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Well...today was my EDD - and sense there is only 44mins left in the day it looks like this little guy wants to hang in there a bit!

....I went to work today and people were nicer than I expected (almost everyone knew I was "due" today)...I did start telling them though that my personal EDD is May 3rd...I will have to come up with another story then

...one of my professors at school told me today I do not have to go back for the rest of the semester or take any tests or anything and I will get on "A" in his class!!!! YAY!!!! (I think he is just scared I will have the baby in class )

...I am just feeling so relaxed now though...I don't think I mind the idea of staying pregnant for a bit nor do I mind the coments people make - actually I am starting to find them amusing and really enjoying making up good comebacks I also love getting away with everything - for example: wearing Old Navy flip-flops at work and not tucking in my shirt - or even being modest b/c half my shirts don't cover my belly or my cleavage anymore

....I have started thinking about trying to loose all this weight!!!! AAAH!!!!! (I weigh more than I thought I would ever weigh in my whole life )
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Feeling blue

I just need some DDC love. I'm 17 days past my EDD (and I know, I know, it was only an estimate!) and I'm just having a really hard time today. It's been rainy all week, I tried castor oil Wednesday and the only thing it did was make the rhoids flare back up, and I've been doing a black cohosh/blue cohosh/squawvine tincture cocktail every two hours for two days now, and it's doing nothing for me. I feel like other people are stressing out about the baby, and it's stressing me out.

The midwife says the baby is fine, and she's talked to her backup, who also feels like, based on what she's told her, everything is fine. If Babymort isn't here Monday, we are going to have an ultrasound maybe, just to be sure.

Every time the baby slows down, I panic. I'm having horrible self-doubt about the decision to have a homebirth and not have an ultrasound. I'm tired and achy and my butt hurts.

I just want to go do something, but there's nothing around here to do. DH is worried I'm going to end up depressed (it's been an issue in the past) and that by the time Baby gets here, I'll be so worn down and sad I'll end up with PPD like with my second. :

I think we're going to go out to lunch and do the marketing. Tonight DH is taking the older two to see a bad local HS production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, so I'll be alone with Nicholas. Tomorrow is Katie Grace's recital. I'm really happy I'll get to go, but (a) sick of people acting like I'm irresponsible for still being pregnant and (b) my MIL and FIL are coming up. 'Nuff said. Sunday, if I'm still pregnant, I'm making DH buy me a ticket to go see the touring company of Man of La Mancha.

I'm just scared this is all going to cascade out of control and I'll end up in a hospital giving birth with everyone shaking their fingers at me and saying "I told you so."
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Oh, lots of hugs to you - you're really being a trouper! It's hard to go with your instincts and dreams when you have people around you who are doubting you. Are you able to avoid any of those people at all?

I know what you mean about keeping busy - it's so hard to not have something to do. I'm only a day past my lmp EDD, but I'm a teacher and last week we had vacation, and I am now on leave. So I am basically home with not much to do - it's driving me nuts! I can imagine how you must feel at your stage.

Keep your chin up, try to get some time to relax a little and have some 'me' time. Going out to a show sounds like a great plan!
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hugs mama .... I went 2 weeks over with DD and it was just miserable. Not the physical part, just dealing with other people... The best thing you can do IMO is stay away from other people! Dont answer the phone. I stopped answering mine 2 days ago. I am due today. I hope your ILs arent staying with you? Castor oil didnt work for me either and I took it twice. Blech.
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annettemarie. I really hope you have your baby soon and feel better. Try not to let others stress you out. Listen to yourself and you body.

I am still here. I kinda expected to have my little Sprout already because I had ds 3 days before his EDD and for some reason I thought this one would come even sooner than that. I've had lots of the prodromal labor and discharge and it would have me thinking the baby is coming. I really don't know how you all are handling going past the edd as well as you are. I am getting impatient and I am not even officially 40 weeks yet. I have really enjoyed being pregnant but I am ready to meet my baby and begin getting settled in. My ds's birthday is Sunday. I am starting to wonder if I will have two with the same birthday. Anyway, I really hope I can handle a 2 year old and a newborn. I remember how difficult it was when ds was a newborn.
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AnnetteMarie ~

I think you win the prize.

Don't let those ILs get to you. Or strangers. Or a calendar.

I know it can be hard, but relax...focus on that baby and yourself.

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Yeah, I admit, I thought I would have my baby by now too. Most of my babies came late, but my last one was 5 days early, so I kind of thought it was in the realm of possibility. I am physically doing just fine. I had horrendous back pain a while ago that my chiro took care of for me. But emotionally, I am having a hard time. I think I posted a few days ago that dh won't have the completely free time off next week that I was hoping for. That really bums me, because there is no one else that can come and help me during the day with my two youngest boys. I am sure I will be fine, but I am disappointed. It is really probably the biggest issue I have now.

I am not worried about being post date, I have done it almost every other time before. Today I am 5 days late? I think? My 7th baby was born 5 days late. Baby number 5 was 6 days late. Baby number 2 was 7 days late. This is a pattern for me, but it is still tough some days.
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Oh, Annette, I remember when my baby was 16 days late. People kept calling us and bugging us. It drove me nuts. I finally stopped answering the phone, listening to messages, going anyplace, etc. I just couldn't handle the pressure. It really stressed me out, way more than being postdates.

