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getting close

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i woke up around 2 this morning and had contractions 10 minutes apart till i got up at 7 then they tapperd off, i have gotten maybe 5 since then, but at least its something they even HURT! :P i don't feel like doing anything today but when i took my girls to school it was hard to walk i would get one! so maybe i should walk a bunch... but then again Dh works an hour way in no traffic and i sent him to work so i am thinking i need to wait till he gets home lol my last was a week late, tomorrow is my due date i would LOVE to have another due date baby!!
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you might surprise yourself and have that baby today! Your body's gearing up, and it'll prolly catch you off guard, and you won't believe it when you're in full blown labor. Just keep thinking it's your body's way of doing the lil' things before real labor starts.
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I'm so excited for you! Try to keep your mind on other things and it will happen sooner than you think. Smooth delivery vibes coming your way from Colorado...
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Go Ult!!!!!! I hope that was the start of something for you...

Any news??
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no baby yet Dave ended up working till 5 30 not home till 7 so good thing i guess, painful contrx like maybe once an hour all day not lasting long, now i am about every 15 - 30 minutes checked me cervix like 3 times so far lol first time i couldn't reach, second time i felt enough to know there is some effacement wasn't any dilation and just like an hour ago i checked and a lot of effacement if i had to guess i would say 80% maybe more it was neat never felt that before and maybe 1-2 cm? not sure either its still hard to really reach, first around the belly and then she is pretty posterior still THEN i just went to the bathroom and had a ton of bloody show and plug! yay! i am pretty sure things are starting up! now if just contrax would get closer! ( had to stop writing this for one! it was 20 minutes after the last! lol)
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Well that is exciting!!! Clearly your body is doing something!!!

..if this is it I hope you have a wonderful labor!!!
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