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2 weeks!

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Madelyn is two weeks old today. Time is going by too fast

Here are a few pictures of my little girl::

(when she's not sucking on the boob, she's sucking on her thumb lol)
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I can NOT believe it's been two weeks already. She's adorable! I hope you're recovering well and just SOAKING in that new babyness.
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Wow, it's already been two weeks?!?! She's so cute!
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Wow two weeks! She's such a doll.
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It goes by so fast! I can't believe she's two weeks already

She is adorable
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She is the most adorable little Princess ever!! and so tiny too! (How much did she weigh again? I can't imagine having anything that small! Lol! Oh how we forget......) She is just so precious Momma! Keep the pics coming and please get your rest!
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Amy, She is adorable!!! Sarah looks so tiny too, b/c she is long but skinny! Hope you are doing well! Enjoy the babymoon!!!
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She is goregous! You are making the mamas anxious to hold ours!
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She is so adorable. What a cutie.
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Oh, wow, she's SO precious. :
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she's just beautiful! thanks for sharing the pics, keep 'em coming!
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Originally Posted by veganbaby View Post
She is goregous! You are making the mamas anxious to hold ours!
I so agree with this!!!
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Love the pics with her thumb - how precious!
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She is the cutest little monkey! You have got to be so proud...I am envious to meet mine!
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sweet thing! i have to admit - it makes me a little jealous.....
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