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My Plug? WDYT?

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I am not sure if it is part of my plug or not.. I wiped, and on the tp it was white mucousy- like the egg whites they describe. Although, not a lot of it, and no blood. Could it be some of my plug? Or maybe the remains of the KY from the internal I had today?
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Sounds like it was the ky. When I lost my plug before it was a huge gob of pink stuff that looked like dried rubber cement.
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I'm right there w/ ya mama! Except there was a *ton* and it definately wasn't ky jelly, kwim? No bloody/pinkish tinge though. I've been having pretty regular contractions all day, too, so who knows?

My frontier order w/ all of my postpartum/labor stuff doesn't get here until tomorrow though and our homeschooling conference is on Friday...so really, she'd better stay put for a couple more days!
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I remember having that after internals with dd. I think it is part of your plug that may have been loosened by the internal, part KY. When I finally lost my plug i was in the beginning of labor and it was a big red/brown glob of mucousy stuff, not really that pleasant.
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it could be part of your plug

I know I have been passing alot of jelly like (maybe the consistency of gel toothpaste? ) clear and white mucous each day for the past week I think its some of the plug and keeps regenerating itself
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Well, it's my plug.. !!! Yay!!!

Some more came out tonight, still not bloody, but a lot more, and thicker!
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