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How often does your 11 month old eat?

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I read in a book that babies at this age (around 11 months) should only be eating every 4 hours--that includes nursing and solid foods.

This seems a little far spaced to me--between nursing and solid foods, my little guy is probably eating about every two hours. Should I be spacing his feedings more? He's average weight.

Of course this same book recommends nightweaning by age 1, and that doesn't appear to be happening around here!
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Ignore "conventional wisdom". : If your little guy is eating and happy, and is of average weight, it sounds like you (and he) are doing just fine.

I know it is hard sometimes to ignore the "experts", but in reality YOU are the true expert in handling the needs of your child .

NOW, that said, if you are feeling like he eats too often and YOU would like meals spaced out, then that is an entirely different subject and one that you need to work out for you and your family .

editted to add: To the original question, I honestly don't remember how often my kids ate at that age. DS#1 was home with me, nursing and eating solids at that age and ever two hours between nursing and "meals" doesn't sound that out of wack. DS#2 was in daycare and so was eating, between bottles, "snacks", and lunch probably about every 2-3 hours. I have always tried to feed "on demand", even solids. Little bodies work a lot and burn a lot of energy/calories, yet have very small stomachs, so I say feed him when he is hungary...if that is every two hours, so be it
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My 11 mo dd also eats WAY more than every 4 hours - especially in the middle of the night : .

We nurse every couple of hours, sometimes more (she's a snacker). She also eats whenever I'm eating, just small tastes, and I'm eating pretty frequently throughout the day as well since I'm ALWAYS hungry! That's nursing for you! :bf
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Hey, I just got to this sight a couple of months ago and have only been here for receiving help and ranting a little. I’m here today to try to help with as many threads as I can until I get interrupted – giving back! My daughter nursed on demand until I weaned her cold turkey at 18 months – ouch for both of us but it’s a long story! At 11 months she was nursing every 45 min. an night and about every hour during the day.
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I would just follow your heart. My 11 month old nurses every 2-3 hours all day and all night. She has occasional snacks during the day and only eats dinner with us at night. Even then, she doesn't eat too much. I figure she will eat when she is hungry. I offer her food throughout the day, but she never wants it.

There is no nightweaning in sight for us anytime soon. I am not worried about it at all.

Good luck.
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every 2 hours here, and if it goes any longer ds is pulling at my shirt now! he's so cute...
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