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I am miserable, tired and feel like crying!

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I had my 39 wk prenatal this morning and everything is A-OK and we keep waiting and waiting. I feel like crying, I so want this little girl to come, I can't walk, can't sleep, just feel yucky and I am really, really ready I thought for sure she would be here by now but nope, here I am still having contrax. Just needed to vent! I was in good spirits up until this point, I am done...
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I don't know what else to give you or to say, so here's a second one too
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It's so hard when there's no relief to the discomfort and no definite end to "count down" to. It's a real mental and physical challenge. Hang in there... you can do it! You can do it!
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I am so sorry. I can understant though. I miserable right now too. I only have to wait until Wed to have this baby but it feels like its a life time away.
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I got on here specifially this AM to not feel alone.... I am feeling much the way you are, but this is my first.... i wouldn't mind waiting if it weren't so darned uncomfortable... thanks for making me feel not so alone. good luck in hanging in there.
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I don't post much here, but saw your post and wanted to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! I'm 38+ wks with my 6th also and am so ready to be done! I'm a hormonal train wreck. My poor family doesn't know whether to pamper me or just lock me up and leave me alone. Every evening for the last few weeks, I get painful contractions. I go to bed thinking this may be it and wake up still pregnant. Argh!!!

Let's just hang in there together!
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I completely understand too!! I am 39w1d and have started effacing and dilating (which is a first for me, though I have never gone over my due date) but am struggling to not become anxious. I have a few contractions at night and throughout the day and keep thinking "oh, it could be anytime", but nope. It ends there. But just think, we will truly be holding our babies soon, and all of this waiting will seem like nothing when they are here. Hang in there....we are really almost done
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Hang in there guys! I'm rapidly approaching your status, and I'm also more than ready. I know you can make it through!
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I'll be 39w tomorrow and totally know how you are feeling. I've started to become pretty uncomfortable. My legs are getting achey (like baby is pressing on a nerve) and I think the baby has dropped lower because my belly is lower and I have more pelvic pressure and pain. I keep thinking it could be anytime, too, because of the pressure and the contractions. To make things worse, DH keeps reminding me that I went a week over with both the boys and that I should expect the same this time. Arrr! That doesn't make this any easier!
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do you have help during the day? it sounds like you need lots of rest, IMO! you must be so busy with your other 5 children and, as much as i know you love them, you would probably benefit from some alone time to refocus & mentally prepare.

i'm so sorry this has been tough on you.....
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Thanks SO much everyone, you have all made me feel better. I just am really, really done!

Stephanie-I don't have any help during the day, but I did take a nice sit outside the other day for about 1/2 hr by myself and talked with Ceci (the baby) and refocused and felt great after. Like I said I have been feeling great up until this point, now I am just done. Just want to meet, hold her and have her meet her siblings, whom are so excited

zookeeper-Thanks for your post We definently need to hang in togethor I hope you have your little one very soon! I have contrax all day and think this is it then they stop, that really annoys me alot...LOL!
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I think these last few weeks are the hardest of pregnancy. Feeling so large, achey, and not knowing when it will end! It's hard to be patient, but there's not much else to do.
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The last few weeks of pregnancy are hard on me too.

The bad thing for me is I have a habit of going late Like 2 or 3 weeks late.

The last 2 nights of sleep have been terrible. and my shoulder hurts.
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Yeah, right there with you. I'm a wreck. But the opposite - I don't want the baby to come out!

I feel like I made a bad decision to bring a third human being into the world, but now at 37 weeks pregnant there's certainly no going back! I'm scared to death to be a mom again!

Additionally, I'm intensely fearful of labor, and of possibly a third c-section if things don't go as planned this time around. I was in a teary puddle all morning this morning.

I feel stuck. Baby's coming out one way or another between now and four weeks from now, and I'm not ready to do this!

Mom to Jody (7) Jaden (4) and Sawyer (due in May)
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