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my really bad stupid horrible parenting moment

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ok, bear with me, it just happened a few minutes ago and i am really freaking out. dylan, my 4.5 mo has been sitting by herself for about a week now. i have really carpeting thick carpeting in my house, so if she tips over its not thar big of a deal. unfortunatly (you can prob. guess where this is going) i am at my mother's watching my sisters right now. and she has hardwood floors- they are covered in marginally thick rugs, but still...
anyway, i decided to go for the camera (like a real dumbass) and she fell strait backward. she has tipped to the side before, but never done that. her little head made a really loudthud and she screamed for a few minutes, but seems fine now. what should i look for? i dont want to take her to the dr. if i dont need to. i know they will want a ct scan, and shes been thru enough trauma as it is. but if she seems to be doing badly i will certainly agree to one. shes talking, smiling, pklaying with toys and its only been about 10 minutes, what do tyou thionk?
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I think she is fine. Its her mama I'm worried about!

I would keep an eye on her. if she is playing, interacting, nursing/eating well, than let her be. If you notice a behavior change, vomiting, holding her head, then call your Pediatrician.

My son had a permanent knot on his head from 6 months to 4 years old. all in various stages of healing......Talk about mommy moments, i was carrying my daughter in the cradle hold, walked too quickly through a doorway, misjudged and whaked her poor head!

I also fell down the stairs holding my then 10month old son. We landed in a heap on the floor. all was well!
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My guess is that she's absolutely fine It's unlikely that any serious injury would result from tipping backward from a seated position. (I think ds did that probably 30 or so times when he was a babe - and we have linoleum, ugh!) It's amazing how resilient their heads are! What you want to look for is listlessness, inability to focus, vomiting, that sort of thing.

Prepare yourself, though - in no time at all she'll be going through the running-full-throttle-tripping-and-landing-on-her-head phase. It will likely make you want to vomit, but it's a necessary part of childhood. Arm yourself with arnica (the cream is great!) and cut yourself a break - you can't catch her every time she falls.
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I've heard that the Dr Spock books say that if baby stops crying within 5 minutes, there is nothing to worry about. I don't know if that's true, since I'd never buy a Dr Spock book, but it sounds like good advice.

I agree with the others about just observing her behavior. Also, just for peace of mind, you may want to shine a light in her eyes. If her pupils get smaller at a close to even rate, that's a good thing. Don't worry if they don't end up the exact same size or if they move at slightly different rates, but if they're very different, you should call the doctor.
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It will likely make you want to vomit, but it's a necessary part of childhood.
:LOL :LOL Dragonfly...that is so true! I would cringe and feel ill as i watched my child seemingly careen from one sharp edge or corner to the next....
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thankyouthankyouthankyou i you all so much (with tears in my eyes) shes nursing happily now!
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She'll be fine. My Ds has whacked his head on our 300 lb (just guessing but it's pretty dang heavy!) wrought Iron and glass-topped coffee table (bought in the days BEFORE kids!). He's gotten down on all fours and slammed his head into industrial tile (ya know like they got in schools?) and other such things and he has ALWAYS been fine. He's got a head made of granite, I swear! LOL
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She'll be fine.

What to look for in a head injury
unusual behavior
Bruising under the eyes
dialated pupils
excessive sleeping or difficulty to wake

I can't tell you the number of time Goo falls into things. She never even gets a scratch! Most days, she's up and going again, but I swear I was in 911 mode the first few times she did it!
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Gr8fulmom and Dylan. It sure is scary when something like that happens! I can't even tell you the number of times I've taken my eyes off dd for a split second and something like that has happened. I'm glad Dylan is ok!
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Gr8fulmom, it is scary when something like that happens, isn't it? I remember the first time my dd fell backward like that while sitting (in fact, I think I even posted about it on another list)- it was horrifying, and I felt awful. But.....that experience was just the beginning of our journey into the realm of bumped heads (and scraped knees). You can be as vigilant as possible and still it happens. You are a great mom!!!
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Originally posted by AmyG
I've heard that the Dr Spock books say that if baby stops crying within 5 minutes, there is nothing to worry about. I don't know if that's true, since I'd never buy a Dr Spock book, but it sounds like good advice.
T my daughter and I fell down a flight of stairs when she was 2 years old...she never cried and her arm was broken....

