will only let me go two weeks overdue, i can't be induced so if a foley balloon in the cervix doesn't work, i have to have a c-section again). i am starting to wonder if i should just go ahead and have my cervix checked tomorrow - it could be nice to know if i am making any progress - it sure doesn't feel like it to me. if i haven't gone into labor by the time i am 40 weeks, i will begin upping natural labor inducing methods with my last ditch effort being a chiropractor. is there any advantage to me having my cervix checked now? disadvantages?
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How many weeks are you now?

I see no advantages or disadvantages either way. It's just information (not wildly telling info). . .I do plan on being checked at my appt on Thurs.

Why are you saving chiro for last ditch? It can help the baby get into/stay in a good position which can help labor start as soon as all is otherwise ready. I think my baby has engaged now thanks to chiro care. I didn't engage until labor last time (my first) due to malpositioning. This is backwords from the usual--first timers generally engage before and multips engage at any time. . .I do thank chiro care.

It sounds like your plan for starting labor is good, but also probably unnecessary. 95% of people give birth before going 2 weeks past their due date. It sounds like you are almost expecting to need to induce. I wonder why that is. Was your cesarean after an induction? just curious. . .
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i will be 39 weeks tomorrow.

i am saving chiro. for last ditch solely for financial reasons - we just can't afford it really. we have some other expenses right now.

i am definitely hoping that i will not need to worry about going overdue too far. my c-section was due to breech presentation. since i have never experienced labor, i have no idea what to expect from my body, so i am definitely over-planning based on not knowing. i don't actually expect to have to resort to any of this, but i am the kind of person who likes to prepare for any eventuality, and as i approach 40 weeks, this is the big one on my mind. i hate the fact that i won't be allowed to go over 42 weeks, but am incredibly thankful, on the other hand, that i live somewhere that is very VBAC friendly. i also wonder if my body is gearing towards labor - i really don't feel BH at all - maybe once a day. i haven't lost a mucous plug (which i did right around this time with ds).
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Oh, ok, cool. I am a planner too. Rest assured, your body will in all likelyhood work very well. I'm glad you aren't actually *expecting* to have to do any of that stuff, just that you know what options you have.
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I don't plan on getting checked before labor starts. Just because I don't feel that it really tells me much. I had a friend who was dialated to a 4 for a week before she went into labor. I can't imagine how excited she was when she found out that she was at 4cm, and then to have to wait an entire week before she actually gave birth, ugh, how frustrating. I'm going to spare myself the false hope that cervical checks create. I'm sure my body is working properly and that things are happening in there to prepare for the baby's arrival, I'm just trying to hold on to that trust.
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I don't plan on getting checked either until I'm in labour.
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I got checked this past weekend because I was having regular contractions and the midwives are worried about my labour being too fast. I was 3cm dilated at that point. I was happy to be checked, just for the sake of knowing. I was equally happy to know that my cervix wasn't dilated at all two days before I had dd. I'm just the curious type and like to know, not that it matters. I could walk around for another couple weeks at 3cm. Or, like I did with my dd go from nothing to having her in a matter of hours. I guess what I'm trying to say is the information doesn't mean a heck of a lot, but if you're the curious type like I am, I don't see why you *shouldn't* get it done.
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I'm not planning on getting checked ever, even throughout labor.

I did have my husband try to check me a while ago, but he wasn't able to feel anything. If he's in there again anyway I might have him check again but otherwise I won't.

You could just wait until your appointment and see what you feel like doing then. That's what I do about consenting to the doppler - I just take it appointment by appointment.
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why not check your own? It will give you frame of reference, and is less likely to result in infection before and during labor. Also, because prenatal cervical changes happen from the inside out (your cells actually realign as part of the process - isn't that cool?!), anything that's going on now might not be noticeable to anyone but you. I see more disappointment in these situations from having the internal exam than I do when people wait to see what their body is capable of (miracles!). But whatever you choose, will be the right choice for you .
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