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Excuse the absence!

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Just wanted to post apologizing for the total lack of participation lately- we've been very busy with baby Evangeline and everything else that goes with a new baby! It's been nice here, so any spare time is spent outside or sleeping, I'm still catching up but almost back to our old routine. Axel is adjusting well, but I just have no time to sit at the computer anymore- I'm sure many other moms are facing the same thing! I'll be lurking around, sometimes, but it may be awhile before I post again!
Congratulations to all the new moms- can't wait to catch up on all the birth stories!
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So glad to hear your family is doing well! Trust me, if it was nicer here, I'd take nursing in the sunshine over nursing at the keyboard
All the best to you
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I can relate - I feel bad because I hardly check in here anymore since we had Sc0ut. Just too busy - and we only have one! Can't imagine how busy things must be with 2!
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I can relate too! After Logan was born, I wasn't even able to check in long enough to post his announcement right away! And I still haven't posted my birth story. Enjoy your babymoon.
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