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how to sleep to prevent posterior babies ??

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The only thing I've heard is what is on spinningbabies.com . But my posterior babe doesn't seem to feel gravity with my laying on my side (or leaning on my stomach).

What is everyone else doing? Or what have you heard?

I'm tempted to try to lay on my stomach with the help of pillows...but was never much a stomach sleeper so I don't know how long I could do that for. I wake up as it is in other positions (my back being one of them! I still find it more comfortable on some days than my side.)
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it sounds like you're doing everything you can at night....but what about during the day? don't lean back in cushy chairs or couches or desk chairs. i've been using the birth ball in front of the computer for a while now. sit upright or leaning forward as much as possible. also, try doing forward positions (child's pose, hands & knees) a few times a day. so sorry you're babe won't flip over! maybe trying having a good talk with him or her!!!
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during the day, I am also sitting on the edge and leaning forward in my chair (I sit alot), sitting on a birthing ball at home, leaning on a birthing ball at night...

i'm almost ready to start scrubbing the floors, but am not quite up for that task.

I'm just happy the baby is no longer breech/transverse! He keeps flipping around, but hopefully he is head down for good now. Turns out he has lots of room to move, its not that I'm having a huge babe!
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with dd1 i had hours of awful back labor, now with dd2 just "normal" labor. i slept the same way both times (mostly on my left), so i have no idea.
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all I can suggest is excatly what doulalove suggested and it's not working for me either. This baby appears to like to be on it's hands and knees... maybe I can psych it out and lay flat on my back to get it to flip over? :
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Which side are you sleeping on? I always thought it was supposed to be the left side so that gravity could move the baby's spine to the left, but my midwife just told me that all her latest research says to sleep on your right side.

I also feel that although sometimes these things work ahead of time (hands and knees, birth ball, walking, posture, etc.), sometimes there isn't a whole lot you can do ahead of time. It's more important to keep doing these things during labor (esp early labor) and most posterior babies do turn before they are born.
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I am just interested in knowing how to sleep comfortably at all!

I flip flop left and right all night long and it seems to be working fine for the baby. Just not me so much.
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I am comfortable. My bed is really soft (I have a sleep number bed and haven't been able to find the remote in months LOL). I have a small pillow under my head, a regular pillow folded in half that I "hug" on the upper part of my chest, and a thickish couch pillow between my thighs. Same whether I'm on my left or right side. In the morning, I tuck my knees up and to the sides, put the folded pillow under my chest and let my belly hang as much as possible. I do this for a few minutes and kind of stretch my back out by wiggling back and forth before I get up to reduce stiffness as I hobble to the bathroom. But then by the time I'm up from the toilet, my back feels fine for the rest of the day, I think it's just staying still all night that makes it stiff.
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I think that you're trying most everything. Some babies just seem to want to be posterior.
Mine is currently, too.
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