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42 weeks +

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We've had a lot of babies come before dates here- now my question is:
Who thinks they'll be going over their due date?

I'm a week from my 'due date' and I'm thinking it may be another three weeks- anyone else feeling that?
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As much as I would love to meet the little guy early or "on time," i doubt it will happen.

He is still moving around, finding a good position.
And my family never seems to go early.
Plus my EDD is based on a 28 day cycle, which I do not have.
And this is my first...so statistically I'll be late!
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I actually think I'll go early, I'm thinking sometime late next week. I went early with my son and the full moon and all.

But, I know that I won't go into labor if I can't get over my fears/hangups about going unmedicated. So, if I can really let go of that stuff then I think I'll go next week. Otherwise, I'm not really sure.
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even though my EDD is 5/13 i keep telling myself it will be later just so i don't get my hopes up. it's hard, though. everyday it still crosses my mind that it could be today. my oldest daughter's birthday is 5/21 so "late" wouldn't be idea. too bad i'm not in charge!
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I'm definitely thinking this one will be late. My edd (based on a 32 day cycle--which I DO have, about) is May 18th, but since statistically firsts are late and I am showing NO signs of having this baby any time soon I would be really surprised (but ecstatic nonetheless) if s/he decided to make her appearance in 20 days!!!
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I don't think I will go all the way to 42+ weeks, but I've been very sure all along that this one is coming after her EDD.
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I would be shocked if I went before my due date (although I hope for that every day!) my last two were born at 41 weeks and I'm thinking I will at the very least make it to my due date--if not days/week past.
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I have a habit of going late...

I am already so miserable, I dont want to go late
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I think I'll go a few days past 40 weeks (my due date is 5/4), that's just based on my first pregnancy. That means I'll have the baby next weekend or so. Even though I would not mind at all if it came earlier, I still think 5/6/07 would be a great birthday.
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I honestly have NO IDEA!!! I keep thinking that I'll go on the full moon (May 2nd). But, then talking to my mom yesterday, my EDD was 2 days before the full moon, and I waited until the New Moon.. So.... now I'm stumped?? :

I do know that anytime from now-til 3 1/2 weeks from now I'll have a baby!
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Most likely I will be late but I so don't want to be! My oldest was 1 mth early, my 2nd was 3 days late, my 3rd was 3 days early and my 4th and 5th were 1 wk late. My boys seem to like to bake longer then my girls so since this baby is a girl hopefully she will be here VERY soon!!!!!!
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most likely I will go past 40 weeks as my last 4 have also been past 40 weeks. Only my first came early.

HOwever, I am only 37 1/2 weeks today and have been feeling the pressure and some contractions which I normally dont get so who knows.

I am still holding out for may 9th at the earliest! so the dad's can be here for the birth!
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Well, if I was not scheduled for a c-section on the 2nd I am pretty sure my last baby would be late. About a week ago, I completely stopped my contractions etc and I feel nothing that I am close to labor.
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Originally Posted by Adamsmama View Post
I would be shocked if I went before my due date (although I hope for that every day!) my last two were born at 41 weeks and I'm thinking I will at the very least make it to my due date--if not days/week past.

except my last one was induced a week early which will *not* be happening again! everyone keeps saying..you never know, all pregnancies are different, but I'll be completely gobsmacked if I go early!
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It'll be interesting to see how many of us have our babies around the full moon...
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