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Does anyone else feel like everyone of their internal organs is being crushed? My stomach must be the size of a walnut by now. The chiro adjusted me today & it did help a little. I'm 5'1" so I sort of knew I'd be feeling this way, buy until you feel this way............

I'm definitely in the napping club & have been for most of my PG. Even more so now that my night sleep is all messed up; baby is kicking, can't get comfortable, hand or arm is falling asleep, getting up to pee a million times, etc.

Tomorrow is my 33 week appt & I'm assuming that everything will be A-Ok. I love talking to my MWs.

We had our 1st childbirth class on Sunday, it's through my MW practice & is given by the doula that I will be using. DH & I absolutely love her. She is so down to earth, kind & into the whole birthing process. I feel so very lucky to have found this practice & feel 100% confident that they will help me have the best birth possible. And even though I am giving birth at a hospital, it has a really good vibe. The entire Maternity Ward has been shaped by my MWs (they got the hospital to install birthing tubs & have totally trained the staff to their methods), plus it takes up 1 floor & no sickies are allowed.

Wombat- My sip of wine goes right to my head since I am PG & believe me I was an avid wine drinker before being PG. I actually find that the better hydrated I am, the less tipsy I get though. Although I don't have (& neither do my MWs) a problem with a little bit of alcohol while PG, it makes me feel yucky overall. I can't wait until the day comes that I can really enjoy a glass of wine or one of my favorite summer time drinks, a gin & tonic. Ah!!!!!

Willo- I hope your counts keep going up. Although my #s aren't quite as low & I'm birthing at hospital already, but I'm battling the same problem & do I feel it. Sometimes my muscles are just screaming for more oxygen after I make even the smallest exertion.

Baby shower is this Saturday. Since my friends wanted to have it at my house, we are working really hard to get everything in order. It'll be nice to get everything is place & feel like I can mellow our a little for my last 6 wks. Like I will actually mellow out. :
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I'm starting to feel that I need a nap every day now too. And I'm getting really clumsy--today I banged into furniture about five times.

Is anyone else noticing weird, sort of migrating joint pains? For a while it was my right ankle, then my right hip, then my left, and now it's my left foot. Feels like the pain is travelling in a circle, sort of a week or two at a time in each place. I guess it's lucky that it isn't staying everywhere all at once.

It's so crazy to read about how close some of you are getting to your due dates! Mine still feels a long way away, 8 weeks. But I suspect she'll be late, and my theory is still that because she'll have both Canadian and American citizenship, it'll be July 1st or 4th.
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Oh... catching up.... haven't been on in a few days...

Shellel-happy birthday!!
Jillian - Congrats on the wedding!
WombatHappy Lady day... I've been trying to think of something smallish to do with DD since it's just the two of us now... and I'm totally jelous about the hard cider! Was it woodchucks? lol that on always gets to me!

As for me..... I had a very lovely Baby shower on Sunday. It was nice! the cutest cake and double stuff Oreos!!!!!! Lots of tasty foods and sweet and thoughtful women! I had a really nice time. A friend of mine hosted and organized it for me, very sweet. We played a rather funny game that I just have to share! I had never played it before!
She got 5 diapers and numbered them. Then melted (in the microwaved) little fun size candy bars in each one and mashed them up! We had to pass the diapers around and try to guess what each kind of candy was... you could look, smell... even taste! It was sooooo disgusting looking but it really was a riot... especially looking at some of the older ladies investigating (and YES, tasting) the "poopy" diapers! I will post pics when I get them!

As for who's going first I will volunteer!!!!!! Well.... I I'll volunteer if it can be mid-may sometime. How's that sound for every one? I'm trying to go to school June 11th so my June 5th due date just doesn't fit in with the schedule! Think any one will tell the baby?

I was contracting on and off all day on sunday and it made me think:
Do you think it's possible to go through those early contractions... early labor.... and not even realize that it's labor? I dont mean to sound stupid or anything, but last time around my water broke and nothing happened so they ended up giving me Pitocin.... I dont know what "natural" labor feels like... only super strong, pounding contractions... I KNOW what they are like, you can't miss them!

NESTING FINALLY!!!! well... the urge is there and I'm doing what I can considering the rooms and situation. I washed all baby clothes that I have today was giddy about some really soft recieving blankets I got at the shower. Although, I spent the morning super depressed and a bit weepy about DexP... then the after noon taking a walk with DD and weeding out which of her toys were going to "take a break" in the basement for a rotation. Am I bipolar or just pregnant and hormonal????

OOOO... one last thing.... about dropping.... A few people have made the comment at the shower that I looked like I had dropped... and while I feel her more in my pelvis, and she has slowed/settled down ALOT, I dont feel that "OH MY GOSH I CAN BREATH AGAIN!!!!!!" sort of feeling I had when DD dropped.... infact, I feel like there is no room for my lungs at all!!!! Maybe she hasn't dropped perse, but got into position? who knows... certaintly not me this time around!

