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why do some women shake after giving birth?

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i had an unmedicated birth last year. i remember shaking so bad afterwards. was it because of the shock of pain or some other reason. i just kept thinking to myself, wow! did that hurt.:
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I shook after both deliveries (epidural/pitocin and natural at home) and attributed it to being shearly exhausted. I would get the same way after a long race back in high school (cross country team).
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I'm not sure and would like to understand it better. I think it must have something to do with the hormones -- maybe the stress to the body of coming down off the huge amount of adrenaline? It does seem to be correlative -- the more normal my births (that is, the more adrenaline released in second stage) the more I shook afterwards.
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I agree with the PP. Whenever I do a hard workout at the gym or run that extra mile(rarely mind you) I shake uncontrollably. There is no doubt in my mind, labor is a much harder workout so yeah, shaking's gonna happen.

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I shook after both of my c-sections.

Hormones i would guess
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Also the body temperature resets-- I think that might have something to do with it.
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I shook after ds1's high intervention, tons of meds hospital birth. Stadol really did me in, I still have memory problems because of it. And when I got home 48 hours later I laid in bed unable to sleep, shaking and sweating, my heart racing. They don't tell you about the withdrawals of narcotics when they give them to you: After I had ds2, an unmedicated home birth, I didn't shake at all. In fact I was quite lethargic because my bp plummeted to 60/30 ( didn't drink enough water- my fault! ) and laid on the bed unable to move for several hours.
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I shook after my c-section too. I thought maybe it was the effects of the general anaesthetic. I didn't realize it happened often in vaginal/non-medicated births too. Interesting.
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Perhaps there are different kinds of shaking with different causes.
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I think it must vary. I know that I didn't shake after dd until I stood up for more than a moment. Then with ds, I shook a bit in the shower but what both had in common was a temperature change. So I think for me a temperature change of some sort triggers the shaking... but I don't know that it's actually the cause.
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My OB told me it was because of hormones

Of course, that was an OB, so ... with a grain of salt
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i shook like crazy after both births - both of them medication free, one hospital in stirrups on my back and one in a birth center. i assumed it was adrenaline.
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Weird! I never even thought about this until I read it!! I had 3 unmedicated births and didn't shake at all....strange...I wonder why?
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I shook badly after both of my very quick, low-intervention births. I assumed it was adrenaline related.
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Wow. I shook too. I had an unmedicated pitocin induced labor. It was quick and painful and I shook for an hour after. I forgot all about that until now.
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I shook like mad after both c-sections, but I attribute that to the drugs. Not sure if I'm correct.
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I don't think that it is known why we shiver-- one thing we loose quiet a bit of heated core-mass and all the organs shift.

there are also all sorts of hormones- and some think that just the shifting of force/energies from the uterus back to general circulation has a causual effect
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My sister shook terribly after both of her c-sections. We always assumed it was a c-section related thing. It is interesting to hear about different experiences!
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I don't remember with my 1st, but I shook after my 2nd was born, totally unmedicated homebirth. It's hormones, and probably whether/how much you shake has to do w/ how your body processes the hormones. 2nd stage involves a big rush of adrenaline.
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