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I need reassurance to birth a big baby

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Ok, my ex-midwife whom I replaced, said that my baby was going to be 9 lb and that he would be too big for a home birth. Last pregnancy I was diagnosed with GD but I didn't take the test this time, and my sugar both with this pregnancy and with my last were never high. I certainly didn't need any treatments like insulin and my diet has always been good.

I don't believe that my body is going to make a baby bigger than I can birth. Can anyone reassure me that they have had bigger babies and come through ok? I know that fear is the enemy and I don't need anymore so please, if you fear for me, keep it to your self, I need positive energy here.
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Aw, you'll be fine. I've had two 9 pounders with minimal tearing and short pushing phases. My 9,1 was 20 minutes of pushing. My 9,3 was 6 minutes. 2 tiny tears with the first, 1 tiny tear with the second. Easy! I'm 5'5" and medium boned, if that helps.

If my husband had agreed to it, I would have birthed at home and been just fine. You will too! Good luck.
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Ds was born at home, unassisted...he was 9 lbs and posterior. I did tear but that's my fault for pushing the crap out of his shoulders.
Oh, and I'm 5'3'' and by no means have birthing hips.
You'll be fine.

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My second baby and the first to get to go through the birth canal was 9 and a half pound baby. Only a very small tear. You will do great!
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I am very short, and my last baby was born at home weighing 9 lbs 10 ozs.

Youc an do it mama!

Good luck.
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I birthed a 9 pound baby (on my back) with only a tiny skin tear. What's the big deal?
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What a terrible thing for her to say to you.

Both of my sons were over 9 pounds. Logan was born at home after only 2 hours of labour and 5 minutes of pushing. One teeeny tear that didn't require a single stich.
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I have a pretty small frame - like 33'' hips and I birthed my 9lb 6oz ds with no problem and only a superficial tear that didn't require any stitches. You can do it!!!
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9 lbs 4 oz at home. I was hoping for a 10 lb-er.

Your body won't grow a too big baby; your body will know how to give birth.

And, everyone say it with me...

fat is squishy!
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You can do it!!! I delivered 8lb 15oz with no problem. I had a 1st degree tear, but it was still so much better than a c-section. I also don't have big hips and I'm 5'4.
It surprises me that a mw didn't think you could do it!!!

Good luck!!!
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Originally Posted by ABand3 View Post
fat is squishy!
That's worth saying again!

My 10 lb DD was born at home with just over 2 hours of labor, 7-10 minutes of pushing and only one minor skid mark, she had a nuchal hand and that's where I got the skid mark. She was a lot easier to birth than my 8 lb DS because I listened to my body and let my body decide when it was time to push.

Good luck!
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egads, what kind of midwife says that? that's horrible.
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I gave birth to a 11lb 4oz baby girl this month. We did not expect a baby that size- otherwise I may have been more anxious about having a HB. I did push for a long time but her head was malpositioned.
Our bodies are just amazing. We are made to do this.......
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I'm glad to hear that you have some replies combatting this sort of nonsense. You can do it. Your instincts that your body will not grow a baby "too big" are right. Here's my stats:

DD#1 9lb 14.25oz apx 30 min pushing
DD#2 9lb 1.5oz apx 20 min pushing
DS#1 11lb 1oz apx 30 seconds pushing
(Twins that followed were smaller, obviously)

I really liked the Gloria Lemay piece "Pelvises I Have Known and Loved". It talks about exactly this sort of thing, so please check it out:

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I pushed out my 9lb 13oz VBA2C baby in around half an hour. I only tore because she had a nuchal hand and I pushed really hard to get her out.
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9 lbs 4 oz at home, first baby, on my back. You'll be alright! Feel thankful that your midwife revealed her negative attitude BEFORE you were stuck with her moping around your house while you tried to labor in peace!!!
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9.5lb unassisted VBAC!
I'm 5' and have pituitary dwarfism, my hips didn't develop during puberty and my torso is abnormally small. I was huge and uncomfortable while pregnant with a baby that size, that's for sure, but labour was easy as pie. 3 hours start to finish, two big pushes, and out he popped leaving no tears and not even a trace of soreness! I was sitting cross-legged in jeans the next morning.
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Thank you all so much for the replies. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for your support and encouragement.
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9 lb something first baby..2.5 hour total labour, only the tiniest tear which didn't need stitches and believe me my skin is not stretchy at all. I don't think it does stretch, it just tears and gets gazzilions of stretchmarks.
My aunt (a nurse) went on and on about how I might have to get c-sections like her since I have the wrong pelvis shape and the babies might not fit and blah and blah... Please, we're meant to birth these babies
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Your body is MADE for birthing. Trust in it, trust the process. You can do it.

FTR I have been told by two OB/GYNs I cannot deliver vaginally. I've had 7 vaginal births - weights 8lb-11lb. No problems. Five born at home, two in hospital due to fetal distress.

It was thought I couldnt get out an 8lb but heck, I proved them wrong, huh?
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