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Really getting excited!!!

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I'm 39 weeks today. Yesterday I had a parenting meeting and five other moms were there. It was fun to see babies of all ages and talk about babies, etc. Then I went to the park with my daughter and baseball tryouts were happening across the street so the park was FILLED, like EVERYONE in town was there. When I was telling my husband about it I asked Delia who we saw and it was easier for her to say who we didn't see (her best friend, who had been at the parent meeting)! LOL We even saw my doctor and her daughter. The weather is beautiful, it's like this every spring there's one day when all of a sudden every one just pops out and is happy!

So I'm reading birth stories every chance I get. All kinds - UC, hospital births, some c-sections, whatever. They're all sounding fine! I mean, I'm not super anxious to have the baby, but I guess I'm just in such a good mood and focusing on getting a BABY at the end of it. I'm really excited to read the May DDC birth stories, so I hope you all are working on them! And the two people - InPheonix and green_mom who think you can sneak in your announcement without more of a to-do, what are you thinking?!

I am staying up really late lately, and by the time I go to bed I realize that in such a short time, I'll be up at night nursing, changing, pottying, etc. Instead of just working and reading birth stories! I have been out of baby mode for SO long with my daughter (although I felt like she woke at night forever, it really wasn't a big deal) it's hard to imagine doing it all over again. But the idea of a tiny tiny new baby is too much fun.

I'm excited about being outside without having to bundle up, and making it easier for Delia to get through the first few months of me being less available to her. I'm excited about my mom being here for three weeks, within walking distance, to just be with and think about ME (I'm one of four kids, so that's rare!). I'm excited about having milk for both the baby and Delia, and for nursing to get more comfortable - and the milk dripping down the chin!!! I'm also excited to be done with the birth, since it's so up in the air and a point of some tension around here.

What are y'all getting excited about?
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i'm excited about....

- the girls hopefully witnessing the birth
- seeing Ezra's sweet face & fingers & bum & little wanker (sorry...we have 2 girls & i'm excited about a wanker... )
- once again, learning to take life one day at a time
- watching the girls interact with their new baby brother
- waking up & going outside with all 3 kids and just enjoying life this summer!

i could go on & on but the girls just woke up so gotta go....
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I am most excited about snuggling with my boys and the baby and being comfortable. I know my youngest child right now cannot wait because I am constanlty Liam please do not lay like that you are hurting me Liam OW Liam stop.
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I am excited about..

- experiencing birth!
- sleeping on my stomach again.
- seeing Todd be a daddy.
- seeing the look on my family members faces when they meet the little one.
- having a whole month together as a family without work/schedules,etc.
- experiencing birth!
- experiencing birth!
- did I say experiencing birth!!!

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I'm really excited about the warm weather! I want to get some of those comfy, roll-waist skirts and cute flip flops. I am looking forward to making dd2 a big sister, she's so excited! I can't wait to share birth with dd1, I know it will be a really great experience for both of us.

I'm excited about meeting my first son, and seeing my husband hold him. Now I'm gonna cry! I was pretty whiney last week, but something inside me has changed this week and I just feel so blessed that I hardly ever think about the discomforts of pregnancy. Now I'm actually hoping to be pregnant another couple of weeks.
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Tee hee! I feel like the night before Christmas!
I am excited about all of ya'lls babies and looking forward to reading the birth stories (especially you first time mamas, so lucky!)
I am excited to finally know who this little surprise fourthling is and see how the other critters gather round and bond.I already beam when I see my 3 critters playing together.
I am excited to give birth in yet another state.
I am looking forward to having the birth all to myself with noone poking at me and no monitors to make my contractions worse.
I am looking forward to rolling over in bed without planning it out and grimacing in pain.
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I'm really excited about entering this birth experience with the benefit of experience and making it work for me! I want to come out of it with feelings of accomplishment. Will be really healing for me.

I'm excited about:
• seeing what sort of hair this little one will have
• seeing if she looks at all like her gorgeous sister
• having her safely in my arms and knowing she's healthy
• being able to stop working for a bit and learning how to just BE (yeah, right - as if that will ever happen)
• having DH off for the summer
• feeling comfy in my body again
• seeing how Azure will do with the little sister she's been so excited about for so long!

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