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It's a Girl!

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This is Mr. St. Margaret, on behalf of the new mommy St. Margaret. Mommy welcomed our new baby girl at 7:48pm PDT, on Monday, April 23, 2007. Baby was 8lbs, 6oz and 20in long.

Mommy succeeded with a beautiful natural birth. Everyone was very supportive. We're home today, and as soon as mommy can tear herself away from new baby, she'll be back with the full birth story.
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Oh, Congratulations!!!!

(Can't wait to see the little one in her ducky attire )
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Hooray! Congratulations, and I can't wait for details. Happy babymooning!
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Oh yeah!!! Congratulations!!!
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yay!! congrats
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So happy to hear it all went beautifully!
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Congratulations!!! So glad to hear it!
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