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The best nursing pillow for twins!

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Hi mamas,
my twins are now 2 yrs old (where does the time go?!) but I wanted to pass on one of the most important things I owned in the first year.

It's a large inflatable nursing pillow, specially made for nursing twins. Check out doubleblessings.com This pillow was a lifesaver, and worked well when they were really tiny newborns all thru the first year.

Nursing twins was a beautiful experience, and this pillow definitely helped make it more manageable!
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That's insteresting! I've heard from three other mamas of twins that they HATED the inflatable pillow (too big, they said). I have the foam version, and it was a life-saver when my babies were still wanting to tandem nurse (not anymore, though ). Maybe it just depends on the size of the twins and the size of the mama.

I just talked to a mom yesterday who is almost 38 weeks pregnant with twins. She said she had 3 boppys, but no twins nursing pillow. I could not stress the importance of getting one enough. Although I have heard that boppys work for some people.

Any other words of wisdom, babylovex2? I'm always looking for more!

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I have the old noninflatable ez2nurse, and a twin ez...the angled one in the old foam (now repaced by the inflatable) was great for a preemie singleton. The twin EZ is smaller, so I would think the ex2nurse would be easier when you actually have two babies. But ust remember when you're done with your pillows that folks with undersized babes, a boppy is just not enough...so loan yours out.

My twin childbirth class instructor said she talked to the maker and she had started making the inflatable because it was getting to expensive to get the foam shaped correctly...the inflatable was a lot cheaper to get made. I'm glad she just didn't quit making pillows at all. I just visited the site and it looks like now she's making them BOTH again - so something for everyone!!!!
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I loved my foam EZ2nurse-my husband jokes I should have it bronzed! We used it til the boys were 26 months old, and they still fit.
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Wow, I hadn't heard of the ez2nurse pillow... maybe I would have liked that one even more!

Other hints... well, when I would go out with them early on, ie to get groceries, I'd keep one in the car seat & carry the other in a sling/bjorn carrier.

I can't think of anything else right now but I'll try to cast my mind back a ways..
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Originally posted by babylovex2
Wow, I hadn't heard of the ez2nurse pillow... maybe I would have liked that one even more!
:LOL babylovex2: the ez2nurse pillow is the pillow that they sell at www.doubleblessings.com !! They make an inflatable version, and a foam version. Not a surprise that you couldn't remember the brand name, though! I'll be amazed if I can remember anything from this time in my life in a couple of years!

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I could not have done it without this pillow! Is tarted off with a differnet nursing pillow designed supposedly for twins and it ws terrible! It was "The Anna Pillow". All I can say is AVOID! They would not refund my money and told me I should have tried it out before I used it. Now explain to me how a pregnant mom with twins that is 39 weeks and 5 days and fit any nursing pillow around her belly and know if it will fit her 2 babies that are not even born? Bad business practices!
Now I started off with the inflateable version from doubleblessings and within 3 months had tried desperatly to repair 2 small holes on both sides at the same spots. It didn;t work and I knew I could not do it without them so I contacted the company and they sold me another very cheap. Within 3 months again the same problem in the exact same place! I treated those pillows like gold and were soooooooooooo careful with them so I contacted her again! This time she told me there was now a foam version so I choose that one and thought I didn't like it at first but ended up loving it more.
My twins were 7lbs 14oz and 7lbs 15oz at birth and I used it until they were a year and it worked great!
I tell everyone I know that this pillow is key to making it work great! I also noticed how I had no back, neck and arm pain that I had with the other kids. Sometimes ( ok many times ), I fell asleep while nursing with it and we all took a much needed nap!
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i dont know what it is. maybe because i am small but i cant get the inflatable one to fit right. its way too big. i find i hardely every nurse them together anymore at 3 months. and if i do i dont need a pillow i just lay them on my belly and i dont know just do it. i actually feel bad that my sister paid so much money for the darn thing that i dont even like. i am sure the foam one would be better but i dont want to spend the money to try it out because i really enjoy feeding them seperately.
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You can sell your nursing pillow on Ebay extremly easy if you do not like it. You could use the money you make from selling it to buy the foam one also on Ebay. I have sold 3 nursing pillows on Ebay and made great money!
I too am small but didn't have any trouble with fit. It could be the chair or couch you are sitting on or if you are not using the inflateable back pillow then I can see where you have a problem. If you do not have the back support pillow buy it immediately and I think you will see a huge difference!
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I myself have tried three different brands of twin feeding pillows. The Anna pillow was the worst (I sooo agree with you Angie). I'm glad I only paid $20 at a secondhand shop. I keep it in the car for when I'm too lazy to transfer my other feeding pillows to the car. I still hate it, but the too-short length of it works ok in the car because it doesn't hit the back of the seats. My first pillow was the Twin Nurse EZ Pillow (annoying the pillows all have similar names!). It's pretty flat and really got to my back after a while, but was good while the babies were really small. Then I got the foam EZ 2 Nurse pillow from Doubleblessings. This pillow is by far my favorite...everything about it is well-designed. Speaking of which...time to go use it...I hear a twin whining...
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hmmm, i only had the twin ez for my first set and i loved that thing! i couldn't bring myself to get rid of it..and good thing too, since we'll be using it again soon i used it from the day they came home until the day they weaned at 2 years old.

i even bought another one second hand so i can have one on each floor this time...but maybe i need to try this ez2nurse pillow instead...

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I loved the foam double blessings one! when I found out my sil was expecting twins I offered to send it to her but when it came time that she was due I didn't want to give it up so I made my mom buy her one LOL then I just sent it to my cousin who had twins in May but then she didn't nurse. I keep thinking I should email her and ask for it back. would that be bad?? LOL LOL
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ask for it back. I searched high and low and begged all over the net becuase the foam ez2nurse was not available when I was expecting. gosh is that angled foam terrific for positioning.
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I am still nursing on my ez2nurse foam pillow and the girls are 8 months. I still eat dinner every night with two babies nursing away on it. Even my family uses it: ds, my mom, etc. when they want to hold both babies without feeling like they were going to drop one.
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