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Where do you buy your baby's clothes?

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We are suddenly desperately in need of clothes. We haven't had to buy any before now. People gave us lots of itty bitty clothes that Luke and Jaz have now outgrown, and then lots of stuff that probably won't fit them for another year.

I am a bit picky. I like soft, 100% cotton clothes without words or appliqued things on them. Nothing cutesy. I prefer bright and colorful.

Any advice? I've checked out all the local consignment shops, but didn't get too lucky.


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My local Salvation Army, Goodwill and smaller thrift shops have great stuff. I always buy quality brands in good condition. I drop by about once a month to find stuff. Only hassle is sometimes getting the right size and season. I hate buying new stuff cause of the expense but also cause I never know how much it'll shrink.
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We have a Carter's outlet store close to our house, so I buy all the clothes there. These are nice and quality clothes and if I can get pants or shirts at $3 each, then Jordy can puke and mess on them as much as she wants, and I don't have a feeling of a fortune spent on them.
If you put your name on their mailing list they send coupons about 2x a month for additional 20-25%off. They have some kind of sale every month and I usually head for the 70%off part of the store, so with the coupons I get items for as little as a $1!!!
Try to look up their store.
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I always check the sale racks at places like Baby Gap and Old Navy (well, truthfully, I usually do it online but on the rare occasions I'm at the mall I do stop in). Online, I also usually check out Lands' End overstock pages (although now that Sears carries Lands' End you can get some good deals there and don't have to pay shipping).

I've recently begun surfing ebay and have gotten some really good deals on both new and used clothes that are in excellent condition. It's a little overwhelming, like drinking from Niagara Falls with a teaspoon because there's a ton of listings, but since I know I want one-piece outfits in size 12-24 months, I can use the search features of ebay to narrow down my categories, then I can do searches for brands I like (Lands' End, Carter's, etc.). I always pay attention to shipping costs and see if I can get lots or more than one item from the same seller to combine shipping. There is a Carter's outlet about an hour away from me but since ds hates the car so much it's too stressful to go up there. But a lot of ebaying sellers live near the outlets and sell stuff NWT (new with tags) from the outlets....I figure I'm still saving money over retail as long as shipping costs are low if I buy their stuff from ebay.

Whew, what a novel! I hope you find some good stuff cheap!
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We believe in paying much less than full price, so we shop at Marshalls, TJMaxx, and the clearance racks at BabyGap. We can usually find stuff without critters and text. That said, we hardly ever shop for clothes because we have hand-me-downs coming out of our ears.

A friend of mine just showed me her Hannah Anderson sale catalog - pretty reasonable prices - lots of stuff at 60% off. It has great clothes for both boys and girls and lots of bright bright colors, stripes, solids, etc.

Happy shopping!
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Just noticed that you're here in Massachusetts. Have you ever been to the outlets in Worcester? There are also great outlets in Nashua and Freeport and Kittery if your boys are up for a nap in the car... You could find great bargains at places like Land's End, etc.

I forgot to note that we also shop the Bargain Barn? at Rugged Bear. I LOVE Rugged Bear clothes, they're all cotton, very well-made, durable, bright, no silly appliques, etc. Is there a store out in western Mass?
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I'm sure it's the devils playground but...Walmart. Cheap stuff, cheap prices.

I do quite a bit of shopping on e-bay myself and have purchased large lots (20 items or more) for as low as $20 and find a lot of great outfits for lounging to wearing to an event.
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There's a really nice resale store here called Children's Orchard (http://www.childorch.com). Great stuff (GAP, Old Navy, Children's Place, Target, WMart, Gymboree...etc) at really good prices! I've never paid over $8 for anything, including dresses for my older dds. In fact, I got my 3yo a dress for $1 the other day!!
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Lots and lots of Aaron's clothes came from a Carter's outlet near here. Target also has cute cheap things, but tend to run short.
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Our girls are one dressed in 100% cotton and I yard sale. The only items I usually have to buy new are white t-shirts and white turtle necks. My girls have more clothes then they really need but I get them so cheep why not. Most of their clothes are name brand and all very nice looking.

