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Deleted as requested.
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Yes, please don't try to break my record for the longest pregnancy this month! Hopefully your little one will make a break for it soon! I can't wait to hear about it!

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Any news??
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I just lurk here, but I was wondering about her too! Can't wait to hear something....
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no, no news yet. *sigh* i am getting soooo impatient! and the funny thing is. i just recalculated the "due date" and i am due even earlier than i thought. like around the 12th, not the 20th! it was some site where not only do you enter your LMP but the luteal phase and something else. i forget what doctors use to calculate? which would be more correct? i assume the one i just did since it had 3 questions instead of just one.....

lol even my dp is getting super antsy, always asking me if i am "having contractions yet."

my boobs are leaking like crazy! i swear! drip, drip, drip. and i don't feel like putting on a bra and nursing pad. i haven't got cloth ones yet and those ucky disposables itch like CRAZY! : i keep telling my boobs, "hey, calm down, you haven't got a baby to feed YET!" lol

i was talking to story earlier this evening too. i was all, "hey baby story, i'm ready for you to come! i've got you pretty cloth diapers, and mommy milk, and clothes, and lots of cuddles." "love lol just letting her know that any time she's ready to come i am!

i'm kinda feeling sucky though too. apparently yesterday was national Bug Jessica About Her Unassisted Homebirth Day. UGH. my grandma was SO FREAKING rude and condescending. its funny how ppl essentially say you are stupid for UC yet go on about how bad their hospital birth was! : do they hear themselves? her level of ignorance was phenomenal. and she actually said that she hopes my dp calls the ambulance on me when i go into labor! and that if i don't go to the hospital, he should just leave me while i birth! agghhh!!!!! and my dad called too...... as if i care that they "want me to go to a hospital." it is MY BIRTH! and he tried to convince me by saying my mom had complications with all of us kids.
me: what complications?
him: "uh.. you came out so fast that she ripped."
me: (thinking ummm ok, major complication! ) "anything else?"
him: "your mom has some cousins that were breech!"

i think that 4 kids, one rip is not that bad!! haha. but why must my family be so rude and negative? and those are mild words for my grandmother..... :

so guys!!! i need some encouraging words and vibes! : 9 months and the negativity is starting to get to me! and i'm getting nervous... soo scared that i will have to go to the hospital, scared that the baby will come out dead or won't start breathing.

well, i have cooed and ranted enough now, i guess i will go!
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Hey mama! It is sooooo hard to wait...but also so nice when you have a big, healthy baby! I hope that provides some encouragement! DD2 was born at 42 weeks, and just superbly healthy, she was smiling at 12 days old (now isn't THAT encouragement)! And lifting her head up from birth, etc, etc.

Family is tough...can you just stop talking to them for a bit? Turn off the phone and have your DP return calls at the end of the day or something? Screen calls? I know it's hard when everyone has their fears (which, since they relate to BIRTH and not UNASSISTED birth would probably be coming out now even if you had a birth attendant) and starts projecting them onto you...maybe just try to avoid them as much as possible? I know, easier said than done

Good luck, happy birthing, it'll come soon! Sounds like your body is all ready!
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So sorry your family is doing that to you. I'd start screening calls also.

Would your DP actually call an ambulance on you? Or is he giving you the control in that area?

"And you know what, dad, ripping is NORMAL. Would you like for me to go into great detail what I'd do about it?"

Just keep doing what you're doing. Positive thoughts, communicating with baby, etc.
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It's so hard to wait, even when you don't go over much (40 weeks 4 days here and my head was about to explode). My cousin emailed me to tell me she is SO done being pregnant and I sense an induction coming very soon. She wants to give birth by Wednesday.....she's 38 weeks today. : Rest comfortable in the knowledge that you are choosing the best birth possible for your sweet baby girl!
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Here is the EDD calculator that I use. Maybe trry that out.

As for family......tell them to be quiet. When I was pregnant with DD1 I got sooo many phone calls from my "concerned" brother and I finally resorted to assine responses. He'd ask, "Well what are yo going to do with the palcenta?" and I'd say, "the iron and protein will be great for the dog." He eventually got the hint and dropped it. Other family members I just made birth a nontopic for them. By the time I had DD they weren't sure what was going on because of my slightly hostile/ornery nature about their dumb comments.
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Any news/updates?
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Hey. This is her dh. Just wanted to let you all know that she will post in time. We have our little girl now. So just keep munchin' on the pop-corn.
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Yay!!! Glad to hear it...can't wait for more details! Hope you are all doing well.
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Yo Everybody. Just wanted to let you know that dw is still kinda tired and she will post in no time. She is sleeping right here beside me as baby Sleeps in my lap. *sniff*.....Sooo beautiful. I am surrounded by beautiful women. But theyis doing great. No problems or anything. And baby is doing quite wonderful. But just wanted to give you an update.

See ya !
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Oops, posted on the other thread instead.
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