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late-night nan- ?'s about the hammock

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Can you tell me if there is a guarantee with the hammock? I looked on the web site and didn't see any info about one.

My daughter won't sleep anywhere but on me, DH or someone else, or in her sling. That would be fine, except I do have to eat and bathe occasionally! I think she *might* possibly sleep in a product like the hammock, but the $200 for the product and shipping is a lot of money to lose if she hates it.

Can you tell me a little more about it? My DD, like your son, wakes every time I put her down anywhere, even when I think she is in a deep sleep (ie floopy arms, etc.)

Thanks for any more info you can give me!

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Oh, I just looked again...

...and found a 12 month defect guarantee. Guess we will have to hope she likes it if we decide to order it, since there doesn't seem to be a satisfaction guarantee.

I'd still like to hear more about it from you, if you don't mind.
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My husband and I also agonized about whether to invest the money for the hammock, but we reasoned that the money we saved by co-sleeping and not buying a crib would go toward the hammock. At first, I was worried that we'd never use it because he wouldn't sleep anywhere but in my arms or someone's arms. but now that he's a little older, I'm so glad to have it because it gives me a chance to put him down during the day, even for just an hour at a time (though I need to check him and bounce him every so often). that's long enough to cook dinner or get something to eat myself

If you find the info email address on the site, the inventor is very responsive to email inquiries, and I recall he was trying to arrange a distributor in the US. You can try to find out whether that's happened yet, and it wouldn't hurt to ask if he is running any specials on shipping, as he had been offering discounted shipping for several months. some alternatives are the trading post and ebay-- right after we bought ours, one came up for sale on ebay, although it's hard to tell when they will come up. you might want to put an ISO on the TP. everything is washable, so i don't think buying used is a problem...

I will say that the hammock looks better in person than the photos on the site. At first I thought it looked a little floppy and odd. But it's very well-constructed and sturdy... the steel tubes
account for the high shipping costs. It may sound silly, but I was worried that it would look too weird in our nursery. But I really like the no-frills blue hammock we bought, and several friends have asked about it since. At the moment, we have it in my husband's study next to his desk so that while reading he can bounce the baby when ds starts to fuss.

If you do buy it, you may want to order an extra fitted sheet. Let me know if you have other qu's and good luck!
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one last thought--i recall when I contacted the inventor he said he was trying to break into the US market. the hammock is apparently very widely known in australia but still a new concept here. perhaps you could see if there's interest among other mamas and possibly try to arrange a MDC co-op?
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Well, I don't actually

know how the co-ops here work. : Haven't been around here long enough to figure that out.

I did look on eBay earlier today and of course there wasn't one on there. Wouldn't you know there have been two within the last 12 days. I think I may wait another day or two and see if anything pops up- if not, I may just order.

Does your son just always want to sleep in someone's arms, or does he pretty much always want to be held? DD almost always wants to be held. (She will sometimes let us put her on her activity gym for 10 minutes or so....) She goes to sleep readily in her sling, though, so I am hoping this hammock thing will do the trick. Apparently it is working well for you, so maybe there is hope for Maggie!
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There is one for sale in the window of my local consignment store!!! I had been driving by for weeks, wondering what it was, and when I clicked on the link earlier today.....

I think they are only asking $50 for it too. I could try to buy it for you and ship it to you, if you want. I'm not sure how much shiping would be (or how i would package it. hmmm...), but I'm willing to try.

PM me, if you are interested.
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pak - pumping at keyboard :LOL no advice on hammock, although it sounds as if it would have been great those 1st couple months. i just wanted to say that my ds went through a stage between 3 & 6 weeks where he would only sleep/be happy in arms. it gets easier -- i promise! and i use the bouncy seat set on vibrating mode for showers (he is in the bathroom so i can poke my head out!

good luck! that hammock sounds nifty!
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Could someone please point me to the hammock site?

As a suggestion, you could always fork out for it, and re-sell if it doesn't work out. Advertising in the right places could help to ensure you dont lose out on too much money. And just think of the bliss if he likes it

I am in Australia, I could totally look around for 2nd hand ones for you.
Most businesses no not charge actual shipping so that could be cheaper too.
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seven_lux, here is the site


I am checking with gus'smama right now, but I may just take you up on the offer of looking around for second hand if it doesn't pan out. Thanks much for the offer!

And cinnamonmom, thanks for the words of encouragement. Maggie is getting better all the time, but I certainly can't put her in the bouncy seat long enough to take a shower yet. She cried all the way home (in the back of the car) from visiting my DH at work the other day (25 minutes) and it was awful! We don't let her cry (cio, anyway) and she sounded terrible yesterday from it. All hoarse. I felt so bad for her! I have to go back to work part time in 5 more weeks and I don't know what we will do if we can't find a way to put her down for a little while, anyway. Right now, DH holds her while I shower and vice versa. Won't really be able to do that when I go back to work since I will be working evenings and he days. Thank goodness it will get better! PS Ian and I share a birthday!
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