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Had my baby!!!

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Hey ladies,

I want to announce the arrival of our DD. Its a long story so, sit back, get a snack and let me tell you how she came into this world.

It all started Wednesday. I had my u/s and they told me that she was just fine, growing well. The tech told me that she was 6lbs 14oz! (Love how right they were LOL). Then I was off to my NST where she did fine and I was having contractions (go figure). The nurse asked if I wanted to be checked but I passed b/c I didn't want them to keep me b/c Kristen (our 13yr old) or our bags weren't w/ us. She was fine w/ it. She told us that the way I was contracting that she was sure I'd be back soon. DH and I just laughed and thought yea right! Little did we know.

We got home after having a nice dinner out together sat down w/ the girls for a couple hours then it started! The contractions started and where about 15 mins apart for an hour and were stronger than before. Then they got to about 12 mins apart and I "knew" it was it . (This was about 10:45pm Weds night). DH called our friend to come get Veronica. I was sitting on the birth ball and felt "wet" I was in a small puddle of water! I told Ernie well here we go! The ride to the hospital was ok not too bad at all.

We got there and I was told I was only 2cm but 90% effaced. We settled in for a long night. The contractions were about 12-15 mins apart still. They let me labor and checked me about every 2 hrs. At about 4 or 5am the dr checked me and I was still only about 3 and he could feel another bag of water, he sd I may have had a high leak earlier, so he asked if he could break it. I was scared b/c of how painful it was when my water broke w/ Veronica but I thought well we better get it rolling. So he did and it was clear. The dr wanted to put an internal monitor in to keep better track of contractions but I really didn't want that b/c it would have kept me in the bed and that would have been a SURE sign for me not to get the birth I wanted. I sd no and the dr sd that was fine. He also wanted to start me on pit but I told him I'd rather wait and revamp after I got to 4cm, he didn't bat an eye. It was sooo great not to have to fight tooth and nail to get what I knew I needed to do. Labor was still slow but it was picking up in pain. I finally got to 4cm at about 9am. I got a new nurse and she was WONDERFUL, she had had 2 home births and knew how to support me and really understood what I wanted in my birth. I know w/out Joy I would have not made it and it would have been a fight for what I needed and got to do. I labored on the birth ball for a bit, moved as I needed to do. Then when things got kind rough I got into the shower (which I stayed for 2 1/2 hrs HEAVEN!). As things started to get harder I started to visualize the contractions being waves that I had to ride over and through. I went inside myself and was really out of it during the rest of labor. I guess you could say I looked drunk while out of it and in my own little world. I never got to the point that I thought I couldn't do it, I kept telling myself to open up and let her come out! I tell ya it was powerful!

They got me out of the shower so that the dr could check me and told me I was 9 1/2 and baby was "there" (this was about 12:45). Dr left and sd "Call me when she feels pushy." I don't remember ANY of this, I was in my own world. After the dr left I wanted to sit on the toilet to use that to labor the rest of the way. The bed made me very uncomfortable but the toilet was nice (never thought I'd think of a toilet like that). I started to feel my body push, I wasn't doing it but riding the waves of my body doing what it needed to do. At one point I stood up and gave a HUGE push and sat back down. Next thing I know I look at Joy in the eye (who was kneeling in front of me w/ Ernie) and sd "She is THERE!" She sd "OK, lets get to the bed", me "NO, her head is HERE!" She was crowing! Ernie and Joy both pulled the cords in the bathroom for "help" (which was 2 useless nurses). I kept my hand on her head the whole time, so I was the 1st person to touch her! I guided her head out w/ Joy's hand behind mine. One little tiny push and I pulled her out on my chest at 1:27pm! It was the COOLEST thing ever!! Apparently Joy and Ernie had been trying to get me to the bed for a good 20-30 mins but I was in my own space and didn't hear them at all. They then got me off the toilet and to the bed so that I could deliver the placenta, the dr also came in to deliver the placenta! It was funny b/c she put on a huge mask and gloves up to her elbows and things on her shoes and a hat just for the placenta! LOL It was pretty funny. Joy, Ernie, Kristen and I laughed about it after she left b/c poor Joy didn't even have gloves on and she helped deliver her. The dr showed us the placenta and her very small cord it was tiny. Kristen thought it was amazing that she lived there for the last 9 mths and kept asking questions which the dr was really nice and told her all about it.

I had no tears no nothing but a healthy happy baby! It was a long labor but it was empowering and a wonderful experience. I'm so glad that I did it the way I wanted to and that no one gave me a fight about it.

Kristen got to watch her come out, which she thought was amazingly cool. One of the nurses who came in to "help" told Kristen to get back but being my dd she stood right there to watch, which I had told her before that she had a right to be there to do no matter what she was told (unless something was wrong of course). We don't have any pics of her coming out or a video which I wanted but thats ok.

Thanks for letting me share my story w/ y'all sorry its so long. Here is a link for pictures of her.

Elise Jeannette
6lbs 4.6oz
19 inches long
Arrived April 26th at 1:27pm

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Congrats, mama!!

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CONGRATS Sounds like a great birth!
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Congrats! That's a GREAT story!
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Beautiful birth story!! Many blessings to you and your expanding family!
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how wonderful that your daughter witnessed the birth! and your makeup & nails held up nicely. thanks for sharing your story & the pics & many blessings to you all!!!
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Congratulations! I love your birth story and love that your dd got to witness the birth even with the "helpful" nurse in the way.
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WTG, Mama! What a great story! :
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Congrats, Your story helps me feel better about having the birth I want in a hospital!
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wtg, mama!
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What an amazing hospital birth, Congrats!!!:
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I love the pics at the end with you and your three girls... you all look so cute, healthy, and happy!!!
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After reading how lovely your birthing went, I'm so excited to have my baby!! Congrats!
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What an awesome story. Congrats, Mama!
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You rock, I am so happy for you!
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congratulations! great photos
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