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6 Days to go.........

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...........I'm hoping I make it!
It's been a week since I lost my plug and had a bloody show. Today in this moment, i am feeling a bit period crampy and may have to run to the bathroom. I am trying REAL hard to make it to my induction date. I seriously have never tried sooo hard to fight off labor. It's draining and I'm not sure how much longer I can do it! Lol!

Good luck to everyone else who is getting close!
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Oh, I'm also getting lots of braxton hicks!! Yikes!!
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Woo hoo! How exciting! Keep us posted!
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wow, mama, you are GOOD! remember, we lost the plug @ the same day, and here i am NAKing a 1 week old right now...., wtg, keep us posted!
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hanging in there? anxious to hear your progress, naturalmomma!
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