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I think we see the world in fundamentally different terms. There is absolutely no way as a current WOHM, former SAHM that I would see a post linking WOH to Andrea Yates as in any way supportive of WOHMs. I see her case as a clear case of post-partum psychosis that hung itself on the hook that it had: her religious beliefs.
Close study of her case reveals that the causality actually ran in the other direction. She'd had PPD for years, and her doctors strongly advised that she not have more children as it would worsen her condition. She wasn't a mainstream conservative Christian, but a follower of a cultishly extreme preacher with an amazingly rigid concept of gender roles. At her trial, these teachings were cited as a source of her delusions. Her condition got worse because she kept having children because of the teaching that birth control is absolutely forbidden. Which isn't to say she should have gotten a job, but surely the right for a woman not to live as a subservient baby machine is related, culturally, conceptually, and historically, to the right to work.