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Pictures/videos at birth?

Poll Results: Pictures/video at your birth?

  • 44% (27)
    We'll take pictures.
  • 4% (3)
    We'll take a video.
  • 37% (23)
    Pictures AND video...get it all on film!
  • 13% (8)
    Nothing at all. Just want to focus on the moment.
61 Total Votes  
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Kinda of curious what other people are planning on doing!
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well, i'd like to have both pictures and a video fpr posterity. so that's what i voted. but, i tend to be really self conscious so we'll see what i can put up with when i'm there.
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I am planning (hoping) to hire a professional birth photographer. I saw some pictures she shot at another homebirth and they were breathtaking. I just hope she is willing to commit to a possible Christmas birth!
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I really want pictures taken, but I have no idea who will take them--it will only be me, dh, and the midwife there. My aunt will come after the birth to bring my son, and she can take pictures of us all then, but I'd like something during the birth and immediately afterward.

Does anyone know if there's anything tricky to taking black and whites and getting them developed at a photo lab? Do they do b&w's?
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You can buy b&w film anywhere, but you can only develop it at real photo places - not drug stores/Wal-mart/etc. . .

My friend recently did some nice b&w photos of my pregnant belly and she sent them out to be develped. They came out great!
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I like video. Have 2 so far and will add to my collection this year. I like pictures right after. I don't know that after all is done I would be comfortable with someone developing photo's of me giving birth..I wouldn't care during, but after.......

not drug stores/Wal-mart/etc. . .
I have taken b&w film to target one hour before. It was 35mm film. Maybe your thinking of a different kind of film?
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I pity the fool who tries to take my picture during labor.
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"I pity the fool who tries to take my picture during labor. "

I knew I wanted pictures, but I didn't want to be bothered with it. My friend was very inconspicuous and the turned out awsome! Digital though- no developing here.
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Actually this is true, B&W's you must have special service for, UNLESS you get this new kind of B&W film called, I can't remember what, but you CAN take that in to be developed as normal color film.

I have B&W's and video of my dd's birth.

I have nothing of ds's as it was too fast.

I am torn on this issue. ON one hand, I LOVE birth photos/videos. On the other, I really believe that birth is not a spectator sport and think it does, on some level, inhibit the birth. So, w/the next, we'll *plan* to take pix but I'm open to whatever happens/feels right.
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I have no desire to have pictures of the actual birth in our photo album, but I'm thinking about offering to let my midwife's apprentice take slides to use in her (mw's) childbirth class. The ones she showed us before our first birth were from the late 70's-mid 80's. Might be nice if she had something from this decade!

peace, Beth
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Originally posted by WickidaWitch
I don't know that after all is done I would be comfortable with someone developing photo's of me giving birth.

I have taken b&w film to target one hour before. It was 35mm film. Maybe your thinking of a different kind of film?
Okay, first I would totally not want birth pictures to be developed. That's why I my digital camera . Of course, if I decide I want prints of them, I usually order those through walmart.com, so I guess at some point someone would see them. I was ambiguous about the birth pictures until I took birth pictures for a friend of mine. They turned out SO WELL, and chronicled the birth in a more serene way than a video would, IMO. There was still a play-by-play to it all, but without the volume and the shakiness and here-and-there of a video camera (I'm not much of a fan of home videos, though, so that may be my bias speaking). I decided at that point that even if it means I have to have an extra person at my birth, I want pictures. And if I turn out to be really embarassed by them, I can always just delete them, or never get them developed.

As far as black and white film goes...it is a completely different developing process from color. The film *can* be processed with a color process and pictures will turn out, but usually the result is not as good as someone who does b&w developing designed for b&w film, KWIM? Black and White is usually more expensive because it involves someone doing it "by hand" on an enlarger rather than using a huge machine that does all the work and just spits the pictures out.
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Ok, there are 2 kinds of black and white film--the traditional kind and the color process kind. Both are generally 35mm and work with your regular camera. The difference is the traditional kind has to be developed by a person, by hand. It's hand wound in total darkness onto a reel, the reel is put in a little tank and different chemicals are added to the tank to develop the film. Then the film is hand printed under an enlarger (think about dark room scenes in the movies). If done right, it's a time consuming, painstaking process.

Color process BW film works just like color film--in fact, I think it basically *is* color film, but made so the colors don't develop, if that makes sense. It's processed just like color film is and is labeled differently than "real" black and white film. You can get decent results, but, IMO, they are generally inferior to the real thing. It's much cheaper to process, though.

