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reassure me

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Greetings I'm a lurker...mostly I just read b/c I'm so often working one-handed while holding baby. He's 6 months now he's able to sit unassisted. I've just begun wearing him on my back and he seems to like it. I feel like a whole new world opened up again, I'll be able to start getting stuff done again.

Here's where I need some reassurance, it seems like his tiny legs are spread so wide to stradle me. Would that cause problems for his hips, should I limit the amount of time he's on my back? I did learn at a NINO meeting yesterday to be sure his knees are higher than his butt, and I make sure he's in that position. How long can he go? Will he ALWAYS let me know if it gets uncomfortable?
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Yay for discovering the joys of back carries!

From what I've heard, the legs spread wide position is actually good for their hip development, so don't worry about that. (It's the legs dangling straight down, all the weight on the crotch, baby bjorn position that people are starting to question.)

That said, he'll let you know if he's unhappy with the position. Babies aren't generally the type to "suffer in silence", ya know? If he seems content back there, and there aren't any physical signs that he's having trouble (like legs turning blue or something like that), then I would just relax and enjoy your newfound freedom!
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