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He's been SO active!

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How cool is that? This bub has been kicking and squirming and twisting around - dh finally got to feel a TON of movement last night. : So much for dramatic descreases in movement at the end (well, I guess i could have 4 weeks to go ... but I doubt it. ) And he's lying on my left side now, had been on the right forever and ever - YAY! And man, I've been starting to get a little crampy with tons of BH again. Am I getting there? With DD I just started having nice little menstual contractions one evening about 7-10-15 minutes apart and she was born 13 hours later. None of this dozens of contractions a day, some of which are getting almost painful.
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That sounds really reassuring! I have an active little one too!
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I'm glad you posted this! My baby moves a LOT too, and I was starting to wonder if it was out of the ordinary! She's gained the nickname "Squirmy" cause she just never stops!
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