That aside, I would watch your dd for a little while, maybe today and tomorrow and if she shows no signs of a concussion (vomiting, radical change in her personality) then I would call a dr, other than that, I would say that she is going to be fine and was probably more scared than hurt!

It doesn't get any better...she will be walking soon! My daughter is very "gravity challenged"!
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we have hardwood floors and Gabe has fallena few times on them. It sounds so bad I know! But actually sometimes it is not as bad as carpeted floors (according to the doc on one of our ER visits!) because carpeted floors often have concrete under them, which hurts more. He said wooden floors sort of absorb it. Whatever, all I know is Gabe had a perma-bruise for a few months there when he was learning to walk!
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I sure hope nothing bad happens... or my kid's gonna be brain damaged with all the falls and bonks he's had! =)

Have you read The Continuum Concept or visited the web page? There's a part about trusting that babies aren't suicidal. Doesn't really apply now for you, but when your li'l one is more mobile... I thought it was interesting (in moderation).

Happy mothering!
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my daughter flung herself off of our king-sized 4-poster bed that is approximately 3 feet off the ground. she was 7-8 months old. she hit the ground, rolled a bit and then in her disoriented state, started crawling under the bed. it was horrible. for me. she was and is fine. just confused as hell!
of course, i gave myself mental lashings for being the world's worst mother.
i also fell on her -- in the street -- when my dogs teamed up to trip me. she split her lip and gums, and i was black and blue from elbow to wrist and knee to ankle on all 4 limbs.
so, there you have it. i hold the title for worst parenting moments.
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When my daughter was 4.5 months old I didn't know she could roll, had never seen her do it. I was standing right beside the change table and took my hand off her for a second to grab a diaper and bam, she fell right off. We did go to the emerg room but all was well. I still shudder when i think of what could have happened!
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I fell down in the parking lot at dd's naturopath's and hit dd's head on the asphalt. She was 12 months. She cried for 1/2 an hour then fell asleep. The Naturopath was nonplussed by the whole incident. That evening when dd threw up, the advice nurse was still unconcerned unless she threw up repeatedly. Apparently a surge of adrenaline can make a child throw up later. Both the naturopath and the nurse were looking for a knot, discoloration under the eyes and extreme listlessness. It took a couple of days, but dd was herself after a while.

Very scary experience.
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Oh, I am so sorry you were scared. It sounds like she is fine.

One time, when my 17 yr old was toddling her dad turned around for a minute and she tumbled down the stairs at his parents house and hit her head on the BRICK bookcase at the bottom!!! I did not see this one, so it does not give me the willies as bad as the next one....
(She is now an honor student, so no appearent lasting damage)

When my dd, now 8 was wee, I stepped off a step in the snow that I thought was just the curb and FLEW into the street holding her in my arms, and landed on her full body slam after her head bonked soundly on the pavement. Oh no. That still makes me all squirmy inside. She cried so hard she made no noise. (Seems bright too, and, incredibly, REMEMBERS this. We were just driving by one day years later and she said, "is that where you squished me flat?" I about had an accident. She was 15 months old, and I do not remember talking about this with her. Crazy baby!!)

Our floors are cement covered with carpet. Who's crazy idea was that? grrrrr.....
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I am sure she is fine. I hope you are fine too. ANd you can't protect them from all the bumps and scrapes no matter how much you want to. Symptoms have already been described.

It is hard and it gets harder. DD climbs on playgrounds now and it is enough to make my hart stop sometimes. But I keep my distance or else she is not paying attention to what she is doing. And they need to learn these motor skills and can't do it unless they fall amd bump a few times...

We also have cement floors but not all covered. Also makes for big bumps. And she throws herself at it when she is throwing a fit. You would think that would hurt...

Good luck. She sounds fine, and here is to many more bumps
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