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i'm generally a very social person & get out & about with my girls 3-4 times a week. i have quite a few friends & even more acquaintances so even without organized classes i manage to keep my girls busy with friends & activities. lately, though, i am a complete hermit! i don't necessarily want to stay inside all day....i just want people to leave me alone. i have very nice neighbors all around me but i find myself dreading the girls begging to play with their kids because i can't tolerate small talk with their parents. i don't want to be around anyone that i don't know REALLY well (which is about 5 people total) and i find myself yearning for this baby to come so i have an excuse to stay at home & mind my own business for a while. i don't remember feeling this way when i was pregnant with the girls so i'm starting feel guilty...like i'm becoming bitchy, or something. tell me this is normal! someone? anyone?
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Dude, I think it's the epitome of normal.

I'd also tend to think of such a shift as a sign of a baby soon to come. Though soon is relative. . .

Be a hermit; it's not bitchy at all, it's probably adaptive!
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absolutely. we had company and i was barely able to be civil. hope they know it was just pregnancy induced and not that i really couldn't stand to be around them.
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I am getting to be this way as well... only I think it stems from how hard it is to get up and get ready these days. I am so sick of my clothes, being big, helping ds on the floor, trying to get everything in the car with this huge belly and finally hearing 'oh your getting big'!~! I swear people just dont understand that its not fun to talk about how big I'm getting... yes I'm pregnant things expand but come on find something else to say... you look great, your boobs are huge, your hair is nice... not your big!
Yep I'm a bit grouchy... good thing I'm staying away from the public.
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Sounds normal to me.

At the end due to the fact I normally go late I even turn off the ringer and turn off the volume for the phone.
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I also think its part of the "nesting" habit..wanting to settle down in your abode and focus on family rather than anyone else. I'm sure most people would understand, if not, oh well!
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I don't want to go anywhere or talk to anyone. I think this is the main reason (besides good old fashioned stress) that I don't want to go to work anymore. If I could just shut my office door and get some stuff done, I'd be much happier about going. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way and my boss keeps avoiding the calls she doesn't want to take by directing them to me. Also, DD3 is turning 5 this week and so now I have to go to the inlaws (got out of having them come here, TG). I had been planning a nice quiet family party, maybe going out for pizza or just chilling at home and having her favorite meal and then they called to ask when her party was going to be. Duh, if we were having a party and were inviting you, we probably woulda invited you. Hubby and I are at odds over this - his family had (has) birthday parties with friends and cake and games every year and my family had special birthday-person centered family dinners every year, usually only immediate family. Neither of us seems to be able to give in much so usually he ends up planning something and I reluctantly go along with it. So really, this year is a good compromise between the two, I'm just not in the mood since I'm so very pregnant and nothing is as irritating as inlaws when you're very pregnant. Heck, I don't know if I'd want to party with MY parents at this point. A quiet hotel room with room service and a jacuzzi tub sounds like a good way to celebrate a 5yo's birthday, doesn't it?
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Oh god I hear you on the no more family parties thing! I had ***3*** this weekend, yes, 3 parties in restaurants with 15 or more people attending... oh my what hell it was. I could't even appreciate the (excellent) food b/c I'm so pregnant.

And if I get cheek-kissed and asked "So how are you feeling?" one more time... and "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" UGH there's nothing inherently wrong with the questions, I'm just tired of it. I feel big and pregnant, thanks. We are having a baby, that's all I know. You asked me that last week.

The best is "So are you going to find out the sex?" Ummm... it's a bit late for that now, don't you think? Ask me again in a month, I'm pretty sure I'll have found out then.
It's enough to make a girl lock herself in the bathroom.
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I was the same way last week. I didn't want to talk to anyone, see anyone or do anything! I'm a VERY social person and do lots of things but I had no patience for anything that anyone would say, even nice things!

Now that baby is here I am feeling much better but enjoying my babymoon though.

It will pass Mama. Just do what you need to do for you to get into your space for the perfect space.
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I also get this way toward the end just to avoid the round of pregnancy questions and comments. "Due date? You look ready to pop (OR) you don't look that far along! Name? Where are you delivering? Meds? Blah blah blah." Totally understandable. It's okay to feel that way.
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Count me in as also feeling anti-social. I just don't want to deal with anyone... We had DH's family over for dinner on Friday (don't ask - BIL's s.o. was on Who wants to be a millionare - we're the only ones with TIVO, so everyone had to come over to watch it since its on at noon here)... it was all I could do not to be really, really rude. I sort of kept my mouth shut.
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i'm glad i'm not the only one! my IL's came over yesterday & before i committed to "letting" them come, i verified with my husband that he would be around....physically & mentally. he has a habit & inviting people over & then wandering away, getting distracted with his own life & leaving me to entertain. it drives me batty!!! even though he promised me he would be present, he still kept trying to busy himself & disappear outside but i kept reeling him in. i was NOT in a good state of mind to have small talk with his parents!

also, i was invited to a barbeque saturday night but i canceled at the last minute because i was exhausted & couldn't fathom visiting with mostly perfect strangers. my friend (more like an acquaintance) was obviously disappointed but i couldn't give a hoot! she was silent on the phone when i told her i wasn't coming & i could feel my blood start to boil. I AM 38 WEEKS PREGNANT, for crying out loud!? no more committments for me. i'm just hanging out with my girls until d-day....safer this way!
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I will raise my hand to feeling anti social.
I hate talking on the phone and now its even worst. I also do not like going out...nothing like a pregnant belly to attract strangers. I am so not into small talk. What does it matter if I am having a boy or girl or how high I am carrying? Are you trying to make me cry?
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I'm definately feeling like just being with my family (immediate family definately not the extended family) I backed out of two kids birthday parties this weekend because I just couldn't handle going
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I'm going through something really similar. I don't remember it from dd's pregnancy but I definately feel that way this time. I'm actually worse than that though, I have gotten incredibly hostile the last three or four days. I hope that is some wierd labor sign.
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Well I would say I am lurking from April but it looks like I am officially a member of due in May now. : ANyway, yes its totally normal. I am SO antisocial that thankfully my friends have stopped calling. I turned off my cell phone, changed the message on my machine to something a bit snarky and am avoiding all social gatherings and playgroups.
I am a horrible horrible person right now.
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I'll join the anti-social club (oximoron?) I really wish I was closer to the end of this pregnancy so I had a better excuse to just hide away. Spend more time with me and Squirmy while I don't have to share with anyone.
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I'm getting there...mostly because I don't want to keep answering people's questions about when this baby is going to come--or when I'm going to "pop".
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I had it with my other pregnancies and its been creeping up on me during this one.I moved to HI at 29 weeks and have made no effort to make new IRL friends.I just don't want to try until after the baby comes.I get pissy cuz I have to heave myself up to find and answer the phone.The thought of having to get three unwilling bodies dressed and then try to find something to cover myself and get those unwilling bodies out the door to go anywhere is just too exhausting but I really need to finish my shopping.I wish my critters would stop touching me but they need thier mama.
My antisocial urges are getting so bad that I am even having a hard time online.I want to go off on people for what would normally not annoy me.I have to stop posting cuz most of the time I am having nothing nice to say. That is sooo not me.
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