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Breast feeding was definitely not the norm in my immediate world. I briefly entertaine the idea of breastfeeding my first but I let my dh talk me out of it. I was working and in college at the time, and I didn't know how I could do it. And, upon seeing my brand new baby spew formula have way across the room, I asked the doctor if she would be better on the breast and he said no. At the time I blindly trusted doctors, so I ff my oldest dd and it was the biggest mistake I have ever made with her. She had horrible reflux that was untreated because her doc was an ass, was on soy formula, was FTT and generally miserable her whole first year. I vowed that I would never formula feed any future children, that's when I became a breastfeeding mom/lactivist.
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I never really thought about it. Everybody knows that breastmilk is healthiest - why wouldn't I want my baby to get the healthiest food? Not to mention the fact that it's free and always ready.
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My mom BF me for 3 years. I always assumed I would BF my babies. Although I did have the attitude of "I'm going to try", hoping that I would be lucky & it would "work" for me. I was pretty determined though. And luckily I found websites like this that made me even more determined & reaffirmed my choice before my baby came.
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It never occurred to me not to. It didn't make sense to me to do something that was more work and that I vaguely knew was not as healthy.

Despite being 31 when my first was born, I was the first of my friends to have a child. I had seen breastfeeding in real life only a handful of times. I am one of five bottle-fed siblings. I had a huge pile of "new baby" oriented books but no guidance about which ones were crap. I read about pregnancy and discipline. I read about Bowlby and attachment theory (but in books that didn't really discuss breastfeeding). I skipped over the chapters that I naively thought were no-brainers and paid dearly for that (ended up with an unnecessary c/sec). Thank goodness my son latched right on and knew what to do because I knew nothing and had no support (I didn't find LLL or any other nursing mothers until my son was six months old). My positioning was bad and I ended up with terribly sore nipples. At about week two, I bought a can of powdered formula and, in tears, mixed a bottle. I smelled it and was so disgusted. I just stopped and said to myself, "If I wouldn't drink this, why should I ask him to?" I then sat down on the floor with all the books, read every chapter on breastfeeding, figured out how I was failing to support him properly, my nipples healed, and the rest is history. I had sorta planned to nurse him for six months. We nursed for four years which overlapped with baby boy #2 so we tandemed. #2 overlapped with baby boy #3 and we tandemed again. All together I breastfed for 8.5 years on demand.
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Originally Posted by dara00 View Post
I didn't know how strongly I felt about bfing till I was in the hospital and they kept trying to get me to supplement. every time someone mentined formula or any sort of anything besides the breast, I'd burst into tears.
Yah know I was the same way. It was like my horamones were taking over to make sure I did the right thing
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Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post
Because I'm a mammal & had been through 7th grade biology. That's not even snark.
Yeah, that's about it. I grew up seeing animals birth and feed their young, it was clear to me that the only time bottle-feeding was necessary was when a baby lost or was rejected by its mother. It was literally a shock to me when I found out that some human mothers choose not to nurse.
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There was no question for me. I wanted to do the easiest, natural thing and that's the boob.

That said, I'm severely contact reactive to soy (anaphylactic allergy). There are no formulas I can *touch*. I can't be risking anaphylaxis every time I feed my child or he spits up. Even the elemental formulas contains forms of soy that I will react to. I hope and pray that he doesn't need one of those because I don't know what we'd do--the baby would have to eat, but I couldn't be the one feeding him.

Fortunately, he's nursing like a champ and my supply seems to be keeping up (and then some). I just nursed sitting up for the first time today. I still had to strip him down to get him to eat, but I was able to do it in the glider, rather than the bed. Yay! One week and counting . . .
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When we were first pregnant with DD, I just assumed I'd formula-feed. I even went so far as to price compare different brands of formula and I considered stocking up during pregnancy so that it would seem like less to buy later on. My reasoning was that I was formula-fed and it was just what was normal to me.

Then, as I continued on with pregnancy and decided to do Bradley classes, I realized how silly it was to want to birth naturally and feed artificially. At that point, I totally switched gears and started learning as much as I could about BFing. And in the hospital, it just came naturally to me. My first instinct as a mother was to put my child to my breast and calm us both down.
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Originally Posted by earthymama2b View Post
I don't have children yet, but my reason is 3-fold

1) I'm cheap - and formula is expensive.
2) I'm lazy - and dealing with bottles is a pain in the ass.
3) I like my bed - and rolling over and popping a boob in sounds better than having to get up and 'fix' a bottle anyday.

