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Back again

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My internet was down for over two weeks and I feel I missed so much of what was going on with you guys here!!
Romea is almost a month old now, and I still can't believe that it worked out so well with her VBAC homebirth. She is 10lbs now and healthy.
We have some issues with dd1 though, she cries and completely falls apart everytime the baby fusses a bit. If Romea cries, dd1 loses it completely. First I thought it was empathy, then fear of the baby, but now I just have no clue why she is crying. We've tried everything and the only thing that seems to help her is retreat into her room and cry there. I feel so bad though, since the baby is glued to me and my boob and I can't comfort her when the baby cries, as she would cry harder if I lay her down. It's tricky.
DD1 is highly sensitive, very smart and sweet, she is afriad of loud noises, so fussing and crying really affects her.

My mom is here now until next weekend and I fear her departure. She is so helpful with the household, folding laundy, playing with dd1, holding the baby, etc. Dh is working a lot, but spends most evenings here. Being selfemployed and getting a lot of projects is great, but it's also hard on him and us, as he is gone a lot. He was gone all week last week and it drove me nearly crazy.

I'm still writing my birth story and will post is in the next few days...
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hey there you are nani

poor dd1! I hope she adjusts soon!
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