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Twin pregnancy symptoms?

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I also posted on the "I'm Pregnant" forum but figured this was a sensible place, as well! I hope you don't mind me dropping in!

Just for fun, really, I'd love to know the symptoms from twin mamas at around 17 weeks (4 months). How high was your fundus? Energy level? Nausea? Hunger? Could you tell there were two babies by palpating your tummy? What did or didn't you notice that would be different from a singleton pregnancy?

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I found out at 12 weeks after self-diagnosing... measured way too big. I do my own prenatal care (since 5wk), so at week 17, here's what I wrote:

weight gain: +8lb (now at 26, I'm +26!)
fundal height: 21 cm
fetal heart tones: none yet
some movement
heartburn getting worse
some BH contrax

This pregnancy has been really hard. Double the fatigue. At this point, if I didn't know I was having twins by size alone, I wouldn't suspect by movement. It never "feels" like two in there, and I still can't palpate them.
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We found out by u/s at 13 weeks. I had fewer symptoms, no sickness at all. I was tired, but since I also had 2 under 3 already, I figured that was part of it. I was eating ALL the time.
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I found out via u/s at 9wks that I was having twins. Around 17wks, I looked pregnant, not BIG though, no other symptoms. My twin pregnancy was easier than my singleton pregnancy. I was tired but nothing out of the ordinary. I swear if I hadnt seen an u/s with two babies I would never of believed I was pregnant with two babies.
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I found out at 12 weeks via u/s that I was having twins. My hunger was off the chart, my nausea was gone by the end of my first trimester, never got sick though and my headaches were gone too. My problem was the fatigue, I was so tired all the time. I started feeling the first movements around 14 weeks and could definately feel both moving by 18 weeks. I dont remember my exact weight gain at 17 weeks but I did gain 10 lbs the first trimester and a total of 58 lbs at delivery at 30 weeks. I was small to begin with, weighing 115 lbs when conceived.

Baby 'a' was down very low and baby 'b' was up very high. She spent most of the time with her head in my rib cage :
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I found out via u/s at 14 weeks I was having twins. Before that, I had no different symptoms than I'd had when pg w/my dd--no m/s, no nausea, no real tiredness to speak of, and not much bigger (though I felt bigger sooner--something I'd dismissed as "2nd pregnancy" phenomena). The only big difference to me came when we went out xc skiing in preparation for a race--I could only ski about 50-75 feet before becoming extremely winded. Had to stop and catch my breath, etc. Nothing more than that until about 23 wks when I started to get bh contrax like crazy (didn't have those until about 35 wks with my daughter.
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At 16 weeks, I consulted with a midwife (wasn't sure what midwife I was planning to use or whether I'd have to go with a doctor--finances). My morning sickness was usually controlled by eating, but I had a hard time eating enough to control it with the twins. When I measured big, I asked the midwife if it could be twins, but she was sure it wasn't (I think she thought my dates were off). At that point, those were my only noticeable symptoms.
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Thanks so much, mamas! I have no idea what to think of my "symptoms" at this point... But when I told DH how big I measured myself at last night, he finally got silly about the possibility, which is a LOT better than his comments about finding a bridge to jump off of! For him, it actually means he's taking it more seriously!

So here's what I know... I absolutely know conception date (was charting various signs, though not temping). At 11wks had our first appt with our MW (2nd pgcy with her). At first palpation she said, "Well, that feels like a healthy 16wk uterus!" We couldn't find a heartbeat, though, either high or low, and she suggested maybe I had fibroids (never had before) that were causing it to feel bigger.

Two weeks later she came back to try again. Fundus was a couple of fingers below my navel at that point - this is 13wks. Still no hb, so we started thinking there's another anterior placenta.

Three weeks later (16wks) she comes again and we find a heartbeat! By this point I'm definitely feeling a baby HIGH - and she confirms that my fundus is at my navel level and baby is way up there. Baby seems to like to stay in that area, too. Heard the heartbeat and some big kicks, too, so we all feel better! Joked about the possibility of twins and she neither dismissed the idea nor said she thought we had two. We briefly discussed multiples issues but mostly talked about things not directly related to us.

Now, I'm 17.5wks and finally decided to try measuring. My fundus definitely above my navel now. I measured 3 times and got two measurements of 23cm and one of 25, so I'm going with the more conservative 23cm for now. Granted I may not be getting it perfectly, but still! I have no history with previous pregnancies of measuring large, and my boys were 7lb14oz and 7lb2oz!

