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Help, I have an "easy" baby...

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My 4 1/2 mo old dd already sleeps from about 8pm to 5am, sometimes it's 3 or 4am but she's pretty constistantly going until 5am. (How lucky am I?) Our ds (2 yo) didn't do that until well after a year. We co-slept with him, then moved him to a crib in our room at about 15mo. (he usually ended up in our bed ) Now he has a twin bed in his own room and stays there and sleeps most night through. His room is eventually going to be "their" room. (brother and sister) Which brings me to my question. When? I honestly think she would sleep fine in the crib in their room. She obviously sleeps with us now but I'm considering when to move her. I didn't think I'd have to even think about this after what my son did so I'm not sure what to do? It would be kind of nice to have the bed back for just dh and me but I don't want to break any bonds with dd. I know this is an important developmental time in her life. Any opinions? Oh and just to note, I do wear in the sling a lot as does my dh while I'm working 2 days a week.
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Not to go overboard, but Dr Sears has done a lot of work compiling research on SIDS. I found from his book called SIDS that babies 3-6 mos are most susceptible to SIDS than older and younger ones. Babies that sleep with their bfing mom are safest. Babies that sleep in the same room in a different bed are next safest. Babies in another room from mom are more in danger.

It seems to have something to do with oxygen/CO2 exchange, and the baby rousing from deep sleep when she hears your noises and feels your movements.

I'm sure others will have other viewpoints.

You never know. Your good sleeper may start to teethe and turn into Ms Hyde overnight, anyway!
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Both of my girls were transitioned to a cot (so I'm in the minority around here), but I agree with Daryl - I wouldn't do it until after 6 months.

With dd1, I think it was shortly after 6 months that I moved her (way too early, now that I think back, for her personally, but...I have learned at least ).

With dd2, I moved her to her own room around 8 months - which was just about right for her...she definitely started sleeping better without any encouragement.

I guess it depends on you and your baby, but I agree about the SIDS risk and wouldn't consider it myself until sometime after 6 months.
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It sounds like your dd would probably be fine in the other room. If it were my kids, however, I would worry about the 2 yo trying to climb into the baby's crib, giving her toys that might hurt her, covering her with stuffed animals - essentially all the things that a 2 yo might think is fun when not constantly supervised.

Our dd and ds share a room now which I think is wonderful for all of us. We moved him in there when he was 14 months and she was 3 1/2. Ds had been sleeping in the nursery, not in our room, before that.
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I agree, you should wait. SIDS would be a major concern for me.

Also, keep in mind your DD still has alot ahead of her: growth spurts, teething, developmental milestones. All these can disrupt her sleep and increase night nursing. I think switching back and forth from crib to cosleeping would be detrimental.

So, if you are not having problems because of cosleeping, I'd hang in there and enjoy it. All too soon your babies will be grown up!!
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Thanks... those are some good points that I didn't even think about. Didn't have to with my son so this is new to us.
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I agree with waiting until 6 months. My dd is 4 months, and is the same way. She sleeps just fine in a mini crib next to me. If I choose to move her to her own room at 6 months, (will have to wait and see if she's ready, and me as well. I don't want to force her) a good recommendation that was given to me is to reverse a baby monitor. Put the receiver in the babies room. That way the baby hears your noises.

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I think I read the same stuff as DaryLLL. My dd is a real easy babe too, sleeps well and is 4 1/2 months. Now I'm a real worrier but her age and the fact that she sleeps so well and is so easy makes me more WORRIED about SIDS than if she was a more difficult baby. She sleeps in the SnuggleNest, we don't have a crib. Even in the SnuggleNest she sleeps well. But if I lay her next to me, she sleeps much lighter and tosses and turns a lot more. I guess that's why co-sleeping can protect against SIDS, baby doesn't get into that really deep sleep for long. Anyway those are my thoughts but I'm one of those people that always worries about the worst case scenario.
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