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to you mamas... hang in there!
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Well, I'm 42 weeks today. I guess that makes me ten months pregnant??

If I make it to May, which I really think I will, then I will have been pg for eleven out of the twelve calendar months.

Full moon on Wednesday morning!! It's the flower moon
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Sigh. I am still here too. 41+1. I was SO SURE I would have the baby this weekend....I had this GREAT feeling, mw had a great feeling, my mom did....DH did. And........nada.

I hate this waiting. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever go into labor...I'm scared I'll risk out of my mw's care and have to be induced in the hospital......Ugh. I keep trying to tell myself that this is my first pregnancy, so it's normal to go late..that no one is pregnant forever, and the baby is fine (I think she's TOO happy in there...moving around, hiccoughing, pretty much oblivious to the fact that I want her OUT!) and that it will happen when it will happen.
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FYI for everyone waiting

Mittendorf-Williams Rule. In a study done by Mittendorf in 1990, it was discovered that on average, it takes 288 days from the first day of your last period to delivery in Caucasian women without prior deliveries. Using this method, you will want to take the first day of your last period and subtract three months. Then you add fifteen days if this is your first baby and you are Caucasian. If you are not Caucasian or this is not your first baby, you will want to add on ten days. Some studies have found the Mittendorf-Williams Rule to be more accurate than Naegele’s Rule in calculating due date.
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Anybody heard from Annette?

Who is still here? I'm due today, nothing is happening, though. A few ctx., backache last night (what's new, same thing has been going on for weeks, now). I decided to do some more schoolwork with the children, and have a few projects going on around the house. I'm doing laundry, does that *ever* stop?!!
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I think I'll be having a May baby...

Sounds like my body is doing the same as yours gardenmommy.

I say this before I have cds to wash every day, but laundry is actually a chore I don't mind...more nesting and resting on today's agenda...
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Thinking about you ladies, hope all is going well!
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HI - I'm still here too. 40 weeks, 3-5days (depending on who's estimate). I've gone to 41 weeks both times past - but was really stunned to wake up to another Monday morning still pregnant! I feel okay - just going stir crazy. I have absolutely no signs that labor is imminent....Hope we are all holding our babes very soon!
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Sorry to all my fellow ladies-in-waiting!

I was due Thursday if you go by LMP, yesterday if I go by ovulation. Last night I thought something might be starting. I was having rock hard BH ctx and knew they were frequent, but I hadn't paid attention to it too much. So I decided to see how many I was having in an hour. I had nine! I was a little surprised at that. I even changed my position and activity level and had a glass of water. This went on for about 2 - 3 hours, then I went to bed. The ctx were still around, and baby was squirmy. Then I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 4:30... so much for that!

A week ago I was 80% and 1cm, so I'm hoping that at least all these warmups have made me dilate and efface more. I have my next appointment Wednesday. I'd rather not have VEs, but I'm working on a vbac, so having that information helps me arm myself and see how much 'natural' induction I want to push. I know my practice is super supportive of vbac, but they get really nervous about the 42 week mark. I'm just hoping to not have to find out how nervous!

There's a full moon Wednesday morning, so I'm hoping that will help us all!
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I'm still here too. It's looking like a May baby for us as well. That's ok, I was kind of hoping for that!

I'm having a few B/H, but not very many. No other signs that it could even happen remotely soon.
I plan to take it pretty easy today. I over did it yesterday and had a terrible backache all night as a result. I'm just going to take a walk and do a little nesting, I think. And hopefully get a nice nap to make up for the bad night of sleep.
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Yep, it'll be another May baby for me. Nothing significant happening here, although I'm ready for it to just get going.

I've had lots of ctx., I just with it would really start. Soon, I know, it will be soon.
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we'll be in May, too. My mw stripped my membranes this afternoon and I've been feeling really crampy, when I pay attention I THINK these contractions (very low back ache the sort of moves to the front...i think these are contractions??? it's my first time ) are about 8ish minutes apart but they've been like this all evening pretty much. I also went to have an acupressure massage, then for a loooong walk,so I hope that helps to move things along...and I bought some castor oil for the morning---woohoo. I'm off to bed to get some rest, hopefully I'll be needing it! Sending labor vibes to the rest of you ladies
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still here

I'm still here and waiting. Now even the fake labor has subsided. I guess I'm shooting for 42.0 on Friday.
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Praise God, I'm out of the club ladies (but I'm thinking of all of you!) Daniel James was finally born Sunday night.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Praise God, I'm out of the club ladies (but I'm thinking of all of you!) Daniel James was finally born Sunday night.

I'm with annettemarie. Caitlin Mae was born Saturday. Hang in there mamas.
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