As for symptoms the worst has been the complete and utter exhaustion. I've called my MW asking about anemia (never had) because I have had such horrible problems with the fatigue - and this was at 16wks, when I thought it should've been lightening up already.

I've been constantly hungry pretty much the whole time. I remember eating in the middle of the night with my others, but I haven't this time. Just ALL. THE. TIME. when I'm up. Though I haven't gained any weight - I started out "fluffy" to begin with, and I've lost weight early on with my others, as well. Plus, I was in an exercise class this time, too, which was great but certainly burned more calories than in my previous pregnancies.

I have not been as sick this time, but have been plenty nauseous. It's really surprised me that I haven't thrown up as much, as I was sick well into the 2nd tri with both of my boys.

As of 15-16 weeks I could easily palpate the baby up high, but now I'm having trouble as the shapes I'm feeling don't feel the same as what I was feeling. I need to double check how big the baby should be by now. For a while I knew baby was about 5-6in long and felt exactly that. Now I feel more in there but I can't tell if it's baby in a funny position, or what!

There are NO multiples in either family, so I'm guessing if we do have two they're more likely identical... but I have done very little research in the area, other than a basic curiousity over many years!

I'm going to schedule an u/s for 20 weeks - just 2.5 weeks away. Unless indicated, that's the earliest my mw recommends having one. Though somewhere I read a poster say that it's better to have one earlier if you suspect twins to look at the placentas?

Anyhow, I have trouble believing that it's REALLY two, but I also have trouble reconciling the size that's been consistently big. I guess I need to look into 3rd pregnancies more and see if there's any propensity to be THAT much bigger.

Thanks for your input, mamas!!
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I'd recommend an u/s. If you are having twins, you'll want to know how many placentas and sacs. A mono/di pregnancy can be very complicated, and a mono/mono pregnancy can also be very complicated.
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post
I'd recommend an u/s. If you are having twins, you'll want to know how many placentas and sacs. A mono/di pregnancy can be very complicated, and a mono/mono pregnancy can also be very complicated.
Is sooner better than later? i.e., should I call my MW and see if she thinks there's really any chance of it, and get an u/s this week at 18wks if so?

Also, any good resources to read up on the different types of twins? Such as, what is mono/di and mono/mono?
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A little update... I called my MW who agreed it's possible but there are also other possibilities for a larger-than-avg uterus. So she recommended that I go ahead and get an u/s sooner rather than later, especially if I was preoccupied with it! So I'm penciled in for Wednesday afternoon. No matter how many, I at least get to see my baby! And that's a very good thing!
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I didn't find out I was having twins until an ultrasound at 21 weeks, which I only had because I started measuring big. I was pretty much on target at first, and then measured 26 at 21 weeks.

As far as symptoms...I felt more tired and out of it during the first trimester. I remember saying, "gosh, I don't remember being this out of it with my other 2". I also had some movement that seemed funny, like 2 kicks within seconds on opposite sides of my belly, when the baby was only supposed to be 5 inches long. I thought, how does it move so quick? And I started showing sooner, which I initially attributed to the fact that it was my third pregnancy. And all of my previous pregnancy symptoms( ie. fatigue, pelvis problems, etc) started showing up sooner.

You must suspect that you might be carrying twins? I had a feeling, but dismissed it as crazy pregnant lady fantasy. That'll teach me.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
There are NO multiples in either family, so I'm guessing if we do have two they're more likely identical... but I have done very little research in the area, other than a basic curiousity over many years!
Here are two things I've learned since finding out we were having twins. First, genetic twins come through the mother's side (because she has to produce two eggs). Second, multiple pregnancies and advanced age can predispose you to twins, even without family history (I have NO FAMILY HISTORY at least as far back as my great grandparents--don't know the history earlier than them).

Anyhow, I have trouble believing that it's REALLY two, but I also have trouble reconciling the size that's been consistently big. I guess I need to look into 3rd pregnancies more and see if there's any propensity to be THAT much bigger.
This was the other thing that "threw me off" the twin scent. My mom said third pregnancies tend to be bigger than earlier ones. We all knew I was definitely bigger, but because she said that, I just thought it was a third pregnancy thing.

Until you get the ultrasound, I'd recommend drinking lots of water and eating tons of protein. A mom in our Moms of Multiples group was due Aug 2 the year previous to my twins; my twins were due Aug 1. Hers had arrived already in May of that year. I didn't meet her until June and was amazed to realize just how early hers had arrived (with their early arrival and TTTS, it's amazing they're doing as well as they are, even though they're still trying to figure out how to eat without relying mostly on their feeding tubes).
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Thanks so much for the input. I have been eating a TON of protein and been drinking lots of water. The more attention I pay to it, the more I get. In fact one of my first symptoms was completely unquenchable thirst! And protein - yeah, I crave beef and peanut butter!

