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No weight gain in 5 weeks

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Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? I just feel like it is abnormal. I do not have an insatiable hunger. I do eat whenever I am hungry though. I see my caregiver tomorrow...haven't been there in 3 weeks. I just wonder if this babe is growing like it should. Hopefully I can hold out until tomorrow morning without getting too worried!
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I have barely gained anything in ages. I gained enough that my midwife says it's okay but I'm suprised at how little weight I"m putting on. However, my belly is obviously still growing. So it could just be that I'm losing weight from my body but transfering the energy to the belly part of things. One book I have says it's normal to actually lose weight at this stage of the game.

Let us know what your practitioner says tomorrow!

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I know that traditionally you put on the most weight at the end, but actually I've only gained a pound in the last month myself. I was pretty overweight starting out the pregnancy, though, so maybe this just means that I'm eating right. But yeah, out of my total 30-pound weight gain, most of it happened in the 2nd trimester.
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I've only gained a few pounds the last couple months. I think that's pretty normal.
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I actually lost a pound this week. I am not even slightly worried about it. I usually stop gaining at 36 weeks
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over about a month to five weeks, i didn't gain any weight and ended up even losing a couple pounds. i was eating normally and even eating ice cream everyday :

my midwife wasn't concerned at all - said it's pretty normal because as the baby grows larger and takes up more room, it squishes your stomach more, so you aren't eating as much even if you think you are.

last week the baby dropped and i gained 2 pounds (in one week!).
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I haven't weighed myself, or been weighed, for at least a month, and when I last did I swear it hadn't gone up since about December time. Strangely enough, weighing women isn't part of routine antenatal care here anymore, and I have not once been asked to step on the scales whilst pregnant (and I've had full, standard prenatal care plus some extras due to scares of various sorts). So, I guess they just don't think actual weight matters much? As long as your belly is growing as normal, I would think it's alright (had a bit of a worry last week as my fundal height appeared to have shrunk, but at my follow up today I've put on 2 cms in a week, thank goodness!).
So, based on the fact that weight isn't even considered relevant in this country (not that this country is always right but it aint too backward!), I'd guess you shouldn't be worried if everything else is OK.
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I wouldn't be concerned as long as your fundal height is growing The baby will grow whether you gain weight or not
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I have been eating like crazy for weeks and haven't gained nearly as much as they say you will in the last few weeks (though i have gained), but I gained quite a bit in the first two trimesters so I think that might be why. does that sound anything like your situation?

beatee, the reason (I think and I was talking to my mw yesterday cause we were discussing weight gain) that they have taken the emphasis of weighing pregnant women is because so many have weight issues and in fact a lot have a history of eating disorders, so they are far more concerned about women limiting how much they eat when pregnant than possibly eating a bit too much...
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Last month I had 4-5 weeks with no gain. This month I've totally made up for it and then some!
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I haven't gained a lot of weight in some time now. I'm thinking I've only gained a few pounds since 28 weeks. I actually lost 2 pounds between 37-38 weeks (which is a pg first for me!!! usually I put on a ton of weight at the end). I'm not really sure how I did that, either...I'm eating a lot of chocolate, cereal, drinking milk...the only thing I'm doing differently from this pg and my last is not eating out a lot for dinner--I'm actually cooking for a change! My DH has lost a lot of weight, too--well he's actually lost 25 pounds in about a month!
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I haven't gained much weight at all over the course of my pg - only about 15 pounds. I wasn't even particularly overweight when I started (maybe 5 pounds according to the charts). But, the baby is apparently quite large - I'm measuring ahead with fundal height and the u/s guestimate put him at 5 pounds when I was only 32 weeks. (I'm now 35 1/2 or so) I look huge - and I feel huge. Because of that, my doc doesn't seem too worried at all. I put all of my weight on in a big rush at the beginning of my second trimester...
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Reading everyone's situations makes me feel better. So far I have put on just under 30 pounds and I know that is good. I started out at a good weight too. I don't know how my fundal height has been progressing because we forgot to check it at my 34 week appt. I'll just wait and see what it is tomorrow. Thanks!
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i gained little weight during the final few weeks of pregnancy and actually lost three pounds the week of delivery.

sorry about the lack of punctuation/ capitalization... the baby's sleeping in my lap so i'm typing one handed.
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