ETA: I always try to keep these short and i ALWAYS end up rambeling!!! sorry...
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Wombat: I've had two half glasses of wine this pregnancy during my PTL scare. I figured that Ina May used to use alcohol with a lot of success to stop PTL so I tried it out. It worked well but I feel tipsy after just a few sips I've never been able to drink a lot, but before getting pregnant I would have a large glass of wine here and there and be ok.

Whitewax: I feel like my little one has dropped too. He feels really low and my belly looks like it hangs a lot lower now too. I also have to pee ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I'll pee, go sit down on the couch, then realize I have to pee again once I get comfy. My poor bladder is taking a beating! I'm fine with you going first and mid May sounds nice, can you believe that is in two weeks?

I'm counting down the days until 10 because that is the day I will start drinking RRL tea by the gallon again and I'll go completely off my Omegas and maybe even dtd again. My MW wants me to make it to at least 36.5 weeks. I also have a bottle of evening primrose oil capsules that my sis gave me (leftover from her birth) and I'm considering taking them at 37 weeks to help things along.
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Okay, my clock shows 9:17 am, and I am SOOO ready for a nap. I think I'm so spacey lately that I forgot to say that I'm a napper earlier in this discussion.

I never touched a drop of alcohol during my first pg, but, I'll admit, I did have a half a glass of wine last week when I was relaxing and worried about those ctx/major baby movements. (I love those stories about how they used to give intravenous alcohol to pg women with pre-term labor back in the 60's or whenever. ) I've been missing wine, but it made me feel pretty yucky when I drank it. Not sure if that was a bit of guilt, or just my body telling me it isn't the right thing for me now?

I am working both this morning and Tuesday morning this week, though I'd asked for last week to be my final "two shift" week. Scheduling was tight, so I agreed to do one more week like this. I feel like such a wuss complaining in front of those many of you who "really" work (full-time?!? Ack!), but I simply don't feel good when I go spend even these 3-4 hour shifts running around the store now. It simply doesn't feel right--ctx, dizziness, sweatiness. I think I also feel guilty taking it easy when I'm there because I work so little! Sheesh.

The contractor and the plumber did come by yesterday in the late afternoon, so I got my little dose of reassurance that things ARE happening. I learned that we still have some brass pipes in our water supply, which are probably original to the house (100+ years!) and tend to get brittle with age. I need to look this up, now, and see if there are health issues with the brass pipes. They usually can't be patched like copper (because the brittle brass can fall to pieces when they try), so there is some chance a whole long run will end up requiring replacement, but I also want to figure out if it would be healthful (and at what cost!) to consider doing a replacement regardless... We do filter our drinking water, but I figure the less crud poisoning the water in the first place, the better the filter can help us!

Oh, and after work, when I'm good and tired (and will want nothing so much as a nap!), my friend Nancy is going with me to pick out our linoleum. God bless her, because:
1) I don't take my car above 35 mph anymore due to its age and decreptitude, and she's driving (also good since I'll be so tired)
2) She helped me pick out my countertops so I don't feel like I'm making a huge, expensive decision all on my own
3) If I didn't have a "date" to do this, I bet I'd procrastinate due to my fatigue and I could sabotage my own kitchen remodel!!! Yikes!

I hope there are special orders to call at work today. That is the one job I can do with a chair pulled from the back room that doesn't make me feel lazy/guilty...

Waaaah! I'm tired! :

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Happy May Day (and joyous Beltane to you too WhiteWax!)

DD is making little "necklaces" of bells and beads (both from the dollar store) and we'll be hanging them from some of the local trees this evening...as well as offering a little milk and honey to the fair folk this evening when I get home from work (so, ummmm, around 11pm I guess). Oh, and the cherry and apple trees next to the library are in full bloom so I'm thinking of clipping a few small branches on my way home so that DH can take a few pictures of the "May Day Belly" with flowers. But that's all we're doing for the holiday (on the holiday).

DH was laughing at me sooooo much over the whole cider thing. Alcohol just doesn't "taste right" when I'm pregnant, and it's not tough to do without, but I am really looking forward to being able to enjoy a nice red wine with dinner or the now and then bottle of cider (yup, it was the woodchuck extra dark)!

We still have more flat pack to assemble, but Laia "helped" me put together two dressers and a "moose" rocking toy last night. Ah, the joy of "I can do it! No mama! I do it!". We must have been a real sight...the extremely pregnant lady sitting on the floor trying to snag a bolt with her foot since she can't bend over to get it and doesn't want to stand up to get it and the crazy toddler girl dropping random (essential) fasterners into whatever hole she finds in the furniture! But she enjoys it so much and is so proud to tell people that she helped make something, even if it was "hard to do!".