I talked with my MW today and asked for her honest opinion on the possibility of twins. Her initial response was, "it's always possible." But the more we discussed and I told her the measuring I've done and how big I'm getting, she agreed that we should go ahead and have an u/s done sooner than later. So I'm scheduled to go get one on Wednesday! Yay!!

On the one hand I think it's totally impossible and really unlikely. On the other, I am totally okay with it and started thinking "they" without meaning to. I really have no idea! My MW suggested GD as another possibility for an enlarged uterus, and apparently there are some other possibilities that she didn't delve into. Regardless, I hope to find out some more definite news on Wednesday!!
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I am glad that you are getting one sooner rather then later. Twins carry their own complications so if you are, it is best to see what is going on. I just wanted to say that if you are pg w/ twins and you have 2 sacs and 2 placentas that they still could be ID. Most likely the tech and/or doctor will tell you they are fraternal but that isnt always the case. My twins were in seperate sacs and placentas and was told 100% that they were fraternal. I later found out (shortly before birth) that there was a 25% chance they could ID but since we have frats in our family, I assumed they were frat. My doc didnt even have the placenta tested to check b/c he was positive they were frat.

After they were born we couldnt tell them apart and they had the same blood type (clue to being ID) so at 4 months I had them DNA tested and they are ID.

Here's hoping that all goes well at your u/s!!!! let us know ASAP!
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We were told fraternal and that's what I'm assuming (that's 70%) of twins. But with both being girls, unless they're extremely different we'll do a DNA test.

When my OB said he thought they were fraternal he showed on the U/S a "peak" in the 2 placentas. He said that's a sign of being fraternal, but that was at 12 weeks, when it's really easy to see placentas, sacs, etc.. May be more difficult for you as you're further along.

ETA: Here's my 12 week U/S pic (only one I have!) and if you look at the bottom between the sac, to the left of the arrow, you see a small triangle/peak. He says that's what points to fraternal.
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Yeah, with MZ ("identical") twins, it's all about when the egg splits. If the egg splits early, they can have 2 of everything. If the egg splits late, twins can end up conjoined... that's very rare, obvs.
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Thanks so much for the info! I had long thought that they'd have to have one sac to be MZ, but have heard more and more that that's not the case. Now to just get through today and actually accomplish anything before the u/s tomorrow! I don't have a strong feeling right now of what we're really dealing with, but I'm so eager to find out for sure!
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Didn't see an answer to your question about identicals so I'll chime in. Mono/Di is monochorionic/Diamniotic (one placenta, two amniotic sacs). Mono Di twins can get what is called Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome where one twin's blood is diverted to the other twin (so one gets too much and the other not enough). They have a 10%-20% chance of geting this and it has a high mortality rate if not caught early (there isn't much you can do about it, but there are some treatments available. Mainly, they need to be born early so that they both survive). Mono/Mono twins are monochorionic/monoamniotic so they share a placenta AND an amniotic sac. These are rare (1% of monozygotic twin pregnancies), but also have to be born early (usually by c-section) because of the risk of entanglement and cord compression. Both are serious and need considerable monitoring for the outcomes to be good. Even di/di identicals and fraternals need special care. Lots of rest, monitoring for anemia, really REALLY good diet and watch out for PTL. The earlier the ultrasound the more likely the chance of telling if they are identical and what "flavor" identical they are. At 17 week it's probally not going to be obvious i if they are fraternal or identical because the placentas can fuse and look like one, however if they find twins with two distinct placentas then you know they won't get TTTS or anything .

This is my second pregnancy. I got a VERY dark home pregnancy test at 5 weeks, had a feeling it was twins, could feel my uterus (felt like I was laying on a softball if I laid on my belly) at 7 weeks and got an ultrasound confirming monochoriotic MZ twins at 7.5 weeks. At 12 weeks they were big enough to see the membrane and they were diagnosed mono/di. By 12-15 weeks my uterus was level with my navel and by 20 weeks or so it was almost to my ribs! I felt much better this pregnancy then with my singleton (no morning sickness, less cramping) although I am a bit more tired.

Good luck and I hope the ultrasound goes well tomorrow!
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Lucia, thanks! That helps a lot! Are fraternal twins, then, always di/di, and therefore safer? I'm thinking YumaDoula has fraternal boys and had TTTS, though, so maybe not?
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