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lets flood American Baby with homebirth stories!

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My Midwife just emailed me that American Baby is doing a birth experiance survey. She suggested that us homebirthers do the survey so that we would be better represented (you all know the kind the reads American Baby!) So I did the survey, it's very quick and easy. Maybe if we all did it they would get a better idea of how many people really feel homebirth is the best way to go.

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I filled it out. I mentioned that I'm an L&D nurse and knowing what I know, chose home!
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I filled it out!
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Great!! Keep 'em coming!
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I looked I can't find it :
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# double
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i filled it out.

i gave birth in a birth center, but i wrote in the comments section that next time i'm going to do it at home.
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i filled it out, i said i birthed in a hospital with midwives but because everyone annoyed the crap out of me that next time i will be doing it at home.
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Filled it out. Let them know that I birthed DS into my own hands. Pizza companies and FedEx 'deliver'. Women birth.

I loved (sarcasm) how they excluded any one but doctor/nurse after a certain point in the survey. Where did the midwife or other options go? Did the doctor or nurse read my birth plan? Of course not! My husband read it and our midwife, too.

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meant to say, 'thanks!' for the heads up on the survey! Always love to be counted as another homebirther.

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The question that kind of irked me was "Who helped the most with your labor?" and husband was not a choice. You could only choose Dr., nurse or someting else.
I hate that damn "magazine" I mean formula/sposie advertisement.
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I filled it out, though I did not have a homebirth. In the comments section I wrote that next time I will plan a homebirth and that I am bfing my 18-mo-old.

Then I dinked around on their website and read the "Ask the Expert" stuff, and you know what, the CNM wasn't that different from the OB! She said that with twins, it's "possible" they may be delivered vaginally, but that sometimes the second twin needs a c/s after the first is born vaginally.:

She also said that triplets must be delivered by c/s. I was wondering, has anyone here had triplets at home, or even vaginally in a hospital, or known anyone who has? Maybe I will start a new thread.
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I still can't find it! I can't bitch with you gals!! :LOL
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took me 100 times to figure out the survey was on a pop-up, which I have blocked. So I finally found it and oye, really hard to apply those questions to unassisted birth, even homebirth in general!
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I filled it out also

I had a midwife and after 13 hours of natural labor had an emergency cesarian. I said I will have a VBAC for #2. I strongly support and recommend homebirths!!! How I wish I could have said I had a homebirth, but I know it helps to simply let it be known that medically assisted hospital births are not are not everyone's ideal.

Thanks for posting the survey.

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I did this twenty years ago with a consumer affairs survey....

Good Luck with this...

I was ignored by some federal survey that was studying out of hospital births...I was told that they were not interested in home births....
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That was kind of fun- maybe, if nothing else the editor will learn something about birth!
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Hi everyone, I'm new but glad to see so many are into home and natural birth. I took the servey. It was incomplete in my opinion but I did my best to make up for it in the 'comments' section. I briefly compared my A.B.C. experience, which was actually good compared to most hosp. births to my home birth experience. The Doctor made the A.B.C. somewhat stressful which I attribute to a long labor (36hrs.) compared to 5hrs, mostly easy labor, at home five years later with a very un-intrusive midwife and my husband, some friends and my first child.
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I filled it out, too! I wrote a little thing in the comments section about how men who do strenuous physical activities to test their mind, body and spirit are labeled as "courageous" and are looked up to; and how women who birth naturally are kinda almost looked down on, like why do it natural if there are drugs available? I then wrote how both of my HB's were the most empowering experiences of my life and how they permanently changed the way I view myself and the world around me.
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This is so awsome! Wouldn't it be cool if the results of the survey were slightly skewed because so many of us reported our homebirths?! At the very least, I hope they mention in the results how many women actually believe in natural, drug-free birth.
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