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CHALLENGE: A Day Fit for a Goddess!

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Ok Ladies! It's getting close to the end here, and I think many of us could use a morale boost...

so, here's the challenge: plan a full day of total comfort and joy just for you, and report back what happened!

Got the idea cuz this is actually what I did today... here's my day:
lunch with a friend, massage, chiro adjustment, stopped by the bakery for eclairs, listened to the most succulent latin love songs, actually did my hair and make-up!, and now I am about to have some comic relief watching "Monster in Law" (ya'll know I've got in-law issues) and have a glass of Pinot... aaahhhh! When dh gets home from work, we'll go for a stroll and I'll have him cup and moxa me, and maybe do some reflexology in the hot tub!..... aaaahhhhhh!

So you up for the challenge, Goddess!?
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I just finished at least a couple hours of Goddess time!

I took advantage of my parent's big garden tub (is that the right name??) since our bathtub has been too small to be comfortable for a few weeks now. It felt heavenly to relax in all of that water!!! Then I took my time to pamper my body, rubbed some really nice cream on my belly, did an at home microderm abrasion thing on my face, put on my "good" perfume and actually put make up on! Tonight is my birthday cookout with my family so I thought I'd get a littel gussied up.

I do feel a TON better than I have been already!
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I'd love to! Next weekend I am going to a wedding, so that morning I'm going to a spa for a massage and to get my hair and nails done. A pedicure sounds like heaven! Dh will entertain the kids at the beach. If the spa people don't give me dirty looks I'll have myself a glass of wine too! Maybe I'll have a mini-goddess moment tonight in the tub with a glass of wine, or a pint of Ben and Jerry's! Wonder if I can get the girls to leave me alone for 10 minutes? I have some of the yummiest bath goodies waiting for me. I've made up my mind! I'm putting the girls to bed early and pampering myself tonight! Dh is out of town, so I'm on my own
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i'm in! now i just need to find a day to reserve for myself!? dh is taking 2 grad classes so i rarely get more than an hour or two alone....and then it's usually running errands. maybe next saturday i can schedule a "girls breakfast out" and just tell him i'll be gone all morning.

this is a great idea, dancebaraka! thanks for the challenge!!
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well I don' t think I'll get a whole day to goddess myself but I think I"ll book myself in to get my hair done next wednesday and maybe a pedicure oh I have been dying for a pedicure this whole pregnancy

But you watch if I make the appointment I'll have the baby on tuesday
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baraka, i wish we were neighbors

i feel happy and more relaxed just reading about your day

maybe tomorrow i will go to the farmers market (strawberry fest)......buy some new books at my favorite bookstore......and some new CD's for the birth-day!

and chocolate. i must stock up on some good organic chocolate. sounds like a plan

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Oooh, good idea. I'll have to see if I can get an afternoon to myself to relax.
Sounds like heaven.
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