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Can we discuss the pull-out method (aka p&p)?

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Mosly because I'm freaked out because that's basically what my Dh and I did last night and when I woke up this morning i ran to the calendar (after already knowing because of CM that it I was quite fertile) and yep - it's exactly 2 weeks after my period on top of that. In the heat of the moment I said outloud, "this is not a good time to not use a condom..." but then convinced ourselves that just for a second wouldn't hurt... - how many babies are born each year from that phrase alone?! And TMI but we even checked to see if he was "dry" and he wasn't so he just dried himself off! Oh man...

It WAS for only a minute but I woke up this morning with nothing short of a feeling of dread and fear! AHH! We were so stupid! I'm am absolutely NOT ready to be pregnant again...so please - if not just than to get me through these next two weeks with my sanity then tell me that there is hope!

FWIW if I did get pregnant it's be a happy time - just before I was ready is all which would totally have been MY fault!
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Well, that's the method we use and so far so good! We've gotten pregnant using condoms, but this works for us well (along with charting of course).
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Say hello to my newest pregnancy. P&P baby.

I've also had two other pregnancies that were P&P (one with my XH and one with DH) that ended in m/c.
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Congrats to the new baby! :-)

I am curious what the definition of everyone's take on it is? As in is the pull out method just pulling out RIGHT before the end or when you feel like there is any pre- ejac at all? I think that might help this naive girl over here
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Has worked flawlessly for us! 8 mos. and counting, I got my periods back at 6 weeks pp and so far no accidents.

I think it is pretty much fool proof as long as you do it right! i.e...you know when to pull out. All it takes is a little self control!

Hope this made you feel better!
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I have two or three kids using this method. We're still using it....: In the meantime dh is scheduled for a vasectomy. I say it's not very effective.
Came back to add:
It seems to work for long periods of time for us-and then out of the blue I'm pregnant. There are like three years between some of my kids using this method lol. So it's not that we don't know what we're doing. I just can't figure out what goes wrong.
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it's been working for us for 9 months now...including during some very fertile periods. we pull out RIGHT before the end if you get my drift.
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Well, there's an old riddle...

What do you call someone who uses the withdrawal method?
A parent.

There is sperm in pre-ejaculate. And, it only takes 1 lonely sperm to make it to the egg, and you're pregnant.

So, while you're less likely statistically to get pregnant using this method than using other methods, statistics are only interesting in a general sense -- if you get pregnant, you're pregnant, whatever the stats. are :-)

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We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. In almost 11 years we used the pill for 2 years, and had two babies (not while on the pill). So for about 7 years relied pretty exclusively on the pull out method. I thought it must work pretty well. But then I got pg on my ds's first birthday - due in Aug. My midwife told me the pullout method is NOT birth control. Now she tells me.

But if it makes you feel any better, we only had one unplanned pg in 7 years worth of using that method!!!

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Yep, it worked for me and DH for over a year, and worked for me and XH for almost 3.
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We used this method for about a year before we conceived DS #2. BUT my cycles were all screwy for about the first 7 or 8 months of that because I had just come off the pill after 4 years.

I would NOT recommend it to anyone who really needs to avoid a pregnancy.
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Here is a little more about pull out method.... If it helps at all.... But really not all that effective if both partners are in tune with when to pull out and pre-cum etc..... Good luck t oyou whichever way you want it to turn out


The withdrawal method has been practiced for centuries and is always convenient and available. All it involves is the man attempting to withdraw his penis before he ejaculates.

Control over ejaculation is not very easy and the withdrawal method is known to be the least effective form of birth control. For the average couple, the withdrawal method is only 82% effective. This is due to the fact that some men find it difficult to control the point of ejaculation and accidentally release sperm into the vagina. Accidents like these are particularly pervasive in younger men with little sexual experience. Failures can also occur because the clear liquid discharged from the Cowper’s gland before ejaculation is rich with sperm cells. Since it is difficult to tell if this pre-ejaculate is leaking out of the penis, the withdrawal method is deceptively unsafe.

Before ejaculating, remove the penis from the vagina.

The withdrawal method depends on one thing ... removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. If a man neglects to do this then this method will undoubtedly fail. Secondly, there is no way for a man to restrict the flow of Cowper’s fluid from his penis, and thus no assurance the method will work. Furthermore, if a woman doubts the man's ability to withdraw his penis in time, she will not be relaxed and able to enjoy the sexual experience. This is not a highly recommended form of birth control and should not be practiced unless it is absolutely the only method available.

It offers no protection from STDs.
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Withdrawl has worked for us for four years.
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Me too - 4 years.

You are probably NOT pregnant.
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Thanks!! I do feel a bit better - even with all the pregnancies listed! Thanks for the info about the method as well - I was quite clueless as you could tell! I have always been paranoid about stuff like this and now - though reasurred, I'm always thinking to myself - should I pick up prenatal vitamins just in case and take better care of myself? haha. Oh my...
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Aren't there, um, scouts sent out before the troop invasion?
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There's a chance that you're pg... but we've had times when I knew I was fertile (we weren't TTA) and still, no pregnancy... so it's not guaranteed that you'll get pg, even if there were any sperm in the pre-ejaculate.

Originally Posted by sahmof2girls View Post
"The withdrawal method depends on one thing ... removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. If a man neglects to do this then this method will undoubtedly fail."
While I agree with the article quoted that it is the least reliable form of birth control, I find this wording funny... you aren't guaranteed to get pg if you have sperm in the vagina. It just sounds like they're saying you will undoubtedly get pg if he doesn't pull out in time.
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it is a funny way of wording if that was the case there would be no need for ttc... I just thought it had a little bit of good info...
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It too has worked great for us for 4 years and neither of us have fertility issues (not that anyone here is going to say that but it has been said to me before).
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My dh and I have no fertility issues what so ever. In fact both of my kids were conceived on the first month trying. However, the pullout method has worked perfectly for us for a total of 14 years in between both kids. He is very good and always pulls out on time though.

I will say that I wish I were in that small percentage where it fails though as I want another baby so bad it almost kills me!! No luck for me though. I think a lot of things play a roll. I have read that there can be sperm in the pre-ejaculate, but that most of the time they are not healthy sperm unless there has been another recent ejaculation prior to that session.

My guess is that if he pulled out on time and he hadn't recently ejaculated you should be fine. Good Luck!!
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