Hope that clears things up.

peace, Beth
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With my dd's birth which was almost 2 mo. ago now, we had a professional birth photographer there. She is also a childbirth educator and doula, so she had been around birth for years. It was WONDERFUL and I really didn't notice that she was there. The pictures we have of our dd birth are amazing! It allowed my dh to be fully present and take in the birth, without being distracted my taking pictures.


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I voted take pix. With dd1, I allowed NO cameras at all until about an hour after birth - everything cleaned up, etc. Now I am so sad that we have no pix of the first time we held her, just after she was born.

With dd2, the midwife's assistant took some GREAT pix! Truly fantastic. I treasure them. Some were too graphic but some were perfectly PG - there is a two page spread with these in her photo album and everyone from my brother to my husband's friends have seen it and I am not the least bit embarrassed - they are in very good taste. Nothing "shows" at all (she shot from the side - you'd have to see them but it is fine).

Dd3, the second midwife took some pix. With dd2 and dd3 we used B & W film - YOU MUST USE BLACK AND WHITE FILM!!!!! It captures the moment so perfectly and none of the blood shows! I feel very strongly that you should take pix (you can always hide them away so no one ever sees them - or whatever but you can never get them back if you don't have them taken). You cannot regret taking them IMO.

Yes, there are two kinds of B & W film. I have used both. We used the better/more expensive kind with dd2's birth. Had to be developed at a photo place and I assume someone definitely saw them. We used the other (it is called C-41) with dd3's birth. C41 can be developed anywhere. We used Costco one hour. I don't think anyone saw them - they are so busy there.... The machine spit them out, someone tossed them into an envelope, gave us our negatives and away we went. I was right there watching them come out of the machine. They may not be quite as high quality as the film/pix from dd2's birth but they are still good.

So I vote take pix with B & W film!
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Originally posted by Charmie981
That's why I my digital camera .
I have a digital camera too. Never even thought of that since b&w film was brought into the subject. I still dont know if I would want photo's though because that would mean another person in the room.
With my last ds, ds1 video taped the birth. If he wasn't willing I wouldnt have had it taped because he was the only other person I wanted to be there besides dh. So if I wanted photo's too I would have to be willing to hve another body in the room.

I get the b&w film differences. I did once use traditional b&w film and the newer stuff. I was just thinking about the differences and the real black and white photo's I have are much nicer looking than the "not so real".
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I get the b&w film differences. I did once use traditional b&w film and the newer stuff. I was just thinking about the differences and the real black and white photo's I have are much nicer looking than the "not so real".
Oh, Tammi! I hope I didn't offend! I just sensed some confusion among some of the posts here. I have strong feelings about black and white film since I used to work with it--I feel like I have a moral obligation to educate!

peace, Beth
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I took family pictures after the birth. During the birth, I am sorry, that is too personal.

I also thought that it was becoming too passe' in hospitals as the film can be used as evidence in a malpractice case.

Just something I heard.
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Our hospital wouldn't allow anything from any direction but the head down, probably for the reasons you mention, Miriam. Not a big deal, because I just wasn't into having pictures of the actual birth at that point. Like you said...too personal.

Now that I've been there, done that, though, I know how much you can forget of that HUGE moment in your life. After 27 hours of labor and three hours of pushing, I wasn't really aware enough to make note of any of the things I wanted to make note of. So with this one, I do want the birth pictures, even if they're just for my eyes. We did have a family friend there who picked up the camera very quickly after the birth and took some great pictures of us as a new family. Which is really cool . We didn't plan on her being there for the birth b/c I just wanted me and Jason and whoever was medically necessary. But I'm so glad she was there b/c without her we would not have had pictures (or someone to feed me ice chips while DH was catching Samuel ).
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i don't like the idea of video, I would not want that to take over my memory of my labors. I have allowed pictures though at my labors, and I LOVE them!!! I have both b&w and color. I prefer the b&w, they seem to capture more of the *magic*. my brother did take some "artistic" ones of the blood-tinged pool(it would make and interesting cd jacket, he said: ) I am so thankful to have pictures because while I will always remember the feeling (who can forget?) of birthing my children, I can also look back at a photograph and a whole new dimension of memories are added. While my pictures are not explicit, they don't conceal anything. I love showing my daughters their birthing photo albums. It really helped them prepare for when I was in labor. Also, as a side note, my brother *audio* taped my last labor. Listening to that makes me sob like nothing else. It is very raw and puts me right back in that moment. i love it
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i was never into videos...aethetically, they are often bad, and i'm too private for up close shots. when my dh bought a video camera last fall, he mentioned using it and i said no way. but he (unbeknownst to me) set it up on a counter in the room, and left it there. it was pretty far away, and from the side. i am actually very glad to have it. it will be nice to show to the family members who thought i was a little weird for not going to a hospital!!
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