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So, would you do it?

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OK, so I am probably a lot older than most of you, but I still want another baby SO bad!
I have dh willing to give it a try, but he feels rather 'nuetral' about it. He would definately be happy without another face at our table. But, he does love those little ones too.....
Would you take the chance at 41 years to have that last baby? Or, would the risk of abnormality scare you off?
I'm interested in your thoughts.
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I would most certainly would do it!! Exspecially if you feel you are ready for another child. I still do not think 41 is to old, and I am not to much in the statistics. Those are my feelings on that. I have always told my dh that I want as many children as my body can carry.

Good luck with your decision. Go with your heart
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I agree with danginggirl. Follow your heart. A good friend of mine had a 16 year gap between her kids. Her husand and her decided to try again when she was 43. She gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl when she was 44. She says that she was a lot less tired the first time around, but is much more patient this time. Motherhood at an older age suits her beautifully.

The risk of abnormality is always present no matter what your age. Having a baby is always a leap of faith. Velveteen if your heart tells you to leap... Leap!
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Where would I be if my dear mil didn't have her child at age 41? I would be without a very sweet, sexy, smart dh! He may be abnormal but in a great way! Go for it! And try not to worry, the stress can be worse than the "age"!
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I agree with the others. I would take the chance. Life is full of risks and chances. Only you can know if there is another baby in your future or not. More power to you I think! There are plenty of women trying desperately to have their First baby at that age and older, and plenty succeed too. Of course, you are talking to the wrong people if you want naysayers - we all have the baby lust really bad!
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Thanks so much!!!!!! I wanted to hear it was worth the risk. Just now I spied dh taking ds, almost 3 ,on a ride on the tractor, with a big beaming grin on both faces. We live in suburbia, but have a 2 acre 'parcel' to play in.

I lurk in TTC all the time, wish I were part of the 2ww. I have to wait until September to even TRY ttc, as we are taking a vacation in March, and they won't let me on the airplane past 7 months. If, (and that's a big if) I was so lucky to get pg right away, it would spoil the trip for many relatives, and my family too. Ahh, now I am pining away all summer.

I am just hoping against hope that by the time I get to try (and this is the agreement with dh) that all my eggs won't have dried up forever, or I end up with fertility angst........I conceived quickly at age 38, so I hope it will happen for me again.
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Velveteen-See you in 2ww in September I plan on being there too!
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Velveteen, my mom was born when my GMummy was 40. She was the last of 6, and was 9 years younger than her brother. I know so many babies born to moms in their 40's, if it's meant to be, don't fight it

Best of luck in spetember. I'd say hope to see you, but I'm sure you'll understand that I hope to not be here
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Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! Go for it!!! Cradling your newborn in your arms is such a wonderful experience. Seeing those first wobbly steps, hearing their speech develop. I hope the fear of abnormalities is not going to deprive you of those!

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Brandi: Hope to see you in the 2ww in Sept/Oct!
Rubelin: I hope you graduate and leave me behind by then!

I attended a lecture today, settled down and instantly noticed a mother with a newborn baby. A downy-headed, beautiful baby! Suddenly, I could hardly concentrate on the topic! Ahhhhh.
I am sure you all relate.

You all are right, life is full of risks and chances. What better thing to take a risk on?
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