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baby shower

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I know I had told you guys about my issue with my friend wanting to give me a shower, and how much I dislike traditional showers
well she is amazing. she planned a baby blessing. low key, good music, everyone brought beads and wrote special messages for baby and me in a special book.everyone brought a candle and we lit them as they shared their special messages with me. It was absolutly wonderful.
i feel very lucky, centered and loved
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Awww, that's fabulous! Sounds like a great friend...and exactly what you wanted/needed right now.
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How WONDERFUL! It's so nice to have friends who know, understand, and respect you, huh?

Mine is doing something similar for me - waiting until after the baby is born, and we'll tie dye clothes. She's also sewing me a diaper bag she knows I love because I've been drooling over our friend's version for about a year now! We just picked out and ordered my fabrics tonight.
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Oh, I'm so glad that you had such a great time and you were so loved! Its such a nice feeling!
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i'm so glad it all turned out well! it sounds like just the right celebration for you!!
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That sounds beautiful
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