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ribbon yarn pattern?? suggestions?

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I'm a complete novice to knitting. I'm just finishing up my very first project - a tea cosy! For some reason, I decided my next project will be knitting myself a tank top for summer. I'm about a size 12/14 (nursing a baby right now) and I saw this one online and figured I could try it out.


Well, I'm such a newbie ... I went and ordered the yarn - Karita Bonita. The yarn arrived today - it's lovely but I'm really nervous now!: It's Ribbon yarn. I'm just wondering what the heck I'm getting myself into.

Do you think this pattern should be straightforward? I thought it seemed so. I saw a "X back" tank on knitty.com but I don't think it will work for me - I need something I can wear a bra under.

Any tips or suggestions for ribbon yarn? Now I'm really getting anxious about starting this tank. Any other pattern suggestions?

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That looks like a really good pattern for ribbon yarn. I fought a number of patterns with the Lion brand ribbon, but had great luck with the Berroco zen.

It can be easy to put a needle through the yarn, check your gauge, and take your time.

Most important! Have fun
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Well, this pattern seems pretty simple, except that they don't specify how to decrease or increase - are you comfortable with that? If you're unsure, you could go to knittinghelp.com to watch the videos for all different style increases and decreases.

Also, the pattern is laid out in more of an "instruction" format, rather than spelling out what you have to do on each row, if that makes any sense. I would make sure to always read ahead, because you will be shaping the neck and armholes at the same time.

It looks like a nice pattern! Good luck with it.

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AnamCara - thanks for the tips - especially the warning about putting the needle through the yarn!

Winnie - thank you for your comments on the pattern. I read the pattern through several times - I guess ignorance is bliss - I thought it seemed straightforward. After reading your comments, I realized how much detail was lacking from instructions.

I guess, if anyone sees this post, my other question is .... if I have a pattern I like, with the same gauge as my ribbon yarn but it doesn't call for ribbon yarn, can I just substitute?

(It's hard to find ribbon yarn patterns and I'd really like to make a tank top!)
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This site seems to have a good portion of patterns that ask for ribbon yarn. I made the party tie from there and loved it, althogh it wasn't in ribbon.

When yo clic on free knitting patterns it shoots yo to another page that yo can scroll throgh or select the category. If you click shells/tanks it lists all the patterns and right next to it it says what yarn(s) to se. I can see three or four right off the bat that use ribbon yarn!
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Hey thanks, OtherMother'n'Madre! I found this pattern and I think I might try the top instead of the original one - I like the simplicity of the design plus the ruffle is cute. Thanks! If and when I finish my project, I'll post pictures. My little baby was up all of last night crying (teething?) and I dug out my bamboo needles and a skein of my ribbon yarn and started a little swatch just to see how it would look. So pretty - I had no idea how lovely stocking stitch could look if you're using a gorgeous yarn!
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