Here's to the merry month of May!
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whoa, I'm behind.

Jillian, i thought you may have had your baby because Wombat said congrats to you in post #1, sorry! so what were the congrats for?

Happy May Day.

I'm 33 weeks tomorrow and get to find out if the baby has moved to head down or not. I'm betting not. although i do have to pee every 5 seconds and I'm not very comfortable in general!
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Happy May Day, Beltane, and whatever else people are celebrating right about now! Personally I'm just celebrating the gorgeous weather and all the blossoming trees.

I'm due 6/4, but I'd venture to guess that I'll not be anywhere near the first to go. DD was 10 days late, and I'm kinda expecting this one to show up between 40 and 41 weeks. I can't believe how soon that is, though! My MW appointments are every week starting next Tuesday and I'm cleared for homebirth that day, too! How freaky is that? I'm excited, but nervous. There's so much I want to get done and I know that it's not all going to happen. But the more time I have, the more items I can check off my list!

This Friday I'm throwing a henna party to celebrate the baby's imminent arrival. A friend very generously offered her home for the party so DD doesn't climb on me with my wet henna paste! A henna artist is coming to decorate my belly and everyone else's hands, arms, whatever. A tarot reader is coming to do our readings. And I'm ordering a ton of yummy Indian food. It should be a lot of fun. One of the guests is bringing her very nice camera so we can do some high-quality maternity shots of my decorated belly.

I feel a little guilty, though. One of the guests just sent me a gift certificate to my favorite CD WAHM's store. Don't get me wrong, I love the gift and I'm grateful, but I specifically said in the invitations that this is not a shower and that we didn't really need anything for the baby, so not to buy gifts. I just wanted to celebrate with some friends! She might have gotten a baby gift for us anyhow, but I worry that she felt she had to because of the party. Am I being paranoid?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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Originally Posted by dara00 View Post
Jillian, i thought you may have had your baby because Wombat said congrats to you in post #1, sorry! so what were the congrats for?
DP and I are getting married this weekend. I posted it at the end of last week's thread.

Originally Posted by dara00 View Post
I'm 33 weeks tomorrow and get to find out if the baby has moved to head down or not. I'm betting not. although i do have to pee every 5 seconds and I'm not very comfortable in general!
I hope the baby is head down!
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Almost 34 weeks, I can't believe it-. That thread of list of to-do things made me panick I have so much to do.

We went for the ultrasound and good news: darling placenta has moved up!!!!! and little being is head down I'm so so happy and relieved, and finally feel I can begin to put myself in homebirth mode. I still have the hematocrit thing, I was quite low, but working on it

Jillian, congrats on the wedding! how beautiful, in the beach!

Shell ell happy birthday!

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Question: is anyone else completely unable to make it through the day without a nap? Not the "I could use a nap"-thing, but the: if-I-don't-go-and-lay-down-I'm-going-to-either-puke-or-cry feeling?
it's been like this for weeks. i wonder if it has something to do with having another child? I don't recall being this tired while pregnant with ds1. I'm so sleepy all the time.

[QUOTE=Jilian;7992663 In a few more days the June 1 mamas will be "term" [/QUOTE]: still can't believe it

how cool fo those baby already dropping. I could use some of that, it would be so nice to be able to breathe again my poor squeezed lungs
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Originally Posted by saratchka View Post
I feel a little guilty, though. One of the guests just sent me a gift certificate to my favorite CD WAHM's store. Don't get me wrong, I love the gift and I'm grateful, but I specifically said in the invitations that this is not a shower and that we didn't really need anything for the baby, so not to buy gifts. I just wanted to celebrate with some friends! She might have gotten a baby gift for us anyhow, but I worry that she felt she had to because of the party. Am I being paranoid?
I wouldn't worry about it! She probably just really wanted to give you something useful! If she had felt obligated she would have brought it to the party. My Mom's friend was shocked and outraged that my friend was having a shower for me (my second) and so I was told not to invite the owman... then she bought be a gift and gqave it to my mom in time to open AT THE SHOWER?!?!?!? People are funny sometimes. I think they just like to give baby gifts!

Also... your party sounds sooooo great and Fab!!! Can I come?
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I think this is mostly hormones but I am a wreck right now and just finished a sobbing fit because my friend had a work obligation get rescheduled and can't take me to the flooring warehouse like we were supposed to today. Now the floor guy is coming sometime Wed-Fri of this week and I'm supposed to already have the materials picked out so he can place the finalized order based upon his prep work, and I am utterly exhausted and crushed and just sort of shutting down because I can't see any solution to this conundrum.

I don't want to be the reason my kitchen doesn't get done! I'm not that kind of person! I'm a compulsive freak who needs the contractor to feel he is working with someone dependable!