Most of my weekends are spent yardsaling but it is a hobby for me and look forward to planing and going. Its 'my' time if you know what I mean.
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Thrift stores!

It helps to be a regular - I cruise by once every couple weeks. Some have a special half off day once a month. While some stuff is over-used sometimes it's in pristine condition with tags. I buy what meets my standards and leave the rest.

I still brag about the Hanna's playsuit I snagged for two bucks - there I go again!

I too am picky because I don't want my little guy to turn into a billboard. I use my seam ripper to remove logos (and the occasional small applique) when necessary.
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a lot of higher end stuff from ebay... Parismaman suggested this one recently http://www.basicbrilliance.com/ I just got a few things..the weight of the fabric varies...the less expensive ones are thin t-shirt fabric, but nice colors and washed up well. The more expensive one piece sleeper/romper was a soft heavier knit fabric...very nice. this has stuff on it but you might like it http://growgrowgrow.com/ I also like the plain cotton basic pieces from babystyle.com on sale...I was getting last season's and year's colors for like 6$ each. very stylish cut, nice weight of fabric...not pilly. I also watch the land's end overstocks section.
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Not sure if there are any in your area, but here, there is a whole slew of "Mom to Mom" sales (mom2momlist.com) - every weekend at multiple areas around the metro area host these garage sale/flea market type things where parents have booths and sell all of their clothing/gear that's outgrown at really cheap prices. Sometimes you hit the jackpot but it's a lot easier (IMO) than going around to 135987135 different stores or trying to find yard sales with childrens clothing.

We were lucky and hit the jackpot - one of my SO's friends has a 3 year old boy who was born in December. Since Gavin was born in Jan, he fits into about the same seasonally appropriate things. We came home from their house with 2398752 outfits.
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You can PM me. I'm a friend of Mamacate's (local) and I have tons of baby boys clothes. My youngest is currently in size 18 months so anythign smaller I could lend you without a problem
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Clearance at the Gap Outlet, Clearance at the Carter's outlet, Clearance at the Hanna Outlet, Clearance at Target, consignment stores and hand-me-downs here! The great thing at the Gap Outlet is that the clothes turn over so quickly there that they seem to go on clearance every couple of weeks or so.
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I buy most of my stuff from Gymboree, Gap, and Old Navy BUT the cutest and most comfy seems to be Carters brand clothing. I love the onepeice snap up suits. They are easy to put on and change diapers in. they are also roomy in the butt to accomodate cloth diapers
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I have the same taste in kids' clothing as you. I have gotten a lot of our stuff at the Goodwill -- it takes some perseverence -- I usually go once a week and find something good maybe one out of four visits. But I enjoy the scrounging.

I like Hanna Andersson (sp?) and Gymboree. (That's when the grandparents are buying, ha ha.) Great quality, and they tend to have plain basics and bright colors. I've also found things at cheaper mall-type stores like Target.
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www.babystyle.com has some really cute things. When they have seasonal clearance sales, I buy things for next year! I do the same at Old Navy and Target.
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I'm pretty picky, too. I hate cheezy baby clothes. Many of my friends are content to just stock up at the Carters outlet but I can't stand that place! I used to buy stuff online from babystyle, I also like the brand Zutano a lot which you can get at olliebollen.com or babycenter.com. But now that my baby is 8 months & I see how fast he grows out of this stuff, I can't justify spending the $$$. Now I go to Old Navy, Gap (sales racks), Gymboree (sales racks) and believe it or not - Target & Kmart have some really cute stuff. My friend & I are actually starting a kids clothing line. Its so easy to sew and we've found some really cute fabrics. I am so excited about it - esp to make boy clothes because there really seems to be a shortage.
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Two words: Rummage Sale!
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