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Out of diapers-freaked out suddenly

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My daughter is 21 months and started showing the “signs” for potty training/learning many months ago. Now, she is fully “trained” and doesn’t wear a diaper at all (almost two weeks). She had a set back today with her dad, where a diarrhea like poop freaked her out and she showed signs of being really bothered by eliminating. I think this was in part because of how her father handled the situation – runny poop on the floor (more concerned about cleaning the poo than how Aya was feeling) but now I’m also worried that she is too young for this step. She was not pushed in anyway – in fact, she initiated using the potty. On one level, I think my books may be making me think that she is too young – even though she showed all signs of readiness. On the other hand I’m very worried that she is not ready. Is her reaction normal for a child ready to use the toilet? Opinions?
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Oh, I think that's normal. Of course she'd be a bit freaked out by all that was going on. DS had a few "too busy playing to go to the potty" accidents and he would start to cry. He hated the feeling of pee down his leg. So I think that’s normal. I'd just go really easy on her, remind her about using the potty if that's what you do, but don't pressure and lots of love. If she regresses a bit and doesn’t want to potty anymore just give her some time.

Also, I wouldn't worry about potty training deadlines "too old, too young" we all learn at our own pace and you know your dd better than the book does. I think they are more geared for the parent that forces the baby to train at a certain time. It sounds to me like you just followed her lead and IMHO that’s the best way to go.
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