This time, people are already asking me "haven't you had that baby yet". I'm not "due" until Monday, so I can't, for the life of me, figure out what the problem is. If one more person asks me "when are you going to have your baby"... well, let's just say, it won't be pretty! I actually told my mom the other day "why don't you go ask God. He is the only one who knows the baby's birthdate. When you find out, please let me know, and then I can relax and make my plans accordingly".

Hang in there. No one is pregnant forever! It just seems like it, esp. when everyone around you is pestering you. Trust your body, babies come when they are ready.

Oh yeah, my late baby was exactly the same size as the one born on her due date. Imagine if my late one had been born on her due date, she would have been so much smaller; she just wasn't ready.
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AnnetteMarie Hang in there mamma - your baby will come!
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Still here... bloody show and 15 minute apart contractions this morning, that went away. Then 10 minute apart contractions this afternoon, that have also gone away. Trying to be patient and let my body do what it needs to do.
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Yeah...15min apart ones since about noon - never got painful or closer together (and no bloody show - not fair I keep looking!) - will probably be totally gone by the time I wake up! ...just enough to make me think "maybe he's coming soon" -- but I doubt it...I'll probably be the very last person still posting here in like 2wks
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Still here!!! Tomorrow is ds's birthday. He will be 2. I can't believe it. I have had lots of cramping on and off but nothing notable. I am hoping to meet our little baby soon.

Wildthing- Like I said before I don't know how you post date Mama's are keeping sane. I hope you are giving birth very soon!!
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Originally Posted by Velvet005 View Post
Wildthing- Like I said before I don't know how you post date Mama's are keeping sane. I hope you are giving birth very soon!!
Who said I was keeping sane??????
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You are my inspiration at this point - well, maybe you are even off having your baby right now, but if not, hang in there - baby knows best.

I am only 41.1 today, but it is getting hard emotionally. I've, for the most part, stopped leaving the house. My maternity clothes don't fit me and I can't justify getting more at this point, plus the freaky weather here has decided to get hot (85+ today) so all my winter long sleeves and blacks are not really cutting it. At least I can lounge around the house in a too-small tank and sweats.

Still dealing with prodromal labor, one episode on Friday afternoon was so strong that we called grandma to pick up our 2-year old, who stayed over at their house. My thinking was that even if it didn't happen that night (even though I was SURE that was it), at least DH and I would have some nice alone time for one evening - unfortunately we were both so stressed out after the labor stopped that we just ended up bickering and getting on each others' nerves. I am sick of him suggesting what I should do to get this baby to come. I'm at the point of needing to release all assumed control I have over when the birth may happen and just let things happen, like not taking walks to induce or doing or not doing certain things in the hope that she comes.

Thanks for letting me rant a little. I hope to see my midwife this week, but I doubt she'll have me get an NST or u/s before 42.0 - I just hold out hope to still have a homebirth. The more people who hear I am over my due date, the more pressure gets piled on to "just get induced, " unfortunately, mostly from my mom.

Hang in there everyone!
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Oh Catherine! We are at the same place. 5+ hours of 10 minute apart contractions that ended up with me going to sleep and nothing else. Nothing again yesterday or today.
I am fortunate that my dh isn't concerned, I am usually late, but I just didn't expect to be this time. And now he has very little time off of work this week, so I will be alone most of the time when baby comes, along with my almost 3yo and 5yo. He can take more time later, but the first week is most important to me, as far as having help.
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Alright...still here...still not too much (40w3d), but maybe things are starting up (I have no idea - this is my first baby!) I was able to sleep through the 15min apart ones last night, but woke up around 6am and have been having 5min apart ones that I can't sleep through since then...no bloody show or anything exciting though...which makes me think it will probably either go away or still be a while...

This thread is so great though it is so hard to wait! I am really trying not to get my hopes up today... especially people have been calling us all morning sense we did not go to church - I thought about it but really didn't want people to be touching me and asking me questions today...just taking it easy - that can't hurt even if I am not beginning labor, right!? I still need rest!!!!!
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40w 2d here... not horribly late of course but enough to irritate me. I am trying REALLY hard not to focus too much on it but it is hard to not think about. We did change the baby's name though..so maybe now he can feel free to come. I dont think I can deal with being as late as I was with DD, not physically but the whole vbac/homebirth/midwife aspect...
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My EDD is tomorrow. I had an OB appt on Friday. Still a good 2cm. I had her strip my membranes,which she said based upon how things were already going for me that I'd most likely be in labor this weekend. I've had lots of bloody discharge, which I've BEEN having for the last 8 weeks, but nothing out of the ordinary.

On top of all this, me, both of my kids, and now my hubby all got a bad cold that kicked in yesterday. My worst fear of being sick while in labor's going to be true. Now I don't want the lil' bugger to come out with us being sick.
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I saw my midwife yesterday. It was really nice to talk with her. I mean, this is my fourth, so it's not like we're covering lots of new ground or anything, just nice to talk to someone.

She doesn't think that I'll go to much longer, based on my history and what I'm experiencing. I think what's best about talking with her is that she doesn't ask that question "when are you going to have your baby?"!!! I've been feeling kinda off/out of sorts today. Tired, achy in my back, etc. I'm sure it's nothing, in fact, I'm thinking of sending Dh out to a movie with my brother. He's not that far away if things do pick up tonight. Guess we'll see.

Here's hoping that that Annette is having or has had her baby!
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