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I think he un-dropped & mw appointment tomorrow

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Well, the heartburn is back Is it possible for the baby to drop for a few days and pop back up? I also don't have to pee as much again.

Anyway, besides all that craziness
I have an appointment tomorrow. Is there anything pressing I should ask? I started out this pregnancy very UC and having her be back up of sorts. Even though this is only my third appointment things seemed to have turned a little more. . .conventional, if you will.

I know I'm not being specific asking a question here, but if you have insight or would like to help guide my thoughts going into this tomorrow I would appreciate the boucing of ideas.

I think I want an internal exam just to see what's going on. I spent the first 36-48 hours of my first labor at 2cm or less and I was streched to 3 when I asked for the epidural. I'd love to hear that I'm 3 cm tomorrow. . .Also, I have been feeling some odd bumps in my cervix (when I can reach) that I wonder about. Are they nebothian(sp?) cysts? Broken up scar tissue? A petite pea garden?

Any thoughts on anything at all?
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I've wondered myself if the babe can kinda undrop. At times I feel more pressure down below, then it eases up. I really don't know, though, but I imagine just about anything is possible!
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My only thought is related to the bouncy baby. Mine was down for a good week or two, but then popped back out and turned around and is still making it's way back. I also had WICKED heartburn last night due to this.
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Laura, I would have to say from my own personal experience, the bumps are most definitely a petite pea garden.

I had terrible heartburn last night and I was thinking baby had dropped. But, I think that heartburn isn't really an indicator that the baby hasn't dropped, because your body is still producing the hormone relaxin which is slowing down your smooth muscle which is one of the main reasons for heartburn in the first place. So I think it may be possible to still get heartburn even if the babe has dropped. Then again, since this isn't your first babe, maybe you won't drop until the last minute...
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Hey Laura. I also have an appointment tomorrow. I also started out "very UC" and things have turned conventional.... I think it's impossible to do prenatal care any other way. I sure am trying, but man.

My baby seems to go REALLY low, like all squished up in the bottom part of my uterus but then I'll get a part right up against my rib for a while. I hope it's just the body stretching out and not the head moving up and down. My heartburn is pretty much gone, but a do get a bout every few days. I think it's mostly when I don't eat though, which has been happening a lot lately because I've been staying in bed for hours and hours and hours!

If you do decide to have an internal, it wouldn't hurt to ask about your pea garden ROFL I would GUESS scar tissue - have you ever felt it before, or just now because it's getting thinner/softer or something? And why would you have scar tissue? I'm not getting any internals - I don't want any disappointment or ANY reason for anyone to start even THINKING induction or anything like that. I'm in a good enough headspace now that knowing I'm progressing isn't going to help anything. I figure my 5 hours of contractions the other night had to do something!

Good luck at your appointment. I hope it's fun! Mine will be going over details of my birth plan, asking the doctor not to do anything between the baby being born and the placenta. I just want that time to be quiet and peaceful.
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Well the baby seems low again Yesterday I had a chiro adjustment. I could feel that the baby was OP and I could also feel the head more than the few days before. Last night I went to bed with ice on my back and laying just the way I'm supposed to for OFP and within the perameters of the chiro instuctions. I woke up. . .like woah. . .that's LOW. I don't know what's up with the bouncing, I'm going to suspect it's normal for now.

OK about the scarring: I had cryocautery done to my cervix a bunch of years ago. It's why my last labor was hellaciously long. When I had a VE at 3cm and the doc "messed with it" I finally broke thru what my MW, all the nurses, and the doc described as "a stiff rubber band" of cervix. I hadn't really felt the pea garden before this pregnancy, but my cervix has always been closed. The peas run around the inner surface of my os where they'd be out of reach most of the time. I think I want to ask about them. . .but I don't know if it will reassure me or make me nervous again. Should I care if there's evidence of old scar tissue?
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Because you've given birth before (especially because it wasn't very long ago), the scar tissue is unlikely to be a problem. Once it's broken up, it doesn't tend to come back. Try not to worry about it - if you get your first VE (if you decide to have any at all) and you have passed 3 cm, your labor will likely swim on by, but if you get caught up in the numbers, it's pretty normal to have some hesitation to get past that 'stuck' point from last time. Does that make sense? You'll do fine. The reason the scar tissue feels like lots of small bumps is because it's not one big contiguous band anymore, it has broken sufficiently to allow one special baby to pass. Now that one baby has passed through, others can do so much more easily. Try using visualization and affirmation. My favorite for getting babies out is to imagine an eel scooting down a waterslide!
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Well, I got checked.
The mw thinks the pea garden is probably nebothian cysts.
She could feel the "rubber band" around in inner edge of my os, but she could also feel the spot where my cervix tore and near that the rubber band doesn't exist. She said the band felt as if it would just break and disolve away if she were to spread her fingers in it. I am 2.5cm now! (YAY! that's more than when I transfered to the hospital!) She seemed to think that I'd probably pop open to a 3-4 without much pressure. I figure I'll just wait for some labor contractions to do it.

Other than that everything is awesome. I : it.
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Woo hoo! Awesome news!

Except about the cysts? Although the way you said sounds like they're no big deal.
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Here's an informational link about Nabothian cysts. They aren't a big deal at all.
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So instead of a pea garden, you're growing a snot garden! :P
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I seriously Laughed out loud there. Ewww. Snot peas I could make a soup.
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I think they can- this baby is super low sometimes, way up into my ribs others.
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This babe is definitely a bouncer. Most nights after work he likes to hang out low (so that I get that lovely inner thigh pain and pubis pain while trying to make dinner/put the kids to bed - but better at home because the pain makes me yelp because it is so sudden), but at yesterday's appointment he was high and floating. Tease.
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