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Midwives, retired Midwives, students and students on hold.....

Poll Results: What is your status

  • 15% (15)
    Midwife in solo practice
  • 8% (8)
    Midwife in a partnership practice
  • 2% (2)
    Retired Midwife
  • 32% (32)
    Student Midwife
  • 13% (13)
    Student whose training has been interrupted or on hold
  • 30% (30)
    I want to be a Midwife.... will train later
100 Total Votes  
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What is the status of all the Midwives here and why?
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I am a student Midwife in Florida. I am in a direct entry 3 year program, which include didactic study and apprenticship concurrently. I am in my second year and will graduate in 2008. When I graduate I will hold a CPM and a state license.:
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I have a solo homebirth practice. I prefer a solo practice at this point in my journey. And while I don't have an official partner, I have a wealth of wonderful midwives to call on in the area to assist or to back-up as needed. I'm very blessed. Now, I just need to find the perfect apprentice!
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Originally Posted by fourgrtkidos View Post
What is the status of all the Midwives here and why?
After nearly 20 years of practice, 1100 babies, and many MANY legal battles with the state, I retired in 2001. I am currently finishing up my 2nd year of law school.

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(nak) i am in a group practice working f/t - on mat leave until the fall. i work in a regulated system w public funding. i have been practicing for 4 yrs and attend 60-80 births a year. i chose to be a regulated mw so women don't have to pay out of pocket for my services and because i want to make changes from within. Our practice is about 50% homebirths.
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Lots of students here! I'm saying student for now, though once the babies are here, it'll be on hold indefinitely. Frantically getting as much work in now as I can.
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There's no option for me I used to be in practise with two others midwives. I now work in a hospital which is midwifery led, with specialist consultation. We have almost 3000 births per year.
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Student midwife via distance academics and apprenticeship starting in June. Living in WA, but following my heart to midwifery on a route that will not allow me to practice legally here. Plan to move back to Oregon, where I grew up, once I get ready to practice and/or to finish up apprenticeship. I have so much respect for midwives who work from within, but homebirth is where my calling is. Hope to find a way to make that a more accessible option for more people. (I can dream... )
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Great thread idea!

I am a new midwife (practicing for about 1 year now on my own), apprenticed for about 1.5 years, still need to take the CPM exam (long story, but many of my "catches" didn't count and now I need 3 more).

I have help in the form of a very part time secretary and now I have someone interested in apprenticing. I need the help, I am getting busy.

I am also taking a distance course Midwife-to-be with Lisa Altman(not sure if that is her name off the top of my head) to learn more. I am trying to arrange a local study group, but that has not been successful because everyone is so busy and schedules don't mesh.

I have a long history in the medical field: RN, IBCLC, LLLLeader (almost 10 years) nursing instructor at college, doula, breastfeeding counselor.

It's been a long journey, lots of breaks for kids, school, etc. took me 7 years to finish college, thought I would go on to become a CNM. Eventually, I intend to do that more to teach college classroom OB, but for now I like being a "lay" midwife without all the hassles.

I hope to have a partner to work with. I need one, during my apprenticeship several of us worked together and I enjoyed being off call, knowing I could make my kids events, going away for weekend, etc. I don't like being in solo practice with 5 kids! But right now, there is no one else in my area to form a partnership with, although i am lucky enough to have a few midwives who can cover when i absolutely need it, and I do the same for them.
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i put down want to be a midwife ... i am applying to do my masters degree (distance) in midwifery and really hope to start in the fall
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I'm a student. I'm doing the Midwife to Be course with Lisa Aman. I'm hoping to start an apprenticeship with my CPM in the very near future.... Loving it and can't wait to start hands on training!
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Solo practice midwife here, there just aren't many midwives in my area and the ones who are here like to practice alone - searching for a good apprentice!!
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I have wanted to be a midwife for a while now, however I live where the system is regulated and funded.
I want no part of it.
I have had horrific experiences as a woman within that very system.

We do have a handful of TBA's here and I know one of them personally.. as soon as my kids are older I plan to pursue this.
Regulated midwifery here is just glorified GP care most of them are so comfortable in the hospital system it's downright scary.
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Student/Apprentice midwife, waiting for baby #9 to arrive, then back into attending births in June. I will be starting a distance didactic program in the summer, when we have some extra money. I have been apprenticing for almost a year and a half.
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I've been apprenticing for a year now, though I've been studying midwifery for almost 7 years now, as an AAMI student (finally getting close to graduation.....woohoo!!!).

I plan on becoming licensed at this point, and will have a solo practice most likely once I am out on my own.
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I'm in nursing school with the aspriation of being a cpm or (maybe) cnm later
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I'm a CPM in a solo "practice" if you can call it that. I've been a CPM for about a year, passed NARM 18 months ago after 20 months of apprenticeship. I have an apprentice and a second apprentice lined up. Either of those women is welcome to join me in a partnership someday. I want to have a partner, but it just isn't an option right now!
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I am a student/apprentice. I enrolled in AAMI in September and just started my apprenticeship a few weeks ago.
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how about burned out and may never return
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Originally Posted by PapayaVagina View Post
how about burned out and may never return

If I go back when my babies are older, I will probably go back to just nursing (I was a CNM, so I have a nursing background). If something were to happen, and I was unable to be a SAHM, the current plan is for me to get a job in an ICU somewhere, work 2 years, then go to school for a CRNA.
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