DH is at a conference until tonight or so help me I'd have called him and begged him to come home early and take me to Woburn. (40 minutes away from me? My car is not safe for freeway speeds. Besides, I'm too tired and too emotional to drive.)

Miserably, hopelessly, and feeling stupid for feeling that way,
--willo :
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I am definitely in the must nap club, as a matter of fact after me and ds finish our lunch right now we are going down for a nap! If I do not sleep during his nap I am wiped and start acting crazy. I have this sneaking suspicion I will not make make it to June 1st but I probably just jinxed myself ! willoLevin I feel for you on the kitchen remodel, we are in the throws of doing a bunch of work on the house ( 1903 house!) and I have declared the weekend of the 12th all work stops so that it can be in order- we are having a hb. This is because with ds ( a planned hb) My nesting took the form of gutting the kitchen in our other house ( a 1923 bungalow) we also had 2 roomates!!! everyone was doing dishes in the bathtub and cooking in the dinning room! A hose had to run from our shower down the hall to fill the birth tub, what a crazy time it was! Good luck!

On the alchohol front, I have had 2 little half glasses this pregnancy and they made me feel good and sleepy. The bad thing is that even though I quit smoking in january 04 I desparately crave a beer and a cigarette though I am sure I would feel like *&^(). Still the craving is there!
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i haven't had time to catch up and read but i just had to share...2 cms dilated and ~70% effaced

i know it doesn't mean anything necessarily. i walked around dilated 2cms for a few weeks last time. but this is much earlier dilating this time so i hope my chances are slim i go 2 weeks over again yay
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Happy Beltane!!

It feels so good to be able to say that and have people know what I'm talking about. Not many Pagans of any type around here. It was a beautiful spring day around here, I got out and cleaned up the yard, cleared more space for the flowers to come up, and now I'm looking forward to DH coming home so we can continue to celebrate together.
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jstar- wow!
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So will we have our first June DDC baby with the full moon tomorrow? No one is full term yet, so hopefully not!! Both of my other two labors started right after the full moon though, so tomorrow I'm going to be drinking tons of water and taking it nice and easy.
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It's really exciting to hear how everyone (and all the babes) are doing as we get closer.

Jillian, congrats. I'm assuming it's you who got married--no, I'm not up to date on my reading here.

Willo, good luck with the blood testing. I know just what a big deal it is to try for a birth center birth.

As for the pineapple. I don't know anything about how it works to induce labor, but I did read that it's good for helping to reduce swelling.

My two are still moving like crazy and they've shown no interest in dropping so far. The closest they get is to poke me in the cervix. Ouch.

My big news--I have colostrum!

I forget who mentioned wanting CD supplies as shower gifts. I tried asking for them, but NO ONE would go there. I can't complain--everyone was sweet, generous and happy to celebrate with us. But I'm on my own as far as the CD stash goes.
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oh... Willo..... I'm sorry about your floors!!! That so dissappointing that your friend couldn't make it! I know how much you were looking forward to it! If my Mom would let me take her car, I would happily drive the 3 hours down to Boston and then the 40 min drive the flooring company with you!!!!
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I am soooooooo tired. I work till 10pm tonight and I just don't know how I'm going to make it.

Everything was going fine till around 3pm when dd decided she wanted an apple. We'd bought a 5lb bag the other day and hadn't had any so I KNEW we had apples...only I couldn't find them and dd totally lost it. Of course, within a minute of her starting her banshee scream routine my dad arrived for his "baby sitting" (he has a sort of dementia, and can't really be alone, so he stays with us when my mom is at work). Well, he realized that he had eaten the full 5 lbs of apples yesterday during the half hour or so that DH wasn't watching him (again, he has this "thing" with apples and will eat and eat and eat them...including the stem and core).

Anyway, he decided it was his fault dd was screaming, so he started pulling out his hair (literally) and crying and sort of throwing the adult version of a tantrum...while dd melted into complete chaos and began running from room to room screaming and throwing things. So they sort of fed off each other's energy for a bit...

Sigh....it took about 45 minutes to get them borth calmed down and breathing normally and just, well, not going crazy. And by then I was a total wreck. DH arrived about 10 minutes later to take me to work and I am wiped out.

Plus I think I caught a cold on our Boston trip (the friends we stayed with wew "recovered" from a cold, but I'm thinking not so much...). Low grade fever, chest congestion, sore throat, and lots of phlem. Yay! What fun!

Argh. I can't wait till 10...forget having any sort of "fun" with DH to celebrate Beltane, all I want is to take a hot hot HOT shower and fall asleep. And not wake up till next week.

Sorry for the pity party there, but Oy! I just don't have the energy to take care of a 2yo and a manic depressive 50+yo with dementia on top of working 25 hours week, renovating a house, AND being massively pregnant! Something has got to give...
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