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Awesome Birthing/Labor Class we took!

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I don't have any contacts for the class but my DP will probably be on later to brag about it too.

We took an AWESOME birth class this weekend in Tacoma Washington. The teacher's name was Patty and she is a doula and used to be a full time midwife for many years. Her story is amazing but I am not going to share it. It is hers to share in her class.

It was just a 2 day class and all I expected to get out of it was the techniques to help my partner through the pains of labor and birthing. I got SO much more.

There is no way to describe this class except that it is not just about the birth. It is about your relationship with your partner, how both of you will be feeling during the experiance and how to make the experiance(the birthing experience) your own. It will give men the insight to see what the woman is going through and it will give the women the insight to how the men will be feeling on the outside looking in at the woman they love.

You each get to go through an excersize which I can only describe as mind altering. I had alot of misconceptions about birth, alot of them came from my DP continually stating 'my body knows what to do, it will just take care of it and we will make it through it'. I had no idea how exhausting it will be on the outside looking in. I thought that SHE would be doing ALL of the work and I didn't know how emotionally draining it would be to SEE her going through the experiance and truly what LITTLE I could do to allieviate the struggles.

And being on the inside, having her be tentative to ME during MY experiance as her in the process was more than insightful, it was as I said. Mind altering. It actually made me feel good that I was enduring the struggle and that she didn't have to. That I didn't have to put the pains of the struggle on her shoulders and I was happy that I could take the burden on myself instead of putting it on the person I love. I can honestly say that I was LESS exhausted when I was experiancing the birthing experiance, than I was trying to find and remember all the ways to help her through hers when she took that side of the walk.

Obviously this class has left me in awe of the entire experiance, and now I feel MUCH more a part of this birth than I ever had. Before this class I felt like a spectator, now I feel like I am a part of the game and the intimacy this class brought was amazing.

I think she holds the classes once a month and she does work as a doula today. I know that it may be too late for some of you to get into a class but I will ask my DP to post the details of how to research the class later today.
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I'll just second everything he said!
If you know anyone in our area who is looking for a great, unique, and powerful birthing "class" you can pm me and be more than happy to pass along the information. We had no idea what this was going to be like and it was exactly what we needed. So cool!
Lots of couples traveled in from the rest of the state too. It spoke volumes about the class and Patti's reputation.
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Hey Jess, you need to plug in your phone.

That is all.

Oh and what time is the midwife appointment tonight? do I come home first or go straight there?
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