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Do second babies drop?

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I keep being told they generally don't but I'm sure mine has. I can breathe better, I'm peeing more frequently, the BH have intensified a LOT and I can't move very fast now. Plus I keep getting shocks to the cervix, which is a new thing. Do others have experience with second babies dropping?

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Well I'm on my 4th child and I'm gonna say they do drop. I can attest to that. lol

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Yes, it definetly sounds like baby has dropped. All mine dropped a few weeks before birth. It sounds like things are on the way for you too. Doesn't it feel better once you can breathe again?
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I am due on may 31st and just yesterday i started peeing more and having pain inmy cervix too so i am wondering the same thing, i also have been having lower back pianoff an don all day that lasta second or so, so now i am getting a little nervous i am trying to drink some water and lay downa while so maybe i dropped too i dont know this is my second babe also first was born through ceserean though so i dont know if that makes difference.
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I know the rule is they don't but it's been opposite for me. First one never dropped. This one dropped at 29w.
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God, I hope so, and soon! This kid is totally pushing up on my lungs!
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I think I've read that any subsequent babies after the first don't drop, but I swear mine has too. I have less heartburn and every time she moves I have to pee. I have even had such sharp cervical pains that it makes me stop what I am doing.
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I was wondering the same thing. I hope so too, because I'm getting a lot of shortness of breath and that is a real bummer. It makes me feel like I have zero energy. Someone today told me that I looked like I dropped, but I still feel like I am squashed in the lungs. I do get up to go pee at night more frequently these last few days so maybe that's a sign of the baby getting lower. I didn't have my cervix checked this week, but last week it was 1 cm.
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Babies can drop weeks before or during labor in subsequent pregnancies. There is no "rule" on this for second (third or fourth. . .etc) pregnancies. The only "rule" is that first timers usually do drop sometime before birth.

Mine didnt' but it was an induction due to PROM and the boy was malpositioned. Usually a malpositioning is at work if a first baby doesn't drop before labor (or the labor is induced).
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My second had dropped so far that he was at +1 station! I couldn't sit up straight for anything and it hurt so bad to lift my legs.I remember when they checked me during labor saying wow I can lift my legs because he had moved further down.
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I am pg with number 2 who has dropped way, way down
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My babe has definately dropped too. Every time I change positions I have to pee. It's working out great for my dd who is potty learning and likes to "Pee pee with mommy" She's stayed dry 3 days in a row now from all of our frequent bathroom visits!!
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Yup, they sure do! These days I pee all the time, my lower abdomen is sore, my cervix is killing me, and I noticed last night that when the kid hiccups, I can feel the jumpy movement in my vulvar area (now that one is weird). I am 37 weeks 5 days. I really don't remember and noticeable drop with my daughter, and my cervix certainly didn't hurt.
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Yep, mine dropped ( at zero station & 50% effaced a week ago!) My 1st never dropped, dialated or effaced!
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I don't remember if my first one dropped, but my subsequent ones have been bouncers - up and down all the time. This one has never been very high (knock on wood I've only had a few bouts with heartburn this time) but does drop down from midline quite often and hit the nerves in my inner thigh and lately my pubis. But most of the time, he's a floater.
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Mine dropped at 28 weeks.
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