Yeah, generally selfish reasons - the fact that breastmilk is utterly the best possible food for my babe-to-be is just icing on the lazy, cheap cake.

Quote:by TigerTail
Because I'm a mammal & had been through 7th grade biology. That's not even snark.


Grew up on a farm. . . knew what breasts were designed for.

And on another point. . . I figured breast-feeding might be a nice way to "grow into my own" so-to-speak and build confidence, since I was not immune to society's "buxom" messages and am on the small side. This has definitely proven to be the case - I feel really good about knowing small ones work, too! (And I feel really angry that at 20, my younger sister got a breast augmentation, knowing full-well that it may prevent her from breast-feeding when she becomes a mother. I wish she'd given herself a chance to evolve some confidence rather than trying to buy it.) :
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I have fond memories of nursing as a toddler. My only firsthand experience with bottles was feeding a premature foal (after milking the mare myself-the little bugger got EBM) Like a human baby, he had to eat every couple of hours around the clock, and the bottle stuff had to be sterilized- so much work! And yeah, the mammal thing... nursing is how you feed babies. It seemed like a no-brainer.
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I was 19; I read every book on pregnancy and childcare in the library and chose to breastfeed since it was better for the baby.
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Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post
Because I'm a mammal & had been through 7th grade biology. That's not even snark.

The only thing that's changed as I've gotten older is I used to think there was no reason to NIP. But then I stopped being 15.

Now that I'm closer to having kids, my main reasons are Earthymama2B's. I'm just too lazy to do things the hard way for no reason.
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I don't think I consciously thought about it. I mean, that's what my boobs are for, so really there didn't seem to be any logical reason not to breastfeed.

I didn't realize how passionate I was about it until I had dd. She would latch but wouldn't suckle. The nurse who was 'helping' me whipped out a bottle of formula and dripped it on my nipple, proclaiming dd must be an "instant gratification type of girl." : I took the bottle from her hand and told dp to throw it away. (Fortunately, later I had 2 visits from the LC- and she also called twice in the first 6 weeks to see how breastfeeding was going. )

All my sisters (I have 4) breastfed their children for 3 months or less. Only one had a legitimate reason not to. It may sound selfish or shallow, but it makes me feel really good that I've continued to breastfeed (and will continue for who knows how long) when everyone else in my family gave up.
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My father has called me a "Hippie" my whole life. I never thought of doing anything but b/f.
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I didn't really make a choice. I just (maybe naively!) presumed that everyone at least tried to bf. If they couldn't they used formula (which I also naively thought to be "about the same" as breastmilk at that point.) Thankfully I had no problems bf - ds latched on whilst we were still in the pool and I never had any pain whatsoever. I really wish they taught parents about the dangers of formula at antenatal classes though. All we were told was "breast is best" but not why which I think is important.
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Babies need to eat and they do this from their mothers breasts. I don't remember making a choice.
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Laziness, cheapness... I have a babywearing addiction, and at an average cost of over $1000 for formula alone... imagine how many carriers that is!!

Weight loss (I am 6mo pp, and I gained 65 while pg, and have lost well over that).

oh yeah, and of course the best for babe thing!!!
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Every woman on my husband's side breastfed their babies. I'd only seen one person breastfeed before meeting his family. I honestly don't know if I would've been so determined to succeed had it not been for them making breastfeeding seem so normal for me.
Also of course the health reasons made me want to bf too. After having a c-section: I was even more determined to get something right.
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It's interesting to me how many people have responded, "it never occurred to me NOT to bf." That's exactly how it was for me. I never really thought about it that much. I'm not all that "crunchy" either. My ob asked me if was going to bf or ff and I just said "breast." He asked how long and I said "6 months." I really knew NOTHING about it. Somehow, when I was in the hospital and ds was having latch issues and he was also jaundiced and under the bili lights and they were pushing formula my mama bear instincts came out and I refused. My ob encouraged me to at least take the formula samples home with us. I refused. And then somewhere in there I became a diehard breastfeeder. 21 months later there's no end in sight for us.
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I grew up hearing how I breastfed untill I was 4... Don't really remember doing so, but, anyhow... And so, I've always just assumed I'd BF... And, seriously, bottles sound like *way* more work... I mean, seriously, who wants to get up at 2, 3, 4 am and 'fix' a bottle? Who wants to deal with constantly sterilizing and cleaning bottles and worrying about buying formula?? Sounds like *way* too much work to me!!
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