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Belly casters

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What did you use to rub on your belly prior to putting on the stuff?
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i used plain ol' vaseline.....

a woman wanting to practice casting actually did mine & she put a layer of saran-wrap type stuff over the vaseline, too. she said it would help keep the inside of the cast from getting goopy. i wouldn't recommend that, though, because between my breasts it looks like there's a piece of fabric. i plan on re-doing it myself this weekend with my own kit.
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I was advised to use un-petroleum jelly. Works like vaseline, but not petro chemicals.
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We used vaseline because I had some laying around that never gets used otherwise. It works just fine. But then I'd rather have a non petrol version.
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cocoa butter
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We just did ours a few minutes ago! I slathered myself with olive oil. It seemed to slide right off. We'll see how it dries inside though.
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Okay, can someone post directions on how to make a belly cast, or a link to directions? I've been thinking about doing this but wasn't sure what materials I'd need, where to buy them, etc. TIA!
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